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Obama Admin: Do Not Identify Islamic jihadis in US Town

March 19th, 2017 9:00am

Obama Admin: Do Not Identify Islamic jihadis in US Town

Since 1991 thousands of Somali Muslims have been legally and illegally resettled into American cities. When Obama took office integration rose exponentially. According to a search on the State Dept database between 7000 to 12,000 refugees arrive in the US every year. There are now over 100,000 Somali's that have been brought to the US through the UN Refugee Resettlement Program. America is in danger of becoming another Sweden and Germany, two countries overrun by violence committed by Muslim refugees. This would be the direct effect of the Obama Administration's open border policy the last eight years. Here is some propaganda spread by the Washington Post no doubtedly constructed by the Illuminati run CIA.

Sunni Muslim refugees from Somalia were relocated to more than 190 cities, most going to Minniapolis- St. Paul MN, Portland ME, San Diego CA, Fargo ND, Wichita KS, Boise and Twin Falls ID, Amarillo TX and Seattle WA.  U.S. Attorney for Minnesota Andrew Luger, at a press conference said Minnesota “has a terror recruitment problem” involving the local Somali population but didn’t say how the Somalis got to Minnesota. MN has the largest population of Somali Muslims in the US. 

The Department of Homeland Security under the Obama Admin have transported Somali's seeking asylum across Mexican border into Victorville, CA and distributing them across USA. 

The Obama Admin has also hushed the media covering stories related to ongoing violence against American citizens by Somali Muslims.

The United Nations has unveiled the "New Urban Agenda" in Oct 2016 at the so-called Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador. The sole purpose of this conference is to approve a 24-page document called the New Urban Agenda. This agenda imposes upon the world a mass resettlement of migrants from 3rd world war torn countries from the middle east and Africa. (Some people may know of the New World Order, or otherwise described as the U.N’s plan for global governance as envisioned by its “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” approved by some 190 world leaders including President Obama and Pope Francis (Illuminati) in September 2015).

Thank God Hillary Clinton is not our president. She is a known avid supporter of this global resettlement program. She is totally inline with the UN agenda. She vowed to up immigration 550% if elected and accused non-supporting Americans as being non-American.

If you think Sweden and Germany are benefiting from this resettlement, you had better think again and do some homework. This has become a fucking nightmare. Most of these people hate America. Our Deep State (non-American shadow government) are the ones who put them in the predicament in which they find themselves in the first place.

The bleeding heart of the unwitted American consumer will be the ultimate chess piece downfall of this great "proposed" country. The ruling class have the US right where they want the US. Ignorant and blind to the facts before them with so much confusion in their limited imagination that they don't even know how to react. They don't even recognize that they NEED TO REACT. 

The United States of American (our Constitution) is at risk more now than ever before. Freedom and Liberty are slowly being eroded away by the Illuminati agenda and most of the population is ignorant.   

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