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POTUS- Universal Postal Union Pullout- NWO- Q Didn't Even Catch This One

November 5th, 2018 8:00am

POTUS- Universal Postal Union Pullout- NWO- Q Didn't Even Catch This One

The author asks that you read Part One to get a solid historical understanding of the situation in order to understand Part Two and why pulling out of the UPU is so important.


Part One

In 1871 The United States became a corporation with a new constitution. The original constitutional government was vacated, however it was never terminated. The new constitution had to be ratified by we the people according to the original constitution, it never was. The whole process occurred in secrecy.

February 21, 1871, the 41st Congress came to session. On this date the congress passed an act titled An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia, also known as the Act of 1871.

Congress, under no constitutional authority, created a separate form of government, the District of Columbia. This new corporate government know as THE UNITED STATES was born. This was a construct of the British Crown and the Vatican.

There is a connection to be made here. In 1302 Pope Boniface VIII claimed control over the whole planet when he issued his infamous Papal Bull Unam Sanctam. This was the first express trust and made him essentially the king of the world.

America was the prize and by October 22nd 1871, the entire nation and everyone in it, was captured in a war where everyone and everything in this war was placed under the international jurisdiction of admiralty and maritime law of the sea, in a global warfare effort to control all commerce on planet earth.

This international jurisdiction of admiralty/ maritime law of the sea is the law of the monarch of Great Britain. Everyone and everything is recognized as a little boat, or vessel that is floating around in a “sea of space”, as vessels, and are therefore, and have been, captured in the Crown's global feudal system of commerce; i.e. the shipping, movement of everyone and everything on the planet. The time-lines (shipping-date-movements reflected in the bill of lading) working in conjunction with the entire operation were set up and are controlled by the Vatican’s Gregorian Calendar and the global position of the Post-Office of the Universal Postmaster General up in Bern Switzerland. This is all governed by the Universal Postal Union in Bern Switzerland.

This is the New World Order.

Post Offices are international stations or hubs, connected by post roads and sea lanes to every Post Office on the globe. The Universal Postal Union is required to have and maintain treaties known as Postal Union Treaties with each national government to allow and maintain this international transport system within the borders and maritime jurisdictions of each country on earth.

All of the Post Offices of the monarchs and dictators of the world are registered with the UPU. Their wars are conducted through their Post Offices.

When a young man joins the US military he is registered at the Post Office.

The control of the shipping and movement of all cargoes and vessels, i.e. people, money, boats, planes, cars, military, anything requiring a title, registration, stamp or seal is handled by the Post Office. All in an effort to state the claim that they have captured and own everything on the planet, to include you and I.

The Constitution provides for each state of the Union as it's own nation-state. The 50 states together function as one entity for a list of stipulated international purposes, one of which is international/interstate trade, of which control is delegated to the federal government by the people. The federal government has and maintains a Postal Union Treaty with the UPU which applies throughout all 50 states. Our Constitution was founded to function at this high level and not an ounce more.

At this time the Post Office, in an act of global warfare, captured the entire world and all “vessels” in it, in an effort to command and control all commerce of planet earth (one of the functions of the US Constitution is to govern international commerce). Think contracts, people, money, cars, etc. Anything requiring a title, license, registration, birth certificate, social security number, these are all considered vessels in dry dock according to the new de facto British government now known as Washington DC. The law of the land (common law) was dead at this point. The law of the sea (civil law) became the new jurisdiction.

With the creation of the corporate government and the dismantling of the American Constitution, this new British federal government grew exponentially, subsequently rendering the States floundering powerlessly while keeping the population in the dark.

State power waned, our Republic became a Democracy and Socialism was on it's way.

This is where the sleazy conspirators get wicked with semantics. Pay close attention.

Before the Civil War, the office of United States Post Master was responsible for enforcing the Postal Union Treaty and for securing, maintaining, and operating the post roads, sea lanes, the post offices, and all the functions related to these. The key international role of interest here is that of the United States Post Master acting in his role as the "Trustee" of the Constitutional United States.

After the Civil War, the unofficial British corporate government established a corporate office called "The United States Postmaster General" to perform the day to day functions of the international office (previously called Post Master). As the corporation had no ability or authority to appoint the Land Trustee, the actual office of United States Post Master was vacated and remained so (as was the Constitution). Even though the functions mandated by the Postal Union Treaty were performed by the de facto Postmaster General, there was no Trustee to defend the jurisdiction of the Constitution overall.

In a court of law, defining the difference between Post Master and Postmaster can mean the difference between freedom and slavery. "Postmaster" is a semantic variation clouding the meaning of the true authority, "Post Master". In the end we got slavery.

The office of the de jure United States Post Master (Constitutional, land jurisdiction) was vacated after the Civil War and replaced by the de facto Postmaster (British Monarch/Vatican, sea jurisdiction). America has not had anyone officially functioning as the Land Trustee for the Constitutional United States ever since.

This means that all of the laws, codes and statutes of public justice, and the entities that enforce them, ATF, FBI, NSA,CIA, IRS etc., have all been unconstitutionally created by the de facto British run federal government (British Crown/Vatican) to enforce the rule of these civil laws.

For instance, the IRS claims they work for the United States Treasury. The United States Treasury (money) is under the jurisdiction of the United States Post Office and the Post Office is responsible for all branches of government. This new government took the power from the people and put it in the hands of the British/Vatican. This is where our federal income tax, property tax, court monetary restitution, etc. goes.

A private British federal contract government services corporation, known as the "Presidential Administration", illegally (according to our Constitution) continues to fraudulently enforce the provisions of these de facto federal services upon both the states, and we the people.

Every President since 1871 has known this truth yet they have kept quite and have collaborated with the Crown/Vatican to deplete America of it's natural resources and the life blood of it's people. Welcome to America!


Part two

In today's headline, October 2018

"US Threatens To Pull Out Of Universal Postal Union"

"The world’s third-oldest international organization, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), founded in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland, has been informed by Washington of the US withdrawal. The United States became, under the administration of President Ulysses Grant, a founding member of the UPU".

Under the guise of a postage war, these articles try to define the characteristics of Trumps disposition toward the UPU. Global Research for instance says; "The Trump administration, notably the rabidly-rightwing White House trade adviser, Peter Navarro, is upset over foreign government subsidies for certain postal authorities, most notably that of China, which reduces international parcel mailing costs to manufacturers and consumers. Rather than negotiate revised postal rates, through the auspices of the UPU, which was established to standardize the world’s postal system, Trump plans to leave the organization".

GR goes on to defile the Trump Administration for it's threat to leave the UPU.

Reader, after all we have just learned in Part 1 about this whole usurpation by Great Britain/Vatican, and the importance of the Constitutional de jure Post Master General, and how the unconstitutional de facto Postmaster General is raping and pillaging our national resources, one can conclude the UPU treaty as it stands is not an organization that is conducive to a prosperous future of America.

The UPU was founded in 1874, right after the Act of 1871 that rendered us without constitutional privileges and consequently left us to rot under control of the British Monarchy. President U. Grant help found the organization. US Inc is a founding member of the UPU. The UPU is under control of the Vatican and the British Crown.

Coincidentally, in 1873 the new congress of DC, the British federal government, demonetized silver. It was no longer considered money and inflation set in sending millions of Americans into foreclosure. Our monetary system has never recovered. Our dollar is only worth 3 cents compared to then.

The Post Master General is thee most important person in our deployment of the Constitution law of the land in America.

The UPU was created by the very people who seized our country.

The UPU is part of the United Nations organization known to be created by the Roman Vatican.

This whole thing is a Temporal construct. They own the British monarchy. They wanted control of our national finances and resources to included the blood sweat and tears of the American population just like they did in Europe, the Soviet Union, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

They got it.

"The UPU... managed to weather the Nazi occupation of Europe and North Africa. The belligerent nations of World War II continued to maintain membership". -GR

Of course they did. Looking at this from the mind of a sleepwalker this would be fine, it renders a sense of validity. From the mind of the woke, this is understood to be under complete control of the conspirators. The UPU didn't "weather" the storm. There was no storm. They created the whole situation the nations found themselves in. Of course the UPU would survive. This is how all world leaders, conspiring together, communicated with eachother, in secrecy.

Now POTUS wants out.

Maybe Trump is working for we the people. Our de jure government was designed to operate this way. To protect us.

Is there hope? Does POTUS recognized thee fundamental flaw of our nation, that we are without the foundational documents of our Republic, that we are vacated?

Is he trying to fix the system or is this just another dramatic act of meaningless nothingness?

I've been on the fence about Trump since 2017. With all of his ties to the Rothschilds, Russian oligarchs and other billionaire Zionists, I've been very leary to say the least. This makes me wonder though, could he really be working for us in the background?

If my haunch is right, this pulling out of the UPU will be a colossal win for America and subsequently the world.

The New World Order dies here.

Freedom at last!


Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay mad!







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