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Predictive Programming - Movie - Bird Box - Is Olympia Rothschild/Trump

December 28th, 2018 8:00am

Predictive Programming - Movie - Bird Box - Is Olympia Rothschild/Trump

*Netflix movie Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock released Dec 13, 2018

*Directed by Susanne Bier, Jewish, from Copenhagen. Her father's name is  Rudolf Salomon Baer which is a striking resemblance of Bauer, the original surname for the Rothschilds before Mayer changed it in the late 18th century. Solomon is the name of one of the original five Rothschild son's of Mayer = Rudolf Salomon Baer / Solomon Rothschild (Bauer).

The theme of this movie is, if you see "the evil force" that is killing everyone, you quickly become entranced and commit suicide. This evil force enlists the criminally insane who seem to be immune to the suicide. They work for this evil force by driving around in cars from house to house searching for survivors, drawing them out into the open so they are forced to look at the light (evil), "it's so beautiful", and be cleansed (suicided).

This is a massive population cleansing process. If you want to survive you cannot look at the evil force lest you be suicided.

Without dissecting every scene, the author would like to concentrate on two characters in particular. One is Mallory played by Sandra Bullock and the other is Olympia.

Mallory represents the citizens of earth that have been abused for centuries by a demonic force (ruling families, Olympians) through social engineering. She's pregnant- a single mother to be, forced into circumstance, headstrong, hardened, independent, portrays someone who needs no-one, hard to love, cold, calculating, harsh childhood, etc.

Olympia is portrayed as a married, pregnant, obese, cowardly, spoiled, entitled, ignorant, weak and desperate individual.

Olympia comes on the scene about 30 minutes into the film. She is running from the storm of death that has presided over the city. Screaming, scared, senseless and very pregnant she pounds on the front door of the house where multiple survivors, including Mallory, are holding up. She begs to be let in. They let her in but only after questioning.

She declares her name, Olympia. Why is this important? "The Olympians" is the name given to the ruling families of earth. These are the families that control our reality. The Rothschilds are in this group. Olympia represents Rothschild. Donald Trump is also an Olympian and is also a frontman for Rothschild.

Olympia seems to speak directly to the audience as her character mannerism are very odd. She is extremely annoying.The director really wants the audience to focus in on this person.

While the other survivors in the house are unaware, Olympia lets in a strange man from the outside without vetting him. She just trusts that he is safe. She lets him in and everyone is angry at her. He turns out to be not so good and kills just about all of them.

Olympia's killing happens only after she gives birth. Coincidentally, Mallory, played by Sandra Bullock, gives birth to her own baby at the same time. Olympia begs Mallory to raise her child if she were to die. Mallory reluctantly agrees. Olympia is killed by the stranger moments later.  

Mallory and Tom, with the two infants who are named Boy and Girl, are the last remaining survivors in the house.

 Five years pass as they learn to cope with the situation that does not let up.

In the end Tom dies protecting Mallory and the two children who are now all that are left of this group. They make their way down the river toward a safe haven, blindfolded.

The safe haven is a school for the blind. They make it. Mallory finally names the children Tom and Olympia.

POTUS suffering from possible impeachment and the Rothschilds being removed from banking power are represented by Olympia. She knows she screwed up allowing evil into the house (onto the earth) where many were killed. She knows she took life for granted (thought she could get away with gluttony forever). She desperately needs her prodigy to survive the onslaught and only "we the people" can do it.

Did the Rothschilds affiliate themselves unwittingly to a force more evil than themselves that have turned on them, and now they need the will of "we the people" (Mallory) to save their baby? Is this their way of asking us for help?

Mallory names the girl Olympia. Is this their hope for the future? For "we the people" to carry this prodigy/plan/bloodline for them?

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay vigilant!

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