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Our Need For Cryptocurrency- Spread This Far And Wide

October 10th, 2018 11:00am

Our Need For Cryptocurrency- Spread This Far And Wide

Cryptocurrency is an alternative currency that creates a direct threat to the cabal’s central bankers and their control of our lives. Any virtual currency that competes with what the bloodlines use to keep us in perpetual slavery, is different from the debt based system we have now. Any form of money that is a true medium of exchange and not issued based on debt for the simple use of it, will severely threaten the cabal. If you don’t understand that the currency we use now is not currency/medium of exchange but rather paper that we have to pay interest on for the mere use of it, then you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

USD is fiat currency. It is debt, pure and simple. We all have agreed to use it as a form of payment, albeit unwittingly, a plan constructed by the Federal Reserve Bank. The fact is, if a consensus is made, it becomes valid, for better or worse.

Americans were forced into this situation in the 30's when FDR recalled all the gold and replaced it with paper currency. The worthiness of gold tripled and the worthiness of this fiat USD declined immediately and has been moving in this direction ever since.

Cryptocurrency can be adopted in the same way. If we all agree to use it and concede to it's validity and worthiness, it is valid. We dictate it's worth. We control it's movement. There is no debt.

Definition of

Money: 1. The medium of exchange authorized or adopted by a government as part of its currency. 2. Assets that can be easily converted to cash. 3. Capital that is invested or traded as a commodity. Black's Law

Currency: An item that circulates as a medium of exchange. Black's Law

Fiat Money: Paper currency not backed by gold or silver. Black's Law

Paper Money: Paper documents that circulate as currency; bills drawn by a government against its own credit. Black's Law

Real Money: Money that has metallic or other intrinsic value, as distinguished from paper currency, checks, and drafts. Black's Law

Constitutional Money: Article I, section 10 reads "No state shall...coin money, emit bills of credit, make any thing but gold and silver a tender in payment of debts..."

The fraud against Americans conspired by the banking cartel, namely the Federal Reserve, has grown exponentially over the last 100 years. Our fiat USD is now worth less than 3 cents while the price of gold is over $1000. If our money was truly backed by gold things would be very different today.

Cryptocurrency is a valid form of money and currency. Why? Because we say it is, this is our consensus. This is why the bankers hate it.

If you're in for a good solid read, click here and download this pdf. It was written by the Chicago branch of the Federal Reserve. It explains how they create credit and currency, and not money. This practice subsequently feeds the fire of inflation. This is precisely why our USD is literally worthless. Here you will learn the diabolical intricacies of our debt based monetary system created by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Debt is repaid with interest. "We the people" are the interest, slaves. 

Tell all your friends about this report, spread it far and wide. Tell them why they should opt-in to cryptocurrency. This is our consensus.

Cryptocurrency is currently thee best option for of rebellion against these conspirators of the One World Order.

Why? Because the only form of control they truly have over us is the fiat currency they create out of thin air.

Say no to the bankers that run the show. It's our turn!

Be your own bank.


Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay mad!










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