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Informed Consent is Our Right to Decide

March 24th, 2017 12:00pm

Informed Consent is Our Right to Decide

If you visits your doctor and find out your cholesterol is high, he or she will suggest medication (you can bet on that). They will tell you the side effects, pros and cons. You will then decide for yourself whether or not to follow direction. This is Informed Consent. But, when legislation is passed without our knowledge on a large scale health care initiative, with NO scientific body of evidence to conclude that said initiative is actually safe for humans and is mandated across the country, this is a violation of informed consent. It exposes dangerous control of our government and is in violation of our basic civil and human rights. 

Hello, I'm here to inform you that we American people have been illegally exposed to fluoride poisoning since the 1940's without our consent. How did this happen? With the help of the sugar lobby, the US Public Health Service willfully adopted an initiative with no proof of effectiveness or sound scientific evidence to prove safe for human consumption, the artificial fluoridation of our public water supply. By 2006 69.2% of the US population were forced to drink government mandated artificially fluoridated water through the public water system. How do you feel about that?

Fluoride is considered a drug by the Food and Drug Administration an should be regulated as such. NO SUCH REGULATION EXISITS!

1. Fluoride comes from waste by-products created by the fertilizer industry that is extremely hard to dispose of (fluosilicic acid).

2. This industrial waste is highly toxic and extremely corrosive.

3. Fluoride in the human body causes numerous health problems and has no beneficial effect at all.

In 1999 fluoride was proven in clinical studies to have no beneficial effect on humans when ingested. Yet they still pump millions of gallons of this industrial waste into our water supply. Why?

Fact: during WWII the Nazis added fluoride to the water supply to keep the jews sedated.

We can thank our very own government for failing us again. They are the Center for Disease Control, The Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, The Drug Enforcement Agency, Dept. of Health and Human Services, The World Health Organization also the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association.

So think deeper now. How did such legislation pass? It's called CORRUPTION. Our Congress comprised of the Senate (100 members) and House of Representatives (435 members), individuals paid by Uncle Sam, allowed this to take place without our consent and without proof of safety to the American public. Laws are passed only by congress. Congress, comprised of all it's members, decides if the proposed laws are supported by the US Constitution. Nowhere in our constitution does it allow for the citizens of this country to be willfully DRUGGED by a government agency. Again, this is against our basic civil and human rights. How does this make you feel?

There is a trail of corruption here.

1. Look at the decision makers of the fertilizer industry creating the poison.

2. Look at the decision makers in our government creating the legislation.

3. Look at the agencies allowing this to happen (CDC, EPA, FDA, USDA)


Please watch this video.


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