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Let Us Prepare For The Climate Challenges We Face

March 30th, 2019 10:00am

Let Us Prepare For The Climate Challenges We Face

Through years of research I have concluded with empirical evidence that we as a society have been lied to about the very nature of our being, the planet, the solar system, and the universe as a whole. In other words life as we know it is a 100% agenda driven folly. Our intellect and general understanding of things have been manipulated by subversive forces for hundreds of years.

The data consolidated within this report will most assuredly not be taken lightly by the masses and will most likely be shunned by many. Let it be shown that this is at what level of ignorance society has fallen. As Henry Ford said so eloquently, a society of "functioning illiterates".

The following are cycles of life that cannot be avoided. These cycles are not fully understood with regard to how, when, where and why by modern science. In this thesis we will discuss the life giving cycles of the sun and it's effect on mankind, the planet, and the solar system, finally showing how the sun reacts to the surrounding universe and it's inhabitants.

I will discuss how society can prepare for these cycles through the knowledge of the ancients using historical evidence of the past as a source of looking into the future and knowing what markers to look for. Understanding these records is of the utmost importance if we are to prepare for the future. The correct planning and preparation will give mankind a higher percentage of survivability during these natural, cyclical, challenging times ahead of us.

The sun, giver of life, was the focal point of many ancient culture structures. We find this evident in the inscriptions left behind on tablets, precious metal, wood, stone, papyrus, clay pots and figurines. They planned everyday of their lives according to the disposition of the sacred solar disk. This allowed them to plan for the future as they understood the cycles of the sun.

Through hundreds of years of study they understood with certainty that the sun went through changes and subsequently presented them with challenges on a cyclical timeline. They kept records and understood that by looking at the past they could prepare for future events.

On a mundane level the sun has an 11yr cycle of high and low sunspot activity. It is recorded that while the sun is at it's minimum point there are more natural disruptions on the planet that ultimately affect our daily lives. This rather mundane 11yr cycle exists within longer cycles that can last for up to thousands of years. We have no idea how far out this long count goes. What we do know is that according to written texts of the last 3000 years the sun has also gone into longer states of minimum (minimum solar sun spots) that lasts for decades at fluctuating times. These are called Grand Solar Minimum periods. The mundane 11yr cycle (MC) is within this Grand Solar Minimum cycle (GSM).

As we glean information from the historical record we see GSM's occur cyclically, roughly every 100+- years with every fourth GSM being of longer duration than the others, thus creating another 400yr cycle.

When we consider the 25,772 year procession of the equinoxes, which coincidentally aligns with the Mayan calendar, we can draw a panorama of cyclical patterns of endless timelines. With this understanding it would be easy to now hypothesize that there are massive universal cycles at play here. All of which affect life on our planet.

To help the reader wrap ones head around this I have included graphs linked below which  will help to illustrate the science.

#1/ Here is a link, notice the top of the graph how it shows the rounding scale of the mundane 11yr cycle.

#2/ This graph gives us almost 12k years of sunspot activity. Notice how thousands of years ago the sun was much more active and that we are without a doubt sliding downward as we enter the 21st century.

#3/ Here is another graph showing the mundane 11yr cycle and how this 24th cycle we currently reside, there are fewer sunspots than previous cycles and the same downward trend indicated in the previous graph. (update 3/30/2019, we are now headed upward into solar cycle 25. Predictably there should be an increase in sunspot activity for the next 5 1/2 years until we turn downward once again. It is predicted that SC 25 will not exceed in solar activity compared to previous cycles. It is thought that it will indeed be greatly diminished allowing even more comic ray flux bombardment. Looking to the future, SC 26 remains to be seen yet is predicted with of even lower sunspot activity than SC 25, up to a possible complete shutdown (no sunspot activity for a prolonged, unknown period of time). We will enter this uncharted territory by 2030. This is what mankind needs to prepare for).

#4/ Here is a great snapshot of our current status to the right showing in detail the 11yr MC within the longer GSM cycles dating back 400 years. Notice the Maunder GSM far left and the length of time it tracked. This period is known as the little ice age.

#5/ Here is a graph of the Holocene period we are currently experiencing. This period in which we are residing is very rare when seen through the eyes of modern man. The graphs and information on this page will arouse serious contemplation for the reader. Notice graphs 3-4-5 down the page. I will touch more on this later.

GSM's are cycles of the sun at minimum sunspot activity for longer periods of time that produce extreme weather conditions on earth that ultimately lead to global cooling up to the point of glaciation. In other words, this is how, when, where and why an ice age occurs. The signs to look for during a GSM cycle is extreme weather changes.

Examples of extreme weather are prolonged freezing temperatures, earthquakes, volcanism, heavy rains, sever flooding, hurricanes, tornado's, jet stream realignment, etc. These natural occurrences lead to crop loss and food shortages. Add to this wild animal extinction level die-off, disease and reduction in population.

It is recorded that when these GSMs occur, civilizations fall. Many Chinese dynasties have fallen during a GSM cycle due to the lack of food. The people's growing discontent of current rulership forces change. This fact is actually written in the Chinese record dating back over 4000 years.

When the sun is in minimum there are fewer sunspots. Fewer sunspots affect the planet in ways that cause earth to reduce it's already diminished protective magnetosphere layer which ultimately allows more cosmic ray flux into the planet.

This cosmic high energy radiation is mysteriously formed outside the solar system. One resulting effect cosmic radiation flux has is, it heats up the earth's core liquefying the mantle which causes earthquakes and volcanism. The loosening of the mantle allows the earth's tectonic plates to move more easily. The increased volcanism spews ash into the atmosphere creating a blanket that reflects the suns radiation back into space therefore producing a cooling effect on a global scale. An ice age of sorts sets in.

The ancients knew the cause and effect of this natural cycle. It is believed they were actually trying to warn future civilizations of this very event that historically occurred over and over again. As stated before their warnings are in their writings on walls, tablets, paintings, pottery, etc. The Mayan calendar is the perfect example of a GSM timetable.

We are in the 21st century and the common person has no idea of these cyclical events. These natural cycles were common knowledge amongst our ancient ancestors.

In gradeschool, highschool, even at college level this information is not taught and I believe it is purposefully hidden from the general population. Even modern day scientists don't talk about this. I should say "funded" modern day scientists.

Man-made global warming, we constantly hear about it all over the macro news outlets how man is causing the earth to heat up due to increased Co2 levels and if we don't stop our way of life we will all fry.

This could not be further from the truth. Science does not back this up. Independent scientists have proven without a doubt that temperature does not follow Co2 increases. The current models are seriously flawed.

What science does back up is the fact that the earth temperature runs in cycles, always has, always will. It is recorded that we are currently in a very easy, steady  temperature period called the holocene of the last 11,400 years. Before this period dating back to the previous warm period between 115k and 130k years ago, the earth had seen wild temperature fluctuations.

This current holocene period is the only reason why we are here today as we are. Dating back 7k years the Nile dwellers started to farm and domesticate animals, only because of constant warm weather. There were no anthropogenic causes for this warm period.

All current data, looking at sunspots, knowing the cyclical output of the sun, recognizing all the severe weather, it is determined we are descending into what is called the Modern Grand Solar Minimum. There will be no global warming, there will be cooling. I emphatically state that in 2012 we started our decent with the aforementioned weather effects gaining traction and moving rapidly to where we are today.

In a book written in 1977 by Ervin Laszlo et al. entitled Goals for Mankind, A Report to the Club of Rome on the New Horizons of Global Community- in chapter 13 labeled Global Food Goals, these scientists discuss the impending ice-age and the resulting food shortages.

They knew about this in 1977.

Recently, starting with the year 2017 we saw unprecedented sever weather on all fronts. Hurricane after hurricane producing billions of dollars worth of damage and human loss. Sever flooding globally.

An uptick in earthquakes measuring 4.0 or greater with massive amounts of lives lost, again globally. Volcanism uptick on a global scale producing massive ash clouds blanketing the atmosphere. This will lead to massive animal die-offs and crop reduction.

As we slide further and further into the Modern GSM things will get increasingly worse and there are nearly 8 billion people on this planet that all need to eat.

We have established the fact that the sun changes constantly and that it runs in cycles of increased and diminished output. We have also established that these "down" cycles have an ill effect upon our globe and consequently it's inhabitants. We have determined that without doubt, with all of our understanding, the sun is shutting down. The signs are there. The science is there.

If the earth changes are due to the sun cycles and resulting increase of cosmic ray flux, I think it only prudent to ask, is something affecting the sun also?

I leave this discussion for another time.

For now, mankind must learn modern survival techniques. One must delve into study regarding self preservation in this modern age. We must learn how to prepare and fend for ones self and family lest you be waiting in a long line for your daily handout of food from the government that will undoubtedly not be nutritious. Everything we take for granted in our modern world will become a luxury. Running water, nutritious food, automobiles, electricity, work, toilet paper, soap, peace of mind and the list goes on.

With all this hard data and some speculation, I conclude something within our society is amiss and that history was purposefully hidden from us. We are on our own. Do not wait for your government to sound the alarm. It will either never come or it will be too late, by design. 

To delve further into this topic I will leave you with a few websites that will provide the truth in your discovery.

The Watchers this is the only global weather channel you'll ever need for truth.

Principia Scientific International is the one stop source for unlimited, uncorrupted scientific weather data. They also discuss the problems with consensus science.  

Here are links to some people who I feel are a good source of information to help you understand and prepare for the coming GSM.

Oppenheimer Ranch Project / Diamond, a paleo-climatologist by trade is building a self sustaining habitat in Colorado. He reports on the GSM with hard data and history to provide easy understanding. This is done on a daily basis. Diamond is a crackup with a great sense of humor albeit a bit on the edgy side. Works for me.

Adapt 2030 / David Dubyne is putting all this into layman's terms and has many video files for reference on the GSM and how it affects crop output. David also has a keen outlook on crypto currencies and how they may play a leading monetary role during this GSM cycle. He documents on youtube multiple times per week with short to the point videos.

Ice Age Farmer / Christian maps a path forward, building resilient, self-sufficient communities, and sharing knowledge in the Grand Solar Minimum, specializing in farming. He reports on a weekly basis.

Believe nothing, believe everything


Stay vigilant!


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