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THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Official Movie)

April 18th, 2018 2:00pm

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Official Movie)

Rarely do I suggest watching documentaries. Most have a slew of disinformation followed by a one sided theory. THRIVE is different up to a point. The information passes my initial evaluation however they missed out on a few key issues that are in desperate need of discussion. #1 being the bankruptcy of USA after the Civil War (the true purpose of the civil war itself) and how it effects us today. #2 the true nature and cycles of the solar system (sun in particular) and it's effects on humanity and the earth itself. These two points of concealment are crucial to understanding the political, corporate and climate control we face today as a nation.  

This expose is by no means complete. It is actually a very long trailer by my estimation. However, it is a solid foundation yet with many more names, agendas and science to unfold.

That being said, the author, Foster Gamble, has done a great job explaining the facts. I also appreciate the "soft approach" he uses to reel in the viewer as this is perfect for a person who is just starting to wake up. This subject matter is disturbing and most find it unbelievable so this angle is key to mass acceptance.

One more thing. I am not in support of his resolution theory. I think he purposefully ends this docudrama with a "soft" happy ending filled with hope for humanity. This is my only complaint as it paints too docile a picture of a bully who can seemingly be thwarted when in actuality it is impossible to stop this process without a massive, near complete loss of life.

We don't have a chance. It's up to God. Read the Book of Revelations for more information. We are here as witnesses, not the handyman. Simply put, this is a war of good vs evil, God and Satan.

As you watch this film, listen toward the end at Foster's utopian ideas of free energy and a happy planet. Understand that it will never happen until after Jesus returns. When the top of the pyramid falls, the base is turned to rubble under the immense weight. The only real question is, when will it happen?

No, I'm not a bible thumper. However, I do believe the bible has a vast content of historical truth, profound spiritual value and great forsight when interpreted correctly.

Here is the movie. THRIVE


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