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Zionists- Nazis- Nihilists- The Root Cause Of The Jewish Holocaust Designed To Create Greater Israel

November 2nd, 2018 9:00am

Zionists- Nazis- Nihilists- The Root Cause Of The Jewish Holocaust Designed To Create Greater Israel

This expose is based on information gathered from the book entitled Holocaust Victims Accuse detailing the Zionist collaboration with the Nazis during the Jewish holocaust and the book Perfidy detailing the trial of Zionist war criminal Dr Rudolf Kastner and his fellow "Jewish" Zionist leaders.

All references can be found in these books. The author highly suggests reading these book to get a true understanding of what really went on during this time in history.

The Zionist approach stands true today as it did back during the war, that "Jewish blood is the anointing oil needed for the wheels of the Zionist state to proceed".

Official Zionist policy toward Torah abiding Jews dying during the holocaust; do-nothing, say-nothing.

Since the existence of Zionism, the only yearning was for the state of Greater Israel. The people as a whole, or a segment thereof, were merely the means to and end, for the realization of the "homeland". Whoever did not serve this purpose might as well have not been born.

In this revelation we will look upon specific Jewish leaders who collaborated with the Nazis and actually held positions of power directing the decision making process regarding who was killed and who was not during the holocaust of WW2. These people are  Dr Weizmann, Eliezer Greenbaum, Moshe Sharett, David Ben Gurion, Dr Mordechai Ehrenpreisz, Rudolf Kastner, Sali Mayer, Nathan Schwalb and Rabbi Stephen Wise. There were more but these men specifically had the greatest impact and were later promoted for their deeds ultimately revered publicly as heroes to the Jews.

The reader will discover the truth about the rescue committees of the free world who turned away from the slaughter. This included the Vatican and Pope Pius XII. Groups like the World Jewish Congress, Unite Jewish Appeal and The Jewish Agency were run by the Zionists who refused to help the situation.

The Zionists were very selective on who would not be saved and who would live to see the homeland. The poor, sick and old had no place to go as only the brightest of the young were chosen to populate Palestine to create what would later become Israel.

Eliezer Livneh, journalist for the Zionists admits to saving only those worthy Jews from Hitler, who would agree to be brought to Palestine. They had all the others liquidated. The programs were geared to this aim and they planned on sacrificing millions of Jews in the process if needed. 

The were councils (councils of elders) in the ghettos who were chosen by the Nazis. They were learned Jews who were given the responsibility to manage the ghettos. Everyplace the Nazis controlled, Poland, Germany, etc. they put in place a Zionist activist to lead the council.

Thousands of Jewish police known as kapos (Jewish police force) did the bidding of the Nazis in the concentration camps and the ghettos. Torah believing Jews were never allowed in the Jewish police force. The question is where did these monsters come from? Survivors concur they originated from the underworld and the maskilim. These were Jews denouncing their own brothers. They were known to be far worse on their own brethren than the Nazis were. They weeded out the unworthy with strict condemnation.

This is the first point of contention proving there were at least two factions of Judaism at play here. The true G-d worshipping Jew that was being persecuted, and the secular, more than likely nihilist at heart. They were probably cells planted years before and activated at the opportune moment. These nihilists acted as Jews on the outside but preached at heart another philosophy altogether. Something out of the mind of Marx no less.

The philosophy of Nihilism is that they do not believe in the basic tenets of reward for goodness, punishment for sins, and the ultimate obligation of accounting for oneself before G-d. This allows them to give their darkened minds free reign. This is what Nazism is all about. It is the other crypto faction of those calling themselves Jews but are not.

Reader, the Nazis and the Zionists were working together. This was no doubt planned long before the start of WW2. If you know anything of the Rothschild family and their close affiliation with the Bavarian Illuminati, their involvement becomes clear. It was surely all part of the plan to create two factions seemingly opposite on the outside yet hand in glove on the inside.  

I will digress here a bit to paint a proper picture that has never been discussed in mainstream history books.

Just as the Rothschilds formed the Bolsheviks and destroyed Tsarist Russia to form the communist Soviet Union, an atheistic ideology that swore allegiance to Satan himself, so did they create the Nazi regime. All this under the pretense of world domination through terror and bloodshed. 

The timeline of the uprising for both of these groups are on par with eachother. The 1890s seems to be the point of action. The Soviets are obviously needed to organize sooner as the Nazi organization takes the slower path while both culminate during WW2.

Direction of world events at that time came from London where Nathan Rothschild had already secured the Bank of London since 1815 with the investment opportunity provided by the outcome of the War at Waterloo. As Nathan at this time was the head of the family business, his decedents would be privy to the direction of the pre-planned wars to come and the formation of Zionism, Communism, and Nazism.

Historically, the decedents of Nathan would be the ones who were chosen to lead the family business and manage their money. Today Nathaniel Charles Jacob is in this seat of power. His son Nathaniel Philip Victor James is set to receive the throne in the near future.

The Rothschilds owned the bank, the press and the politicians in much of Europe by the mid 1850s and by 1866 the Vatican was overcome by Zionists. Overall, the 19 century was the proving ground for the decimation of humanity in the 20th century.

What else does one need to wage war on a global scale than these attributes mentioned above? With control of money, media, politicians and the church, it's all over.

There were two Zionist philosophies; "save few- abandon many" and "overpower and rule- choose and discriminate". Read about this in horrific detail in a confidential letter written by Henry Montor to Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz concerning Jewish refugees on the Danube headed to Palestine.

Here are two examples of the selective disposition of the Zionists.

In January 1940, a ship full of Jewish refugees was stranded on the Danube River. The ships captain demanded money to continue on the trip to Eretz Yisroel (Palestine). Henry Montor, executive vice chairman of the United Jewish Appeal replied to this request with the following: "many of the passengers are old people and women...unable to endure the harsh conditions on this type of trip...to come to Palestine are needed young men and women who understand the obligations of a Jewish homeland. There could be no more deadly ammunition, than if Palestine were to be flooded with very old people or with undesirables..."

Then the False flag sinking of the S. S. Patria on November 25th 1940 killing hundreds of Jews fleeing the Nazis occurred. The murder was blamed as a mass suicide protesting Britain but 10 years later it was bragged about when admitted by the gang of Ze'ev Jabotinsky and  Menachem Begin, both Zionist leaders. Begin would later become Prime Minister of  Zionist Israel. Ben Gurion was the Zionist leader at the time of this killing. He obviously gave the order. Moshe Sharett admitted of the killing- "it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice a few in order to save the many".

Throughout the war, as the Jews were being packed like sardines into trains headed for the crematoriums. The Nazis knew they could not mislead the masses into obedience so they had to spread their false information through Jewish channels. The Jews would not have trusted the Nazis, plain and simple. But they did trust in their Zionist, Jewish leaders. The conspirators used this insight as part of their calculated plan to mislead the Jews into going quietly to their deaths. The Jewish leaders did everything in their power to soothe the Jews in the ghettos in order to prevent rebellion. The Nazis were effectively able to deport the Jews to their extermination with the help of Zionist, Jewish leaders without incident.

The following are the names of some of the important Zionists, Jewish/Nihilist leaders, profiling their guilt.

Eliezer Greenbaum; Zionist Jew/Nihilist, was hired on by the Nazis as one of the kapos who were so harsh to the Jews he was elevated to rank of bloc commander. In the words of author K. Tzetniks- "he hated religious Jews with an abysmal loathing..." He would ultimately be killed by a Jewish vigilante yet his name would be immortalized as a war hero by the Zionists. His own father regretted having a son and blamed himself for brining him onto the world. 

Itzchak Greenbaum; Zionist Jew/Nihilist and chief of the Rescue Committee of the Jewish Agency, announced in Tel Aviv in 1943, "When they asked me, couldn't you give money out of United Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe, I said, 'No!' And I say again, 'No!' In my opinion one should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance." He would become the first Interior Minister of Israel.

Roman Romkowsky; Zionist Jew/Nihilist who served as chairman of the Zionists for decades, crowned himself under Nazi sponsorship "king of the ghetto" He was a maniacal tyrant augmenting Nazi cruelty of his Jewish brethren.

Alfred Nussing; Zionist Jew/Nihilist leader who was personal friends with Herzl was an informant and spy in the Warsaw ghettos.

Nathan Schwalb; Zionist Jew/Nihilist rep to the Jewish agency responsible for the rescue of Jews during WW2, discussed what is obviously an Illuminati agreement and justification of sacrifice. He describes in detail how the Jews need to be killed as a sacrificial offering in order to get the allied countries behind their proposal of Greater Israel. This sacrificial offering is a primary component of the Illuminati doctrine of which Nazism is ordained. Zionists and Nazis are one in the same yet outwardly projecting polar opposites. There is no gain without sacrifice and the larger the sacrifice the larger the prize. " We must do everything so that Eretz Yisroel should become a Jewish state".

Dr Chaim Weizmann; Zionist Jew/Nihilist, the top brass, was stirred by the idea of a New Zion that did not include most of the Jews of the day. He did not want the "lowly cart push vendors" in Palestine. He wanted a Zion for the elite. Eretz Yisroel was not for the peddlers. His thoughts justified by the Hebrew phrase "beachareth hajamin," meaning "When the Messiah comes, all the dead will be revived." He became the first President of Israel.

Moshe Sharett, Zionist Jew/Nihilist leader,  his lack of action to protect Jews from 1942 to 45 exposes proof that he knew what the Nazis were doing yet did not lift one finger to protect them. He was obviously told to stand down by his master. He later becomes the second Prime Minister of Israel.

David Ben Gurion; Zionist Jew/Nihilist, leader who hid evidence that could have saved G-d knows how many lives. It was reported that 10k+ Jews were being slaughtered every day and as BG held speeches multiple times per week he never once mentioned this to anyone. He is considered the primary founder of Israel and became first Prime Minister.

Dr Mordechai Ehrenpreisz; Zionist Jew/Nihilist, the Chief Rabbi of Sweden, friend and confidant of Dr Herzl, was a known atheist and secularist Jew hater. He proclaimed "the new Hebrew frees himself from the chains of sickly, accursed, dying tradition. A tradition which can not live and does not want to die, a tradition which darkened the light of our eyes and chased away the beauty and tenderness from our sweet lives". He is revered as one of the creators of this new nationalist movement. He is ultimately responsible for the cruel deaths of 10s of thousands of Torah abiding Jews by preventing them from entering into Sweden as they ran from the Nazis.

Dr Rezo (Rudolf) Kastner, Zionist Jew/Nihilist, Executive representative of the Jewish Agency of Palestine, an official of the Jewish National Institute, and a member of Ben- Gurion's Mapai Party. Quite simply put, he collaborated with the Nazis during the holocaust. He selected only the Jews who fit the Zionist description of who they wanted to survive and help build Israel. The rest were cannon fodder to him. He was the head of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee in Hungary, who later became an Israeli big shot and editor of the nation's popular Hungarian newspaper. He was a Nazi collaborator. He was the only Jew in Budapest to live in a house unmarked as Jewish. He was exempted from wearing the yellow Star of David on his coat front. They allowed him the special privilege of having a telephone after all the phones had been ripped out of Jewish houses to prevent communication. He was the only Jew in Budapest allowed to ride in an automobile and to own his own car. He was allowed to go alone and freely to Vienna, Bratislava and even Berlin. He was uniquely favored. Of what possible use could Jewish Agency Official Kastner have been to the exterminators of Jews? The answer, the Jews trusted him as he led them to slaughter.

Rabbi Stephen Wise, President of the World Jewish Congress in America and other Zionist organizations, was tasked with keeping the media quiet about the Jewish holocaust. 

Sali Mayer, Zionist Jew/Nihilist and leader of the Joint Distribution Committee in Switzerland, was thee most important person at this time being in charge of rescuing the Jews. Sali turned his back on his brethren. He knew of the crematoriums yet scoffed that he did not believe it. The Nazis at this point, 1944, were taking bribes for Jewish lives. He refused to open negotiations with and transfer money to the Nazis to save the lives of thousands of Jews. He also refused efforts to send medical aid to Germany as his approval was needed. He said NO!

Here are a few of the agencies that were designed to help the Jews but turned their backs on them.

World Jewish Congress; "who pretended to be the future government, and who, strictly for low political motives, cruelly abandoned their supposed constituents with shocking irresponsibility".

The Jewish Agency; run by Zionists had the best most up to speed information regarding the Auschwitz crematoriums that were burning 12K+ Jews daily never mentioned a word to the populace. They knowingly and willfully suppressed all the news from them. Nathan Schwalb was in a leadership role there. The Jewish Agency also collaborated with the British, which sabotaged the rescue of Europe's Jews and contributed to their annihilation. The Nazis put their faith in the representatives of the Jewish Agency who witnessed their worst crimes. They trusted them. Why? The JA and the Nazi Party were cut from the same cloth. Outwardly opposing, inwardly unified.

The Jewish Rescue Committee; without the help of the Nazis, could not have existed as it did. The Nazi chiefs made every effort to encourage the existence of the Jewish Rescue Committee. Why? I'll tell you why, the Nazis and the Zionists were in this together from the get go. It was all part of the plan. The plan to burn the Torah abiding Jews, as many as possible, and to export all those who would help in the creation of Greater Israel, to Eretz Israel.

And here is the Vatican and Pope Pius XII who was put in place just before WW2 started at a time when the Zionists controlled the Vatican.

The Vatican Pope stayed silent during the holocaust and blamed it on the biblical story of Esau and Jacob. I guess this is the justification the Pope needed to keep his trap shut as he pronounced "Esau hates Jacob". This is the story of two brothers who fought over the birthright from their father Isaac in the Old Testament. Jacob won.

These leaders of Jewry neglected practical possibilities of rescue and assistance of survival. They stated that their silence was the result of a deliberate decision. They offered as explanation "the opinion of the executive board was that it was inadvisable because of our diplomatic ties with these governments" (the free world). They stayed quiet and allowed the killing to continue for political reasons of which they had all to gain.

Had the masses known then what was happening, and known the callousness of their Zionist/Nihilist leaders, a revolt would have ensued and the Zionists would have lost all power. And this, it seems, was more important to them than anything.

At this time, 1940s, the Zionists owned Stalin, Churchill, FDR, Hitler, Vatican, global media and money. 

During a meeting in Yalta with Stalin, FDR joked saying- "I want to sell you six million Jews in the USA".  Oddly enough FDR was Jew, just not the same kind of Jew as those being wiped out.

The White House held back from the general public all the news of the mass murders going on in the occupied countries. American government representatives in Europe were told not to get involved, "it doesn't concern you". FDR restricted immigration, he all but closing acceptance of incoming Jews fleeing Germany. And you think Trump is bad?

Again, at this time Rothschild owned the US Presidency and the big media outlets in most of the world.

As the allies bombed Germany, none of them bombed any of the railroads that led to the prison comps nor did they bomb the prison camps themselves. Churchill and FDR allowed the killing to continue. They both were given diagrams by Rabbi Weissmandell who damned them to hell for not acting on his information.

Turned out the Nazis were taking payment as bribes to stop the killings. Money was being raised for this cause to the tune of 3 million$. That much money could have saved a million Jewish lives. The Zionists at the Jewish Agency would not allow the payment to be made. The Nazis shut down the crematoriums for three moths in the spring of 1943 as they waited for the payment, it never showed. (page 84)

As a matter of fact on February 16th, 1943 a 3/4 page add was run in a New York newspaper telling the story of saving 70k Jews with money. Stephen Wise denounced this offer as propaganda. Adolf A. Berle Jr of the US State Dept, confirmed this offer was in fact real. One week later, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Zionist chieftain in New York, issued the following statement. "The American Jewish Congress, dealing with the matter in conjunction with recognized Jewish organizations, wishes to state that no confirmation has been received regarding this alleged offer of the Rumanian Government to allow seventy thousand Jews to leave Rumania. Therefore no collection of funds would seem justified." The seventy thousand Jews who might have been saved were herded into barns, hosed with gasoline, ignited, and shot down when they came blazing and screaming out of their cauldrons.

During the trial over Dr Kastner in Jerusalem after the war, Joel Brand, a member of the Budapest Rescue Committee, testifies in court about the details of how in 1944 Nazi commander Eichmann had offered him a deal he called 'Blood for Cargo and Cargo for Blood.' Eichmann had told Brand he would spare a million Jews, deliver them out of Hungary alive and unhurt in exchange for 1000 tons of tea, 1000 tons of coffee, and 10k trucks.

Moshe Sharett used his position to coerce the Attorney General to shut down this court proceeding ASAP. He didn't want the Brand testimony to come to light. The prosecutor was directed by Prime Minister Sharett through Attorney General Chaim Cohen to end the trial as quickly as possible. He was not successful.

During the testimony the people of Israel learn specifically how the Jewish leaders had turned their backs on one million Jews of Hungary, and how these Zionists/Nihilists, knowing all the details of the extermination, had kept their mouths shut and refused to published a word of the Hungarian catastrophe while it was going on.

Turns out JB is captured by the Brits and thrown into prison only after divulging the details of the deal offered by Eichmann to trade goods for humans to Moshe Sharett who betrays him. Sharett, Weizmann, and Ben-Gurion have kept Brand, his mission, and his imprisonment, a secret all these years. Brand was given a timeframe to return with an answer regarding the trade. He was never allowed to return to Eichmann and the killing began, 12,000 a day.

Preceding his false imprisonment orchestrated by Sharett, Brand tried desperately to contact the top brass of Jewry at the time for help in saving the Hungarian Jews mentioned in the trade deal. After months Brand was finally given a letter of apology by Dr Chaim Weizmann for his delay. It was too late.

Rehovoth, 29 Dec. 1944

Mr. Joel Brand

Tel Aviv

Dear Mr. Brand:

I beg you to forgive me for having delayed in answering your letter. As you may have seen from the Press, I have been traveling a good deal and generally did not have a free moment since my arrival here. I have read both your letter and your memorandum and shall be happy to see you sometime the week after next — about the tenth of January. Miss Itin — my secretary — will get in touch with you to fix up the appointment.

With kind regards,

Yours very sincerely,

Ch. Weizmann

12k Jews a day, burned alive, and Weizmann begs forgiveness for his delay as he was too busy to save the Jews of Hungary.

Some 20+ years after the war the Zionists confessed their sins to the world. Admitting in detail how they purposely failed their brethren, all in the name of a homeland. The Zionist plan was to sacrifice as much Jewish blood as possible in order to appeal to the allied nations, knowing they would give in to the proposition of the Zionists to have a homeland in Palestine. This would become Israel, the home of the "selected" Jews.

The millions of ghetto Jews of Europe were thrilled by this Zionist snobbery that chose to ignore them. They stepped up their contributions and doubled their prayers in the synagogues for the creation of such a noble and superior land of Zion. This is a normal response for the lowly with dreams. Just as the poor skimp and save their pennies to send their children to a far-off university full of learning and glamour, so did Europe's Jews, prior to their extermination, finance the lucky ones of Palestine.

The state that designates itself as Israel has on it's books a law demanding justice to be meted out to Nazis and their collaborates. However, there is no law to seize those who stood at the helm of Jewry during the Holocaust. There is no law to bring them to justice. Not only that, but those who have died in the interval are lauded and revered, and those who are still alive maintain their respected positions as they continue to prop themselves up as representatives of the Jewish people.

It seems the secular Zionists had it out for the Torah abiding Jews. According to Jewish prophecy this was understood and somewhat planned for, but to no avail. The prophecy of Ezekiel had been fulfilled as it told of the sinful shepherds in the days preceding the Messiah, Ezekiel chapter 34.

I think it's safe to say that Zionism and Nihilism are one in the same. They are synonymous while outwardly opposed but only because Zionism has captured Judaism as it's patsy.

The leaders of the Jewish people, the most respected Zionists, were actually war criminals themselves.

Having thus turned their backs on their brethren, the Zionists later utilized the holocaust for collecting billion$ in reparations from the Germans.

Reader, there is so much more to this story. I hope this expose reveals the true plot that still thickens as we as a society are overrun by tyrannical government perpetuated by this one in the same ideology to rule the world by despotic means.

Open your eyes to the will of the Zionists/Nihilists whose intent it is to ultimately conquer the people of this planet through the many guises it creates. Communism, Nazism, Socialism, I would not doubt if Mohamed was a Zionist who was commissioned to create the Muslim faith who became the foe of Israel. Always got to have that foe, right?

Think about this. King Solomon started the Zionist ideology back in 929 BC. He had the secret teachings of the ancient Egytptians. He was illuminated. He worshipped the snake, think Garden of Eden. Who does the snake represent? Lucifer.

The intent here was to not let the Jewish people know of this plan while the elders would silently push the agenda forward. The plan was handed down throughout the ages as the struggle for power grew slowly, with patient gradualism, and would eventually envelope the nations of the world.

From Solomon to Rothschild and all those in between. This ideology of magic, sorcery and atheism has come to a head here in the 21st century in the form of the Illuminati family bloodlines. Literally 100s of millions if not a billion lives have been lost due to this Satanic ambition.

They will stop at nothing.


Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay mad!







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