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T3 Calls Out SerialBrain2 - Bad For Truth

July 12th, 2019 9:00am

T3 Calls Out SerialBrain2 - Bad For Truth

One wild and crazy guy. Your imagination is incredible. On a serious note, I do appreciate that.

I can't help but wonder from where it comes though. It seems like someone may be giving you this disinfo. Op, I said it, disinfo. Let me explain.

As I could only read up to Q 620, I spotted enough historical error, that you base your story on, to warrant time spent on this expose. I can’t stand liars.

You say Kennedy was an outsider.

Kennedy is from a long lineage of bloodline royalty. This clan is Illuminati bloodline so there is no way JFK could have been an outsider. The Kennedy’s are not outsiders. They pissed people off, the wrong people. He was no saint. He had some very selfish reasons why he did what he did do. Sure he gave to the People, they all do to a certain extent. Their motivation is always highlighting the planned One World Order (different from the NWO).

Trump is no different, also bloodline.

JFK was born into a strong aristocratic bloodline family. His widowed wife married back into Illuminati bloodline of Onassis. During the Greco-Turkish war one boy was saved from slaughter by a "protected" military vessel then transported him to Argentina. This was Aristotle Onassis, Jacque's husband. I'm just trying to show how the bloodliners intermarry eachother.

Trump is a bloodliner. He is also promoting the One World Order, his “save the farmer/ American mfg” narrative to push the socialist USMCA agenda. You had better read up on this. Why don’t you expose this?

Those of the NWO camp killed JFK. It was a coup. I’ll get back to this.

All Illuminati families are promoting the One World Order using negative eugenics programs of all sorts. Bad education, pollution, food, water, medicine, chemtrails, you name it. According to them, it must be done.

One more thing before I get to the nitty gritty.

You emphasize QE1 in your coding. She was not childless. She had two boys. One was named Francis Bacon.....oh.....yup. You missed that part. Why? Are you driving a false narrative or did you not know this?

1. FB was the secret 1st son of the secret marriage between Lord Robert Dudley and Queen Elizabeth 1.

2. He had strong Masonic ties to Freemasons and Rosicrucians.

3. 1st Viscount St. Alban.

4. Head of the British Parliment's House of Commons for over 20yrs.

5. Member of the House of Lords.

FB = “Royal” Illuminati

Sorry for spoiling your show Mr 2Brain.

After spotting these two fallacies I deemed the rest of your spewing unworthy.

Here's the deal. The NWO (hardline approach to global balance) and OWO (a softer approach but with the same basic outlook) are two different groups but both Royal Illuminati bloodline.

The "New" world order is derived from a "world order" that has been planned and carried out for literally 1000s of years. This original world order is the One World Order designed to bring the world into balance (as the Illuminati family sees fit) as humanity grows.

The "New" world order is a diabolical, more extreme expression of this planned "One" world order. It was devised 18th century. It involves Rothschild et al, Bolsheviks et al, Hitler et al, Bush/Clinton/Soetoro et al. As we have seen, these people are very despotic. These are the groups involved in the current deep state operations that are trafficking kids, Satanism, despotic regime change, etc.

There is the possibility that Trump is fighting this "New" world order. I'll give you that. However, his end game, being 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason and bloodline Illuminati family network is the same. Negative eugenics for everyone to create global balance (their balance…kill me softly Mr President), albeit a softer approach.

We are seeing in the news people/groups being called out in many different ways. If you look at them they tend to reside in the "New" world camp.

I firmly believe this "New" world order camp is being driven out. I can see this.

The more powerful "One" worlders (Q promoting Trumps plan) are sick and tired of all the bullshit these despots have created for them. These motives are selfish. They could care less about us useless eaters. They need us and they know it.

This fight to drive out the New worlders will continue for sometime I imagine. We’ll see a big difference when they finally start promoting National Sovereignty.

Do you know what that means? National Sovereignty? Why doesn’t Trump talk about that?

The USMCA, if passed, will push us further from National Sovereignty.

This is where you fall off the ledge Mr 2Brainer. The socializing of the planned North American Bloc will put the final nail in our coffin. National Soveriengty will be but a faded memory.

Also, this census Trump is so intent on, if we declare our Citizenry, we are only declaring that we accept their system of slavery, on a legal level. Every person who declares his/her citizenship is opting into the debt slavery legal system.

Mr 2Brains, why are you not talking about this? Do you not know? If you don’t know these things and you unwittingly push Q and Trump, this makes you an extremely dangerous source of very damaging dis-information as you have gained support from good people like Able Danger and god knows who else.

With your skill to seemingly tie all these markers together, why can’t you tie the REAL markers together? Is it because you don’t want to? Is it because you have a good thing going with your 2Brain brand riding on the coattails of the Q and Trump wave?

I’m calling you out 2Brain. You know exactly what I’m saying and you know exactly what you’re doing. Either that or you’re just babbling, drawing imaginary lines in the sand to things that don’t exist, giving truth a bad name. I can’t have either of those.

Believe nothing, believe everything

Stay vigilant!

:Baron- T3













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