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Spotlight on House of Massimo - Black Nobility - Descendants of the Progenitors

April 6th, 2019 8:00am

Spotlight on House of Massimo - Black Nobility - Descendants of the Progenitors

The Black Nobility are the 13 Bloodline families believed to be descended from an ancient race of giants of 12 to 36 feet tall classified as homo-capensis called the Progenitors.

This race of giants are the ones you've seen depicted in ancient art having elongated sculls. It is suggested they up-started in the Northern Africa Nile region eventually moving into the Middle East then Rome specifically and beyond. The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs are thought to be descended from this bloodline.

 These giants also colonized North America where skeletons have been found in the Ohio area around Serpent Mound, among others. Interesting fact here, from History.com we discover the design of the Serpent Mound also matches the shape of the constellation Draco, with the star Thuban (Alpha Draconis, which served as the north pole star from the 4th to 2nd millennium B.C.) lining up with the first curve in the snake’s torso from the head. This alignment suggests another purpose for Serpent Mound: a kind of compass that helps determine true north. Egyptian Pyramid Thuban connection.

There are multiple examples of these giant skeletons being discovered oddly enough in Santa Monica and Catalina Island, however there is a Masonic conspiracy to hide the truth. According to David Wilcock the Smithsonian Institution was created with the purpose of curating the giant bones and archaeology while keeping the truth hidden. There's your mainstream media at work for you.

Both the Bible and the Book of Enoch discuss fallen angels and giants from which the Nephalem descended. The leadership of this group included Lucifer and or Satan. They were cruel and cannibalistic of a psychopathic nature toward humans. The Bible tells the story of the Noah's flood designed by God to extinguish these giant, wicked vermin. Putting two and two together I'm suggesting these Nephalem are the creatures with the elongated sculls.

As time and inbreeding passed on they these giants eventually shrank to the size of humans we find today. This would lead one to theorize they may have originated off-planet in an atmosphere with less gravitational pull. No one knows for sure - this is my deduction.

It is often said this ancient giant bloodline is represented by the 13 families of the Black Nobility - coincidentally, all with banking ties. If you can recall the Dark Ages, this was a direct result of a global financial crash caused by the Lombards et al. banking dynasties - Venetian and Florentine Black Nobility.

The recurring theme of the Black Nobility bloodline is to intermarry keeping the bloodline pure, human sacrifice, control of money, control of religion, control of population. These people really do think they are of superior DNA structure and are altogether uniquely different from homo-sapiens. They refer to us as useless eater, among other warm sentiments.

The reason for all this? I wanted to put a modern, fresh face to this conspiracy.

Black Nobility - House of Massimo - one of the 13 bloodlines:

The name Massimo means greatest. The word Mag as in Magliana also refers to greatness or magnitude. They are said to have provided two popes to the Catholic Church, both saints - Pope Anastasius I (died 401), who denounced the Origenist heresy, and Pope Paschal I (died 824), who resisted the Frankish Kings and was involved in one of the earliest attempts to Christianize Scandinavia.

The House of Massimo is one of the oldest families of Rome and claim to be the ancient Fabii Maximi dynasty. The Fabii (Fabian Society) family were known for using the scorched earth military tactic in ancient Rome. The Fabian Society uses the wolf in sheep's clothing as their logo.

Staying within the bloodline, the Massimo family are married into various other royal bloodlines including the House of Savoy, House of Bourbon, and House of Osorio of Galicia to name a few.  

Another famous family is mentioned in this bloodline - the British Foxwell family: Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News (Foxwell) and is a Vatican Knight of the Order of St Gregory. We know how influential Fox Network is in America. Think Trump... 

Massimo owns Inditex, one of the world's largest fashion retailers. They also own a high end fashion store chain called Massimo Dutti.

Prince Valerio Massimo in 2013 established the aerospace company Auctus Industries with Duke Edward Spencer Churchill a relative of the Windsor family. Auctus is a company founded "with the aim of building a significant, diversified, highly profitable, global aerospace business over the long‐term". These people always use the term "long-term" in their descriptions. Auctus just might become the Uber of the future with flying vehicles for the masses. It will be interesting to see where this company is in 50 years. It might be wise to invest in Auctus. Here's another link to Terry Twigger who is also involved, no relation however.

Prince Carlo Massimo covertly runs the Sovereign Military Order of Malta as the President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta.

Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio is a top owner of the Vatican and he also controls most of the Sicilian Mafia also tied with the P2 Freemasonic Lodge.

The Massimo family have billions in private Swiss bank accounts. The Swiss Guard protects the Vatican City State. Switzerland has a law enforcing private bank accounts.

The Massimo family are at the top of the global crime syndicate and are involved in every crime imaginable including murder, extortion, threats, human trafficking, money laundering and more.

This conspiracy dates back before the Great Flood, thru ancient Egypt, the Dark Ages and into modern times.

This Black Nobility is a nefarious familial business enterprise dating back thousands of years designed to control humanity at every level. The whole is represented in the Network of Global Corporate Control (NGCC), the New World Order. All names on this list are in the clan. Notice Walmart.

This bloodline are the Illuminati. They are the ones who commissioned Adam Weishaupt to write the Illuminati doctrine in 1770. AW was a crypto-Jew who was outwardly Roman Catholic with his organization and development. The group was to be based upon the teachings of the Talmud, which is in turn the teachings of the Pharisees.

This bloodline is the top of the control pyramid and Massimo is just one of 13 - and probably thee most dangerous. I can't help but wonder how they're tied into the Pharisees, Mossad, Soviets, Zionists, Red Mafyia, Donald Trump.

Did they kill Christ?

Their corporatization of sovereign nations in order to be ruled under the thumb of despots like Massimo using civil codes, licenses, privileges, ordinances, taxes, federal grants, the financial system as a whole, the political system as a whole, the religious system as a whole to me is evident. They have it all under control. Why wouldn't they? They've had thousands of years of experience and planning.

There is no doubt in my mind that the current push in Israel for the mandate of the atheistic philosophy of the Talmud, the push toward Jerusalem, and the implementation of the Noahide laws is all part of a greater scheme that will bring together this demonic force, thousands of years in the planning, to rule as the New World Order, from Jerusalem, with the destruction of all faiths based on Christ.

Jerusalem will be the center of global commerce, law, religion, finance, business, and terror.

The Belt and Road delivers you right to Jerusalem.

From a spiritual aspect, these "people" are nihilists. They believe in today only. To them there is no tomorrow. There is no atoning for ones sins against humanity.

Massimo controls the Vatican, the Swiss Guard, the banking system and much of the corporate infrastructure and transportation. They bribe and threaten governments into submission and corruption to suit their needs. They influence fashion and entertainment. Our mundane daily lives are controlled by these "people" with subtle propaganda like slogans, songs, melodies, motion picture and simple advertisements with their ownership of big media. They direct our education, our government, our religious outlook. They are all around us. Everywhere!

Always remember this. You will never find any Black Nobility family listed on the most wealthy list because they have private family trusts set up to prevent intrusion. Also,  any billionaire is suspect. I'd wager all billionaires are in on this fraud one way or the other. It may be from bribery or death threats, but they are perpetuating this destruction of humanity. No one becomes this wealthy unless they are granted access to the honey-pot.

We are financing our own demise when we support their businesses.   

Reader, most of this information can be found open source. Some of it is my perspective as I understand it.

Believe nothing, believe everything

Stay vigilant!

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