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Q- Confirms -3

July 23rd, 2018 9:00pm

Q- Confirms -3

Q confirms Barry Soetoro from Indonesia got his US passport in the name of Barrack Obama illegally back in 1994 from the US National Visa Center.

Q confirms the poisonings in Europe are traced back to Chicago's Northwestern University.

Q confirms there are high ranking military leaders including Four Star General's, and Admiral's, who are paid for by the European Royals and Jesuit branch of the Vatican.

Q confirms Col. Joseph E. Underwood, General Al Grey and George H. W. Bush killed  Col. James E. Sabow because he knew too much about US government cocaine smuggling. Bush gave the order to Grey who passed the job to Underwood.

Q confirms George H. W. Bush was caught in a male prostitution ring in 1989 using underage boys from the Nebraska Boys Home (Boy's Town)- check June 1989 Washington Times

Q confirms the U2 aircraft tail # 80-1076 used by the Clinton's for weather manipulation during hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, LA.  

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Baron- T3






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