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Lies, The Best Tool To Manipulate.

October 8th, 2017 7:00am

Lies, The Best Tool To Manipulate.

Propaganda specialists know that the more people lie the more people believe. They know the more people lie to your face and the more emphatic they are, the more people will believe them. The more times people see it on the news. The more times people hear it on the radio. The more times people read it in the newspapers and magazines. The more times kids comes home from school talking about it, really worried a bout it. They know people will eventually believe every word they say, hoping for people to react in their favor. Their favor? Yes, after all, it's their lie, it's their agenda, and YOU ARE THEIR PAWN!

Question: Why do people lie?

Answer: To manipulate others.

Question: Why do government's lie?

Answer: To manipulate everybody.

Example of government lies/manipulation:

The world government (UN) is pushing an agenda described as "global warming/climate change". They tell everybody how bad GW/CC is and how it's ill-effect will harm humanity. The Paris Accord is their consensus. They say things like "hottest year on record" and "save the polar bears" and "the arctic ice is melting" and.......

It's all a lie.

You see, these very influential people and organizations are counting on the fact that their form a education imposed upon humanity since the 60's and the mandated addition of fluoride to our water supply has rendered a world population defenseless. A population of functioning illiterates. These functioning illiterates believe that their government has the best interest of them in mind. Never realizing until it's too late, and then they're too busy on their Iphone gratifying themselves to care anyway, that they are doomed.

Back to the lie. I will be brief.

Look at this graph below and see for yourself the cooling and heating trend of the earth cycles. Yes, CYCLES.  I'll also leave you with a link here if you would like to read the data report.

Oh, real quick. As for the "scare phrases" they like to use.

"Save the polar bears". The fact is the polar bear population has grown exponentially since 1960, when they started counting. My guess would be this is where they win the  kid's vote.

"The Arctic ice is melting". The fact is since 2012 the Arctic ice sheet has grown by 15%  and is still growing.

"Hottest day on record". Do you know their record only goes back to the day they started recording in 1850? That's funny because science can determine temperature for the last 50+ thousand years.

Quick question: if the ice sheet is growing and the temperature is getting hotter and the population of the polar bear is growing, what does this really mean? It means the government is lying to you.


The UN has seen this graph. The US Congress has seen this graph. Every government has seen this graph.


Blatant lies.

Ask yourself this one question.


Welcome to the New World Order!


Baron- T3



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