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Karen Hudes Blows the Whistle Exposing The NGCC and the Global Banking Corruption- WWIII or World Bank to Reset Global Finance- It's All Here

January 8th, 2019 9:00am

Karen Hudes Blows the Whistle Exposing The NGCC and the Global Banking Corruption- WWIII or World Bank to Reset Global Finance- It's All Here

Q's Got Nothing!

The World Bank is an institution created in 1944 at the very center of the world financial system. With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations.

This institution can prevent a currency war and can also serve as a bridge when there is consensus about how to amend the functioning of the world financial system.

The World Bank was hijacked by The Network of Global Corporate Control decades ago.

According to World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes, "Robert McNamara came to the World Bank as the president in 1968, that’s when the World Bank really started to deteriorate. McNamara made the place much more corrupt than it had been before that".

What is the Network of Global Corporate Control?

The NGCC was discovered during a study that was done by three systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, ranked as the best university in continental Europe. What they did was examine the interlocking ownership of the world’s 43,000 transnational corporations using mathematical modeling tools.

This study discovered that a small group of 147 financial institutions and multinational corporations is in control of the world economy.

This "super group" controls 1 percent of the investments but that 1 percent discovered through corporate interlocking directorships is now in control of over 40% of the assets and 80% of the revenues of this set of 43,060 transnational companies.

So 40% of the assets of the 43,000 companies traded on the world stock market are owned by the NGCC. This network accounts for 80% of global market earnings.

Nobody knows who the individuals behind the NGCC are. However the specific groups are the Black Nobility, the international bankers and the Vatican.

Think about the pyramid of power diagram. This is the NGCC/ NWO.

1. Universal Amoral Power (used for good and evil)

2. World Monarch (despotic)

3. Crown Counsel of 13 (world's richest most powerful families)

4. Committee of 300 (world's richest most powerful sub-families)

5. Think Tanks (CFR, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, ROUND TABLE, Tri Lateral, United Nations, RIIA)


6. Central Bank-Tax Revenue-Interest Revenue, BIS, IMF, WB


7. International Corporations


8. Religion, Government, Intelligence Agencies, Military, Courts, Police, Prisons, Media, Education




The Three World Power Groups

1. Wicca-Masons (i.e. Communism)

2. Maltese-Jesuits

3. Black-Nobility

They all work for and under the central Command of the Bavarian Illuminati which binds them together.

The Bavarians created the Bilderberg society for this purpose, the core of which is a council of 13 members from each of the three ’groups’ or 39 in all.

The old-line ruling families who believe that they have the right to rule the world because they are descended from the emperors of the ancient Roman and so-called ’holy’ Roman Empires consist of 13-15 ’blue blood’ families.

Which include but not limited to:

According to whistleblowers inside the WB, 5% of the staff are fighting for justice, human resources is secretly managed by the NGCC and everybody else is stuck in the middle taking cover where they can.

"My understanding of the problem increased from working with other World Bank whistleblowers and seeing what happened after I disclosed corruption up the corporate ladder within the World Bank.   So, the first thing that clearly jolted me was in 1997 when the Board at the World Bank said under the Strategic Compact, ‚We’ll contribute to the World Bank budget, but we’re putting a condition that we want to see improved management‘.   I was the representative of the Staff Association on the Drysdale Committee which was looking at Human Resources Reform under the Strategic Compact.  At the end of the exercise I said, „You know, for reform in an organization, you need to have monitoring to see whether the reform has taken hold.“  When my recommendation wasn’t incorporated, I was perplexed, and wondered, „Why don’t people want to monitor reform of human resources?“ Karen Hudes 2013

Another incident unraveled in 1999 at the end of the East Asia financial crisis. The World Bank had a ’structural adjustment loan‘ in the Philippines. Karen was reassigned after she warn the government that the World Bank could not disburse the rest of the structural adjustment loan due to their not following WB protocol. Then she was put on probation after she exposed the corruption to her superiors.

World Bank supervisors were lying to the Board-members who ultimately control the WB. They perpetuated the scams, covered them up and demoted Karen for blowing the whistle.

She took it all the way to the US Congress.

In 2007 Karen was illegally fired in retaliation for informing the US Congress about the cover-up on the Philippines.

Karen went on to say: "There are other World Bank whistleblowers reporting the same problems as I did.  They have stories that are equally outrageous. You cannot run a bank as if it were your personal slush fund. You have got to have accountability; you have got to have internal controls.  When I reported to Congress that the World Bank had deficient internal controls, I also pointed out that because of the special position of the World Bank in the world financial system, not only are you wasting tax payers‘ money, but you’re going to end up with a currency war. When the World Bank fired me and stonewalled the GAO investigation, the governance crisis at the World Bank assumed constitutional proportions".   

Here is an interview from 2013 when Karen first came publicly with this story of high financial corruption.

This in a nutshell could be the beginning of the end to this banker era of control. The control of the New World Order is hanging in the balance.

In Karen's estimation it's either a global financial reset or WWIII. The NGCC loves war and that's what they want. But, a currency reset will stop that according to the Power Transition Model developed by Jacek Kugler which according to Karen is 90 to 95% accurate.

This is all dependant on the involvement of the military, the Congress and the people of the world who need to wake up and take back our sovereignty.

Think RIC Yellow Vest movement.

According to Karen Hudes, she asked a member of the US military to estimate how many members of the US military were familiar with this disclosures of the NGCC corruption, and he said it was upwards of 50%.

She also claims there is a coalition for the rule of law (BRICS, Group of 77, and savvy US citizens) which are united in dismantling the corruption and replacing the Fed's unconstitutional paper currency on which usury is charged with clean US dollars issued by the Treasury Department, consisting of the US share of the gold that was put in trust for the benefit of humanity at the end of WWII. Other countries are also replacing their paper currencies with national currencies issued by their respective treasuries.

Karen ensures that contrary to popular belief, these conspirators, the global banking families, black nobility and the Vatican (THE NGCC) are not in control of the World Bank and IMF any longer however the BIS is still acting on behalf of the NGCC.

How will this reset happen and where is the money coming from?

"José Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos deposited the world's wealth (in the form of gold) in the Global Debt Facility at the end of WWII, and then hid it for 50 years so that nobody could argue about it because after 50 years there can be no claims under the statute of limitations. They created the World Bank and IMF. They kept this secret. That is what they were doing in order to make sure that the crooks would lose any claim to the world's wealth".- KH

How do we stop WWIII while putting these NWO conspirators to bed because you now they won't go quietly?!.

"The {NGCC} has to be under an amnesty that protects everyone on Earth in order for us to survive and not to go extinct".- KH

So we bust them but give them amnesty for all the crime, death and torture they dealt out for the last few thousand years?

"They can’t have a free pass to corrupt the world. No; that’s ended, that’s over. The fact that most people don’t know about them or what they do or what the BIS is, that has to end.  Everybody has to know, and there has to be an orderly transition to a world financial system that makes some sense. This current situation where they control the press makes no sense whatsoever, and it’s got to end.... There is censorship, and the censorship has to stop".- KH

Reader, in my opinion this is where it all starts. The Q phenomenon starts here. All of the things Q talks about is in this story.

Karen Hudes has blown the cover off of this conspiracy. It's all documented, it is undeniable. This has gone public.

Trump is complicit in this conspiracy of the NGCC. I wholeheartedly believe that. He is a puppet of the House of Savoy Black Nobility who controls the five New York mafia families. Trump has been dealing with these families for decades.

Trump is also tied to Rothschild, another Black Nobility family from the House of Habsberg not to mention his dark association with the Arabian Royals and Russian Oligarchs.

Spread this info around.

Read the linked articles in their entirety.

This is it reader. All of it is right here.

God speed to Karen Hudes and her mission and God save America. If we go down, the world will follow.

Thank you Karen.

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay vigilant!

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