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One World Order Imposes CLOUD Act in Latest Spending Bill

March 31st, 2018 11:00am

One World Order Imposes CLOUD Act in Latest Spending Bill

I knew there had to be something lurking in that damn bill. Another freedom stolen. It's always in the name of security. "We're doing it to help you feel safer" (even though you didn't ask for it).

The only foresight Congress has is to the next bribe. These people could care less about any of us.

The Patriot Act of 2001 took away civil privacy by secretly allowing the NSA to spy on US citizens. This was proven by Edward Snowden. The CLOUD Act takes this to a global level but gives the power to the lowest common denominator, local law enforcement.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), President Pro Tempore of the US Senate, says, “The CLOUD Act bridges the divide that sometimes exists between law enforcement and the tech sector by giving law enforcement the tools it needs to access data throughout the world while at the same time creating a commonsense framework to encourage international cooperation to resolve conflicts of law.”

Since when do local authorities need access to offshore data? This is CIA territory. This puts NSA/CIA/FBI etc; spy tactics in the hands of local authority, the beat cop.

Guess who was at the helm? This is the combined effort of legal minds at Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo (all data mining companies that have total access to our privacy legally thru the agreements we sign to use their services) and  Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) (84, who has held his seat since 1977), the man responsible for brining this bill to the table.

The EFF made this statement about the backdoor to our 4th Amendment of privacy (which really doesn't exist anymore). The CLOUD Act fails “to require foreign law enforcement to seek individualized and prior judicial review. Grants real-time access and interception to foreign law enforcement without requiring the heightened warrant standards that U.S. police have to adhere to under the Wiretap Act. Fails to place adequate limits on the category and severity of crimes for this type of agreement. Fails to require notice on any level – to the person targeted, to the country where the person resides, and to the country where the data is stored.”

The ACLU released its own warning regarding the CLOUD Act; Among “other things, the legislation would: Allow foreign governments to wiretap on U.S. soil under standards that do not comply with U.S. law; Give the executive branch the power to enter into foreign agreements without Congressional approval; Possibly facilitate foreign government access to information that is used to commit human rights abuses, like torture; and Allow foreign governments to obtain information that could pertain to individuals in the U.S. without meeting constitutional standards.”

The big lie. This is not for law enforcement to get a better handle on overseas data. This is for overseas companies and governments to pry into American privacy, legally. These organizations will be controlling body-scans, retina-scans, fingerprints, cameras on street corners, email, texts, phone logs, television views, internet usage, purchases, banking,  EVERYTHING. They will have access to everything you and I do.

All of this data is collected in a mainframed known as the Beast System. The Brussels computer is housed in a 13 story building, the first three floors of which are occupied by this system's hardware. This immense computer has enough capacity to store every detail about the lives of every human being on Earth, the information contained in the Library of Congress and every book ever printed. Having operated for years, it stores a growing volume of information as additional countries tie into it every more heavily.

This monster is a self-programming computer that has more than one hundred sources distributing entries. Experts in programming have perfected a plan that will handle by computer all of the world's commerce (we are vessels in a sea of space - humans are commercial vessels according to the NWO).

According to Dr Hanrick Eldeman, Chief Analyst of the Common Market Confederacy in Brussels, this master plan would imply a system of digital enumeration of each human being of the earth. The Beast would give each inhabitant of the world a number to be used for each purchase or sale, removing the problem of present credit cards. This number would be invisibly tatooed by laser, either on the forehead or on the back of the hand. This would establish a walking credit card system. And the number could be seen only through infrared scanners, installed in special verification counters or in business places. Sound Biblical? 

The Cloud Act allows foreign authority to access our private info while they add it to the Beast system as a way of getting around local privacy infringement laws. Explore more here

Everyday the One World Order agenda pushes forward and we consequently are pushed backward into a deeper state of de-evolution. This trampling of our rights has got to stop. It makes me sick to think that our very own government is allowing this to happen for the lining in their pockets. Who would have thought privacy would make so many people rich while we endure the struggle to just enjoy our lives on a daily basis? We are being stalked, spied upon, recorded, tracked and preyed upon buy multinational corporations to include domestic and foreign governments all for the sake of complete profiling of every human being on this planet. To what end?

Is the price for "security" worth all this?

You can read the Omnibus for yourself here. On page 2,201 you will find the CLOUD Act.

Welcome to the One World Order.

Believe nothing, believe everything!

Stay vigilant!

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