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In Our Country: Sharia Law Being Promoted

April 13th, 2017 7:00am

In Our Country: Sharia Law Being Promoted

This is what's going on in Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis MN. USA

A Muslim convert from Georgia, USA has recently moved to the area and is patrolling the streets, recruiting young men and imposing Sharia law upon the people of this predominantly Somali Muslim community.

Abdullah Rashid, 22, newly converted to Islam (these are the worst kind because they take the Quran at face value without any mitigating cultural prism. The religion expects Muslims to live according to Sharia and wage war against and subjugate non-Muslim's under the dominance of Sharia, which opposes the US Constitution) is walking around the neighborhood informing residents of their law breaking telling people not to drink, use drugs or interact with the opposite sex. If he sees Muslim women he believes are dressed inappropriately, he approaches them and suggests they should wear a jilbab.

Minneapolis police received reports in February from concerned residents who saw Rashid in a dark green uniform that said “Muslim Defense Force” and “Religious Police” and had two flags associated with ISIS and other terrorist groups.

The interesting thing here is that the residents don't like this guy. They don't think his actions reflect how they live. This predominantly Muslim community wants him and his clan gone.

"Rashid does not in any way speak for the Islamic Institute of Minnesota or the Muslims in Minnesota.”

“We consider this matter as a dangerous precedent and a threat in our country and our way of life,” the statement said. “We ask our law enforcement agencies to consider this grave matter to protect Minnesotans."

Profile of a non-American Muslim

Devon James Miller aka; Abdullah Rashid, converted to Islam in 2009. He said he first started the religious police group in Georgia in 2013, and wants to grow it internationally. He currently has 10 recruits ages 18 to 25.

He married a Somali-American woman who had recently moved from Wyoming to Minneapolis, in 2015. They moved to Cedar-Riverside in 2016.

In late 2016, he applied for a permit to carry a handgun, which was denied by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, saying there was evidence that he is a danger to himself and others if allowed a permit to carry a gun. Our system works!

Rashid sued, and court documents show he has had run-ins with law enforcement in the past. He was arrested as a juvenile in Walton County, Ga., for impersonating a police officer, and a school district reported he had harassed a 16-year-old classmate on Facebook. The school district report mentioned he had mental health issues, and his mother said he had been suicidal.

Rashid’s lawsuit was dismissed in March. You bet it was! He said he does not have a mental illness, and his wife, Kadro Abdullahi, said that Rashid is not mentally ill and that she supports his work. “He’s a man with a good personality and he loves Islam,”  You have got to be kidding me!? This guy is a bomb just waiting to go off. Pun intended.

This is the USA amigo, You can't do that here.

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