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Trade War Leads To Collapse, The Trump-Stalin Connection

October 3rd, 2018 9:00am

Trade War Leads To Collapse, The Trump-Stalin Connection

The author would like to present a factual occurrence as it unfolded between WWI and WWII. This "plan" was multidimensional in scope and accomplished many goals for the conspirators but the focus is primarily on the crash of the global economy and how this historical reference can be applied to today's American financial climate.

The reader will discover and uncanny resemblance between the projection of Josef Stalin and Donald Trump and how this correlation may give some insight on what may be lurking in the near future.

Josef Stalin was a product of the Bavarian Illuminati, financed by Wall Street USA. These Marxist's are also known as the international bankers, the Rothschild's, the Templar Crown. Jacob Schiff, Rothschild, Wall Street

Donald Trump is a product of the Rothschild conspirators financed by Russian and Israeli Oligarchs, and Wall Street USA. Today not much has changed as they are still referred to as such to include Hollywood. Steve BannonSheldon Adelson, Paul Manafort, Wilbur Ross (Rothschild).


The Soviet Trade War With The World

Stalin was ordered by his boss to take an active part in an economic war which was planned in 1918 immediately after the war. The plan was that the controlled central banks would print and loan easy money as to bring a false economic boom to the allied nations (America, Britain, Canada, Australia) after the WWI. This would last for two years. At a predetermined point to coincide with the speculation market reaching it's peak, the banks would restrict credit, recall the loans and withdraw vast amounts of money from circulation. So between 1922-25 a minor depression was experienced.

This premeditated economic murmur, not unlike a run-pattern out of a football playbook, gave the conspirators the data they needed. They studied the reaction of the market and the population to this stimuli, they took their notes.

As the game continued, after this so called "minor depression", in 1925 financial restriction was reversed and conditions steadily improved until prosperity in America, Britain, Canada, and Australia, reached an all-time record. Speculation in stocks and bonds and real estate soared. The controlled central banks, namely the Federal Reserve, financed this recovery.

During this period Stalin began his five-year industrial plan to increase the so-called Sovietized countries internal recovery. The plan would exploit natural resources, manufacture raw materials into useful commodities, and modernize industrial and agricultural machinery. As with the free-world, this five year plan was financed by the Templar Crown.

Little did anyone from any nation know that the controlled central banks, namely the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA, were behind what had happened, both ups and downs, and what would come.

Bank's have the ultimate authority in money creation, currency and credit. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 transferred the national power of the US Treasury to create money to the private international bankers superseding the Constitutional authority. This gave  control of our nations money to the Rothschild banking cartel. With this power alone, the Federal Reserve could manipulate all of the US economy into good times and bad times at will and according to it's plan. Read the specifics in this 50 page book here.

Here is a list of actions and mandates from the bankers as they lent money to the Soviets.

- They took control of import and export trade of the Sovietized (communist) nations there by greatly reducing the workforce and raising prices.

- They demanded the collectivization of farms as the only means to obtain greatly increased agricultural production. Grain was confiscated from the Russian farmers and pooled together with a vast quantity of grain purchased by the agents in other countries.

- They bought up huge supplies of processed and frozen meats from Argentina and other meat producing countries.

- They subsidized shipping in most countries except Britain, Canada, and the United States.

The effects of these actions over the next couple of years would have dire consequences on the capitalists and cost the lives of millions of Soviets. It is acknowledged that over 5,000,000 peasants were executed, or systematically starved to death, because they refused to obey, or tried to evade the mandates of the Soviet government.

- At just the right time they dumped their supplies of grain and meat previously captured, onto the markets of the world at prices below the cost of production in Canada, America and Australia.

This left the USA and Canada without any place to sell their grain and meat products ultimately putting thousands out of work.

It became impossible for ships owned in Britain, Canada, and the United States to compete with ships owned by other countries. Thousands of ships were tied up idle in their home ports. Export trade fell off to an all-time low. Men lost their jobs.

The falling off of exports from the allied nations was accompanied by increasing the importation of cheaply manufactured goods from Germany, Japan, and central European countries.

When the export trade falls off a recession immediately follows. This affects those who earn their living by providing a service. If the export trade remains down, then the recession deteriorates into a depression.

This action brought about a situation in which the US was bursting with grain they couldn’t sell, while the people of other countries (USSR) were starving to death.

As the result of this economic war, the shipping, industrial, and agricultural activities of the capitalistic countries were brought to a standstill.

This artificially produced economic debacle was used by the bankers to cause grave misunderstanding between the people and the government of the US.

At the end of 1929 came the sudden crash. It was the continuation of the same game from 1922 but with a refined and newly updated playbook. Within just a short period of time the greatest depression ever known would crush the free world. Millions of people including those who were considered wealthy were rendered destitute. This not only affected the lower and middle class, it affected those who thought they were financially secure as well. Business owners, stockholders, tradesmen, teachers, CEO's, they all went bust.

Bad government management was blamed for the economic implosion.

It is estimated that 300 millionaires at that time capitalized on this atrocity and were made billionaires overnight. These people were the international bankers and those associated with them.

This resulted in WWII as they knew it would.


The American Trade War With The World

Enter Donald Trump.

The game plan of the Trump Administration is eerily similar.

The stock market is soaring.

Recall of NAFTA - trade war

NAFTA 2.0 USMCA - trade war

Trade Tariffs - trade war

Today the Federal Reserve has even more power than it did back then. Since the Federal Reserve Act our USD has gone down to 3 cents in value. Look at this inflation chart and understand that it is solely due to the unconstitutional transfer of our national power over money to the private Federal Reserve.

Donald Trump's controllers are using the Hail Mary, the oldest play in the book, to manipulate American's into believing that times are good when in fact they are leading to a massive bust as history foretells. The act of desperation will close with a dropped ball in the in-zone. Game over.

This bust will take down those in prime financial positions as well as the weaker positioned. Only those tied in with the bankers, Russian/Zionist oligarchs, heads of state and business will survive.

10's of millions of people died as a result of WWI and WWII.

The conspirators got what they wanted with use of the blood and guts of innocent human beings.

Donald Trump is no savior. He's just another actor in another chapter of the same book.

Donald Trump is a starter not a finisher. He always ends up bankrupt. 

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay vigilant!


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