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Nazi's Experimented with Fluoride and Chlorine On Humans

February 19th, 2018 9:00am

Nazi's Experimented with Fluoride and Chlorine On Humans

Did you know that during WWII, Nazi scientists experimented with a toxic substance called fluoride and discovered that small doses ingested over a long period of time makes the human mind more malleable, easier to influence and lowers the IQ? They forced the Jewish prisoners to drink water laced with fluoride to keep them from retaliating. Sound familiar?

What is fluoride? Sodium Fluoride (fluorosilicic acid)  is a highly toxic and corrosive by-product of the fertilizer industry. It is extremely harmful to biological life forms. It is known to cause arthritis, neurological disorders, thyroid disease, muscle disorders, genetic damage, hyperactivity (ADD? ADHD?), damaged sperm...and the list goes on. It is so corrosive it eats through concrete, metal, glass, just about everything.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended fluoride doses to public water meet the 0.7 milligrams per liter (mg/L). website

Since the 1940's the federal government has mandated that public water utilities add fluoride to it's water supply. If cities do not follow this federal mandate they are fined.

Recently, San Diego lost a battle with the federal government. San Diego Municipal Code Section 67.0101, prohibits the City from public water fluoridation. In 2011, after a battle with local citizens, federal ruling preempted local law making it legal to fluoridate San Diego public water supply. And fluoridate they did, much to local discontent.

For more info please read here and here . Read this from Wikipedia.

The Nazi's also experimented with an acid compound called chlorine. It was found that when ingested in small doses over an extended period of time it severely damages the human immune system. Chlorine will kill your gut flora just like antibiotics.

Read here for more information.

Currently the EPA suggests adding another chemical called chloramine to our water supply. This also has a host of health issues even with very low doses.

Today almost all public water in America is treated with chlorine, chloramine and fluoride, all in the name of good health. This has been going on for over 70 years. We are literally being poisoned to death by federal government mandates. And trust me, they know it.

Think of all the health issues we have. Most of them are immune deficiencies. How can a a large portion of our population suffer from some kind of immunity disease?  

The federal government, put in place to rule the lower class knows that by adding small doses of fluoride, chlorine and chloramine to our water supply they will keep us dumb and sick. If you think I'm joking then you didn't read all of the information and links above.  


Follow this link and learn how to eliminate or reduce your fluoride intake.

Follow this link and learn how to eliminate or reduce your chlorine and chloramine intake.

The CDC, EPA, USDA etc.. all work for the 1%. The ruling families and elite are immune to law. We are the only ones subjected to law, laws that they create. Understand, the US Constitution does not apply to us. It was created to keep them from stealing from each other. They just tell us it's for us to keep us quiet, hoping the fluoride will keep us from noticing the unconstitutional dealings they impose upon us, the enemy of the state.

Get smart and take care of your family.

Welcome to the new One World Order.

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