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Rewriting Science: Big Bang Theory Dead, Universe is Electric

December 13th, 2017 8:00pm

Rewriting Science: Big Bang Theory Dead, Universe is Electric

In this discussion the writer will present a compilation of studies proving current science is outdated. This writer, with knowledge of the subversive forces that drive our daily existence suggests this information has been known for millennia and was hidden from the public by design.  

We were meant for so much more.

According to the current scientific position, the official story is that the Big Bang Theory proposes there was an explosion from nothing 13.7 billion years ago. All particles, stars, planets and dust are moving away from the center.

Einstein's theory of general relativity  proposes the existence of black holes and that they possess the mass of a billion suns and are created when very massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle. After a black hole has formed, it will continue to grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings. By absorbing other stars and merging with other black holes, supermassive black holes of millions of solar masses may form. There is general consensus (based on theory) that supermassive black holes exist in the centers of most galaxies.

Remember, this is all theory. No black holes have ever been discovered. So why does science publish speculation as science and with so much detail? It is in this writer's opinion that what this official model of government propaganda represents on a mundane level are two possibilities that are diametrically opposed to each other. One, in time we will see no stars in our night sky. Our solar system will eventually be isolated and alone in the universe moving further and further away from the center. Two, as a result of the consequential nature of black holes, they will eventually consume everything.

The model of 17th century thinking states that gravity is the force that holds the universe together. Gravity is the only answer science has to explain the cosmos. It's all based on Sir Isaac Newton's law of gravity which was inspired by a falling apple. Newton theorized that matter attracted matter and it must be applied in space as well. The current  body of science has spent billions and billions of dollars on CERN, LIGO, the Large Hadron Collider and man hours, in an attempt to prove this gravitational model. They failed. Newton’s gravity laws do not work inside the nucleus of an atom. Newton’s laws also fail to explain the way galaxies rotate.

Regarding to the sun and it's properties, the official model tells a story of how the sun converts hydrogen to helium thus providing a fusion reaction which brings life to the star. However, during this process there must be an ejection of electron type neutrinos. The measurement of neutrinos coming out of the sun are only one third of the predicted value. Also, the official model gives no explanation for the existence of the corona, the plasmasphere or the solar wind. With all of these unprovables and unexplainables, the current science stooge lowers his head and accepts it as truth, without question.

The writer would like to add that although science doesn't support the existence of the divine, their equipment (CERN) actually proved God's very existence. Their findings bring about this very important realization as proposed by Kit Daniels. "Perhaps the physical laws of the universe are steered by something, or someone, outside the universe. In other words, the universe isn’t the base reality but is rather one level of existence contained in another superstructure unknown to man."

In conjunction with Einstein's theory of general relativity, gravity, as the glue holding the universe together, also proposes the existence of Dark Matter. According to modern physicists, the outer regions of galaxies, like our own Milky Way, rotate much faster around the centre than can be accounted for by the quantity of ordinary matter like stars, planets and interstellar gasses. Something else has to produce the required amount of gravitational force, so physicists proposed the existence of dark matter. Dark matter seems to dominate our universe, comprising more than 80 percent of all matter. The alleged dark matter particles have never been observed, despite many efforts (and billions of dollars) to detect them.

In 2010 Professor Erik Verlinde said "Many theoretical physicists like me are working on a revision of the theory (of gravity), and some major advancements have been made. We might be standing on the brink of a new scientific revolution that will radically change our views on the very nature of space, time and gravity." "We have evidence that this new view of gravity actually agrees with the observations."

Professor Erik was trying to prove dark matter/energy existed. He was wrong but he was on to something. Little did he know that what he was proposing was something that would not be put to study for a few more years.

It took seven years but dark matter as proposed by Prof. Verlinde was laid waste in this study published Nov 10th, 2017 by Swiss astronomer Andre Maeder. He says; " A modified virial theorem is derived and applied to clusters of galaxies. For the Coma Cluster and Abell 2029 (galaxy clusters), the dynamical masses are about a factor of 5–10 smaller than in the standard case. This tends to leave no room for dark matter in these clusters. Then, the two-body problem is studied and an equation corresponding to the Binet equation is obtained. It implies some secular variations of the orbital parameters. Thus, we tend to conclude that neither dark energy nor dark matter seems to be needed in the proposed theoretical context".

The reader has hopefully learned thus far that the official story that has evolved during the last few centuries is false. The Big Bang Theory, Newton's law of gravity reaching into the cosmos, dark energy, dark matter and Einstein's theory of relativity are all false. As a matter of fact when Albert Einstein died, he was still trying to reconcile gravity with quantum theories. Too this day it is still impossible to unify quantum mechanics with gravity.

Just what was professor Erik Verlinde talking about when he said "We might be standing on the brink of a new scientific revolution that will radically change our views on the very nature of space, time and gravity" ?

Enter the EU, the Electric Universe, the unofficial story.

The unofficial story suggests there are no Black Holes, there was never a Big Bang and in short that the universe is electric, that it is based on electromagnetic forces that are a much stronger than the forces of gravity. It maintains that gravity, a very weak force, cannot explain the formation of galaxies nor the planets. The official version states that the universe is 13.7 billion years old but others have shown that the universe is structured with vast ribbons of galaxies that could not have reasonably formed in less than 200 billion years. The electric universe can explain many of the gamma ray and X-ray phenomena, seen in the Hubble telescope, floating in space way above the Earth with much improved resolution of images of stars and galaxies.

Those supporting the unofficial story have been denied publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals, the life blood of a scientific career. As with the official version, the unofficial version is advocated by people with degrees in science, cosmology, physics, electrical engineering, electronics and the Nobel prize.

This writer would like to point out at this time that as with cosmology, climate science is subject to the same heretical denial. Modern climatologists rule the scientific journals while paleo-climatologists are denied funding and are looked down on. Modern climatologists promote global warming from only the last couple hundred years of data  while paleo-climatologists prove the inconsistencies and outright lies of the status quo with data referenced from tens to hundreds of thousands of years ago. Evidence proven in the Greenland and Arctic ice sheets, tree rings, rock layers, etc. This historical and most accurate view of earth science with a focus on climate proves that Al Gore is the charlatan. The earth is in fact cooling down.

The reader should understand that for many years, scientific and educational literature has presented the existence of black holes as a matter of settled science, and science media routinely report fantastic claims about black holes with zero skepticism. It's all false. Stephen Hawking is the charlatan.

The electric universe tells a very different story about the energy of the sun and its source. It does not question gravity but proposes that it takes a backseat to the much more powerful force of electromagnetism.

"Lightning is electric—like a welding arc. The Northern Lights are electric—like a neon sign. A sunny day is electric. We work and play in an electric field. We don’t think about it because we’re used to thinking only gravity is there. Space probes find electric features in comets, planets, stars, and galaxies. X-ray and radio telescopes find electric features connecting stars and galaxies. The Electric Universe is a way to begin thinking about all that electricity in the cosmos."
~Mel Acheson, Contributing Editor, Thunderbolts Picture of the Day

"The visible universe is a theater of charged particles. A dance of electrons and protons holds it together. We see its rhythms and geometries in microscopic detail, even as its music plays out across the cosmos: atoms and molecules joined by the electric force; stars and galaxies organized and energized by the same force; and on our little planet Earth, living organisms animated by the electricity of life. No empty space exists. Everything we now see is connected by the universal dance of charged particles."
~David Talbott, The Thunderbolts Project

"Internal electrostatic forces prevent stars from collapsing gravitationally and occasionally cause them to give birth by electrical fissioning to form companion stars and gas giant planets. Sudden brightening or a nova outburst marks such an event. That elucidates why stars commonly have partners and why most of the giant planets so far detected closely orbit their parent star"- Wal Thornhill

Mr. Thornhill speaks of events that are impossible in the official model. Only in an electric universe can this happen. Science has found that most stars have a binary twin and sometime a third exists. It is thought our own sun has a twin although the current model won't allow it. So, begs the question, is it indeed there in a shroud of government silence?

In the electric universe, the sun is dominated by electrical and magnetic properties, implying that the Sun possesses a massive positive electric charge. The Sun is a ball of plasma and is charged positively by a gravitationally induced flow of electrons towards the surface and electrical repulsion will prevent collapse, not the conversion of hydrogen into helium which will eventually destroy the sun as it collapses as in the official model. The Sun because of its size receives charge from cosmic currents that exist in our Milky Way Galaxy.

Do the Birkeland currents carry this electron charge to the sun and into our solar system? This writer does believe the Birkeland current provides the vehicle and the roadmap upon which the source of this energy uses to ignite the sun and other objects such as planets, comets, meteors, asteroids, etc. It very well could be the source of life itself.

"In the electric model the sun beneath the photosphere is simply a cool body not at a temperature of a million degrees. The magnetic field of a sunspot is due to a strong field aligned current punching a hole through the photospheric plasma. This produces a Birkeland Current. The solar flares behave like lightning and are due to the electrification of the Sun’s atmosphere, analogous to electrification of storm clouds on Earth." - Ralph Juergens, Civil Engineer

Juergens was the first to describe the electric discharge of the Sun in the 1970s. Read more here.

On another note, the reader must understand that although some things can be explained by mathematical equations, which is something Einstein was so eager to prove. Physics still needs to apply itself to that math. And as we see, it is not always possible.

In conclusion the existing official model fails to explain many observed cosmic and solar phenomena. The unofficial electric universe model is inherently predictive of most if not all these observed phenomena. It is relatively simple and self-consistent. It does not require the existence of some unseen, undetectable, malignant force of nature to serve as a fall-back explanation for all of these observables in the officially accepted scientific model.

Our forward advancement in scientific study relies on people outside the mainstream scientific body. This writer again questions the integrity of the government in which we have elected. It is the rogue scientist that brings the truth to the common man thru the internet so we may learn and plan for what is to come while other takes in the propaganda and waste away blind and ignorant to what we as humans really are in the midst of.  We are not taught in schools, churches and libraries these truths. There is a reason why this electric universe has been hidden from us. It ties in with the origin of life and history of mankind that was blotted out by those who have dissented from God himself.

Oh this magnificent universe of God we thrive in.

Question everything.


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