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Uncharted Territory As Solar Cycle 24 Bottoms Out

February 26th, 2019 6:00am

Uncharted Territory As Solar Cycle 24 Bottoms Out

We are in uncharted territory regarding our climate due to the gradual slide into the "modern" Grand Solar Minimum.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented winter, globally, as we hit the bottom of Solar Cycle 24.

Understand- no scientist can predict what will happen next.

I asked David Dubyne of Adapt 2030, the objective authority on the subject, about this on February 23rd.

:Baron- "David, aren't we at the bottom of this solar cycle (#24)? If so, in theory, shouldn't we see an uptick in solar activity sometime soon going into another 11yr cycle dropping us off at the corner of frozen & catastrophe in 2030?"

David DuByne- "to be seen, this is a learning time for science in general at this time, how rapid the onset of GSM, how much the Sun noticeably decreases its out put, how much food production is reduced globally, its all a learning process."

Theory: we "should" see an uptick in solar activity- Spring Equinox- March 20th 2019.

This uptick would normally result in a higher volume of CME's and other solar activity which would gradually bring a sense of normalcy back to our weather. What ever that means.

However, we just don't know for sure.

The magnitude of this Grand (GSM) cycle remains to be seen although it is projected to be of the 400 year sort. Cycles such as this tend to last for a longer duration, therefore an extended period of inclimate- unpredictable- weather is expected.

One thing is for sure, the sliding slope which we have been charting for the last 250+ years is hinting at an even more diminished solar cycle for #25 and who knows for #26 and beyond.

As we witness the culmination of centuries of consistent solar depletions, the onset of an iceage that would last indefinitely is imminent. Our planet has seen this many times in the distant past. As our star changes, so do we.

Ever wonder why the corrupt mainstream science community isn't discussing this?

Why they haven't taught us this in school?

No "scientist" can give a definitive answer to what is currently happening and what lies ahead.

There can be no consensus, as they like to call it.

The mainstream science community has no objective authority in this matter.

So when Al Gore or the new Club of Rome pseudoscience lackey steps up to the stage to make a consensus declaration, turn off the television.

Please, do yourself a favor and pay attention to what is going on here. Learn about the this subject, the Grand Solar Minimum. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pastor. Don't get caught up in all the lies.

8 billion people on this planet will need to eat due to the growing seasons being cut short and what food that does grow will be deficient in protein and other nutrition.

This is a very real problem, hidden form us. If you think President Trump doesn't know about this, think again. They all know.

We have 11 years to prepare for Solar Cycle 25 at the corner of frozen and catastrophe in 2030.

It's up to us.

Search the following:

Grand Solar Minimum

Adapt 2030 / David Dubyne is putting all this into layman's terms and has many video files for reference on the GSM and how it affects crop output. He documents a few times  a week.

Oppenheimer Ranch Project / Diamond is building a self sustaining habitat in Colorado. He reports on the GSM with hard data and history to provide easy understanding. This is done on a daily basis.  

Ice Age Farmer / Christian maps a path forward, building resilient, self-sufficient communities, and sharing knowledge in the Grand Solar Minimum, specializing in farming. He reports on a weekly basis.

Suspicious Observers / They post every morning about activity related to our star and how it effects earth including volcanoes, earthquakes, jet stream, solar radiation, etc. A very comprehensive resource - website and youtube.

The Watchers / This is the only weather channel I trust. No lies, just the truth. They keep tabs on all weather occurrences on our planet.


Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay vigilant!

:Baron- T3











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