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Keep An Eye Out For China The Sleeping Giant Co-Opted by Israel

May 3rd, 2019 11:00am

Keep An Eye Out For China The Sleeping Giant Co-Opted by Israel

Last year a dire message from US Senators was sent to Secretaries Pompeo, Mnuchin, Mattis, Administrator Green, and Directors Coats and Wray describing the need to acknowledge the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) undermining influence on US media and education.

The letter continues:

"We write to you to express our deep concern about growing Chinese influence operations around the world, and the implications for U.S. institutions, alliances, and the international structures that support American prosperity."

" Organizations and individuals linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) use financial ties to political elites, propaganda filtered through local media outlets and academic institutions, highly managed cultural events, and even coercion of nationals of Chinese ancestry to manipulate democratic political environments to serve China’s interests."

" Beijing has also sought to use relationships with American academic institutions and student groups to shape public discourse.  In some cases, the vehicle for such influence has been through the leadership of Chinese educational and cultural centers on campuses, known as Confucius Institutes."

Just this week we saw an ex-CIA Officer tried and convicted of an espionage conspiracy with the CCP.  

Israel tie-in.

"US President Donald Trump last month reportedly warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that if Israel does not curb its ties with China, its security relationship with the United States could suffer." - The Times of Israel April 2019

US Inc policy makers are very liberal toward Israel. Trump's top advisory Jared Kushner, longtime family friend of PM Benjamin Netanyahu, is constantly pushing for concessions to Israel.

Trump officially recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel subsequently moving the US Embassy to this location.

Trump officially recognized Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights.

Congress proposed S-1, the largest military aid package in U.S. history - $38B to aid Israel.

Included in S-1: This allows state and local US governments to prohibit contracting with any entity that participates in the boycott of Israel over Israel’s violations of human rights and international law.

They get $100's of million more for other national support.

US lawmakers create HR336, the anti-BDS bill that breach US Amendment 1 to the Constitution allowing freedom of speech and protest.

1946 to 2017 US has given the terrorist Nation of Israel $135B in financial aid.

Interesting note. In 2018 PEW Research Center released poll results showing a widening partisan divide between Republicans and Democrats over their support for Israel, noting that 79% of Republicans sympathize more with Israel than the Palestinians, compared with 27% of Democrats.

As we in the Truth Media bring this anti-American practice to light, the Zionist question prevails.

While were are continuously directing our attention to the wrongful doings of US lawmakers' support of the Occupied State of Israel, China is sneaking in thru the back door.

China is in bed with the Zionists. 

Israel gave China control over Haifa Port. China got control under the pretense of international commerce from the Indian Ocean via Suez Canal.

According to Haaretz: The Chinese company SIPG won the bid to expand the Haifa Port three and a half years ago. The project is slated to be inaugurated in 2021 and calls for the Chinese company, which also operates the Port of Shanghai, to run the Haifa Port for 25 years. Another Chinese firm won the bid to build a new port at Ashdod.

China will control two of Israel's three largest ports.

US MIC thinks Israel lost its mind when it gave the Chinese the keys to Haifa Port.

Even Prof. Horev from the religious Zionist media outlet Arutz Sheva said that "Israel needs to create a mechanism that will examine Chinese investments to ensure that they do not put Israel’s security interests at risk."

China and Israel have stepped up business ties in recent in years and launched free-trade talks. Chinese Ambassador to Israel Zhan Yongxin recently wrote: "Over the years, China-Israel relations have made great progress from nearly no contact to fruitful cooperation in trade, investment, finance, infrastructure, science, technology and innovation."

Netanyahu announced in Oct 2018 that China and Israel would complete a free trade agreement in 2019, and that China plans to invest heavily in Israeli infrastructure, including new ports and a light rail.

Mike Pompeo said to Bibi in March 2019: “We want to make sure every country is wide-eyed and awake with regard to the policy threats posed by China,”  “America will have to make decisions too. If certain systems go in certain places then America’s efforts to work alongside you (Israel) will be more difficult, and in some places we won’t be able to do so." “Intelligence sharing might have to be reduced, co-location of security facilities might have to be reduced, we want to make sure countries understand this and know the risks,”

China is currently developing the Belt and Road initiate that connects most all global commercial hubs leading directly to Israel. This program sidesteps the America's. The whole of the American continents are not included in this plan.

China is the sleeping giant working for those at the top of the Talmudic Zionist plot.

Here is how I look at it.

Israel, in order to gain hegemony in the middle east and bring their Zionist plan for Greater Israel to fruition - they need to suck as much money, natural resources and technology out of the US as possible using well placed agents disguised as political advisors to all positions of leadership.

They will use their leverage against the US political system with bribery, blackmail and extortion, removing the wealth from this Nation in a seemingly legal manner using compromised legislators which includes the President.

As we are focused on the Israeli question, the Israeli silent partner, China, will corrupt our educational institutions from within the US with their brand of Godless Communism in a effort to gain control of the next generation of adults.

The way of the NWO is by "patient gradualism".

The endgame is to deplete the US of it's soul and resources - lay to waste our American culture for one last time creating a Nation of welfare working slaves that will pay tribute to the Master of Israel.   

Why is it that China is not involved in any military actions? Because they were bred to be controlled by the Illuminati Family Network.

Is this what will become of us?

2018, the CCP made law that the sitting President Xi will have his seat indefinably.

They know time is near and this action must be done in order for Israel to have it's day with it's god Lucifer.

Noahide Laws are coming to America.

Third Temple is coming to Jerusalem.

Hegemony is coming to Israel.

Trump et al are supporting all of this, unapologetically.

Keep an eye out for the emergence of China, the sleeping giant.


Believe nothing, believe everything

Stay vigilant!

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