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Watch Japanese Emperor Naruhito- NWO? Reiwa- Beautiful Harmony or Bankers Paradise?

May 15th, 2019 10:00am

Watch Japanese Emperor Naruhito- NWO? Reiwa- Beautiful Harmony or Bankers Paradise?

When power changes hands and there is talk of a "new area" - keep an eye on the banking system.

Japan - Emperor Naruhito - new era known as Reiwa (interpreted as beautiful harmony) May 1st 2019 - expected to inject a new level of worldly flavor into the Monarchy. His father Akihito abdicated on April 30th 2019. He was the first Emperor to abdicate in over 200 years.

The question is will this Reiwa era be for better or worse?

Emperor Naruhito is the first Japanese Monarch raised by his own parents and the first to have no recollection of WWII.

This is important and is a sign of hope as those preceding him were raised by palace staff. This staff were most likely well educated psychoanalyst types that broke the kids down psychologically and created a dozen or so alternate personalities (MPD) in a type of Monarch/ MKUltra mind control program which is normal for this situation. This is done to ensure control of the direction of the Monarchy.

Remember WWII, like all others, was a war for the benefit of the controlling Bankers. USA under control of said Bankers at this time installed the first defacto Japanese Emperor (Hirohito) after WWII.

The US Inc didn't necessarily remove Emperor Hirohito from his seat, they just gave the man a new authority under a new defacto Constitution written with Banker approval and finally implemented in 1947. It was U.S. General Douglas MacArthur who insisted that Emperor Hirohito retain the throne which he did until 1989.

Japan, up to this point, had been a Sovereign Nation since 660 BC.

Was Emperor Naruhito controlled, schooled and indoctrinated into this defacto Monarchy mindset? There is no doubt that he could have suffered the same brainwashing techniques as other children positioned for power go through such as they do in other nations like Great Britain, USA etc.

Monarch Mind Control - MKUltra - MPD

Reiwa - interpreted as beautiful harmony. What is Naruhito's definition of "beautiful harmony"?

Some say he will bring in a new ear of sovereignty to Japan and subsequently the world. Japan could be the seed to Global Nation State Sovereignty that is so desperately needed today.

If this is so then there will be a banking scandal and or a reformation of banking practices. He must nationalize the Bank of Japan.

If he does not then it is business as usual and humanity will be no better off than it was before. As a matter of fact it will be worse as the Bankers dig in deeper.

Reiwa - by definition will be "defacto Emperor remains" or "Bankers Paradise".

Reader, keep an eye on this guy. Pay attention to the Japanese news outlets. Watch for a banking scandal or reformation. If this happens then watch for a physical or character assassination attempt. Those will be the resulting consequences of Naruhito defecting from the Cabal playbook.

The question is:

Is the Cabal on the offensive or defensive?

Japanese News Outlets

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay vigilant.

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