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President Trump's Calm Before The Storm

October 20th, 2017 10:00am

President Trump's Calm Before The Storm

On Thursday night October 5th President Trump made an off the wall comment as camera's were rolling in front of his dinner party that consisted of the US heads of military and their wives.

“Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. Could be, the calm. The calm before the storm.” 

When asked what he meant by “storm,” he playfully answered, “You’ll find out.”

Domestic events leading up to this point have built up colossal momentum as the POTUS tries to piece together his plan of attack.

There is so much corruption in this country and POTUS knows it. He vowed to drain the swamp. He's been attacked by those in fear of disclosure from every angle and on a daily basis. The lies perpetuated by those who will lose will come to an end.  It must be mind numbing.

Our country has a built in protection layer at it's very core. The executive, legislative and judicial branches are that three tier layer. But that protection only works if those in position uphold the Constitution.

Unfortunate for all of us, this has not been the case for over 100 years. Corruption is at the very core of this country and President Trump is here to change all that.


"The Calm Before The Storm"

1. The remaining classified files on the JFK assassination have been sealed off by presidential executive order since his death. That timeframe will expire on October 26th 2017. POTUS has the ability to release or deny this event.

If this event is authorized many people and organizations will be implicated to include the following.

Lyndon B. Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, George H.W. Bush, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Dallas Sheriffs authority, US judicial branch, US executive branch, to name of few.

It is my belief that this has gone on for so long to allow those guilty parties to naturally die off before the files are released to avoid prosecution. As far as I know the last of those alive today is George H.W. Bush.

My prediction is that they will find George H.W. Bush dead before the disclosure is made.

2. The Obama Administration policy of corruption has been looming for the last few years. The Clinton "pay to play" Foundation and all of it's collusion with Russia. Pizza-gate pedophilia ties to power in the DNC with Anthony Weiner recently being prosecuted. Hillary Clinton using her position as the head of state to sell 20% of the existing US Uranium stockpile, a critical national resource, to RUSSIA for $millions$ directed toward the Clinton Foundation. Insider trading and murder for hire George Soros and company support of Clinton's.

The list of implication goes as follows:

Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissmann, Robert Mueller,  John Podesta, Harvey Weinstein, George Soros, Alex Soros, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, US Judicial branch, US Executive branch. All of these entities who swore to uphold the Constitution of this great nation are acting against the interest of our government.

Currently there is an FBI whistleblower on gag order who wants to blow the lid off this thing once and for all. We are waiting for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to release this order and allow the informant to expose those who have defected. His information will destroy all of those mentioned above.  

Why is Jeff Session holding back and not allowing this whistleblower to speak out?


Putting it all together.

This is the storm coming. With the opening of the classified CIA files exposing the government conspiracy against President John F. Kennedy just a week away, and the awaiting whistleblower in the wings ready to expose the Obama Administration's "policy of corruption", the house of cards is about to fall.

In Trump fashion, POTUS is building up to a gigantic disclosure event of epic proportions. Nothing like we American's have ever witnessed before. The dam will be released and the swamp drained.

This will be an ALL AT ONCE event.

The storm is brewing.

Please be aware of a few things. It was recently reported that DNC supporter George Soros, over the course of the last few years has donated 18 Billion dollars to his left wing terrorist organization the Open Society Foundation. Antifa, a Soros brainchild, has announced it's plan to destroy America and create a permanent ruling communist party. According to Antifa the rioting will commence on November 4th 2017.  

These people hate patriots. These people are violent.

After POTUS "storms" the capitol with the previously discussed revelations, this Antifa group with all of the recent Soros money, will grow to a proportion never thought imaginable. With the current state of Washington DC falling, and the rise of Antifa, this just may be the start of a civil war.

It would not surprise me if a whole new group funded by Soros money lights up the scene.



I would like to thank Judicial Watch for their continued investigation and pushing for the truth to be told.


 Baron- T3



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