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If POTUS Goes Down, Pence Deemed Unfit Pedophile- Nancy Pelosi Becomes President

January 5th, 2019 11:00am

If POTUS Goes Down, Pence Deemed Unfit Pedophile- Nancy Pelosi Becomes President


Trump has been under excruciating fire from all angles since day one of his presidency.

We all know that each and every one of these political puppets has some kind of incriminating dirt on them. Any one of them could ant any time be removed by some technicality regardless of how small the infraction may be.

As the conspirators rule by bribery and blackmail, it's just a matter of doing your job as planned out by the deepstate and everything will be just fine.

There is no doubt in my mind that HRC was slotted as the next in line to the throne.

Something went wrong and it must be fixed, according to the powers that be.

The deepstate is scrambling and desperately trying grab back control of the lead public sock-puppet position in order to cement the final stages of the NWO.  

Here is how I see it.

1st in line to throne if POTUS is impeached

Vice President Mike Pence

Trump early on, mentioned during a press conference: - wouldn't it be interesting if I found out something bad about my vice president. (I personally remember this but can't find the quote or the conference- I paraphrase).

Talk is, Pence may be replaced for 2020 Presidential run.

Timothy C. Holmseth is an investigative journalist, former newspaper reporter, magazine writer and publisher. In this interview he discusses his findings during an investigation into a child abduction case in 2009 that carried on for years. (this youtube interview starts off with a long music session with important subtitles so you have patient and watch the whole thing).

He discusses how Mike Pence, Clinton Global, the CIA, US military and local law enforcement, etc.  are involved in child sacrifice, global child trafficking and child sex abuse.

His findings reveal the sordid past of Mike Pence during his time as Governor of Indiana 2013/2017.

He laid out his findings in a memo to the Polk County Court concerning the above information only to be arrested and detain three times by the very authority he was spotlighting.  

Here is another interview. There is a religious strain in this interview, you'll soon understand why.

Remember the Kay Griggs interview. The whole interview revolved around military sexual abuse on all levels. She mentions specifically the position of Colonel being the first level of control through sex abuse. This is all a carry over of the nihilist Nazis that came over during Operation Paperclip after WW2 which were known sexual deviants who entered into our military, intel and science programs.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

In 2000 there was a Simpsons episode that referenced Donald Trump as President, he crashed the USA and a woman (Lisa Simpson) stepped in and fixed the situation through taxation. (we call this predictive programming)

Fast forward to 2018 when Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a young man who suddenly announces his resignation, makes his previously orchestrated deepstate exist move opening the third most important position in US political positioning.

Deepstate sock-puppet Nancy Pelosi gains access to the position.

If Trump goes down and Mike Pence is found out, unfit due to his reputation as a pedophile, Nancy Pelosi is the second in line to take the throne.


They know the possibility exists that Pence could be implicated or simply smeared so badly, just like Hillary (for 2020), that he wouldn't last a minute as king.

Nancy is their only hope as they try to shed Trump. It will be automatic. But why Pelosi, Ryan was a deepstate plug also? Who knows?  

Is this the deepstate plan to win back the throne?

Predictive Programming.

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay vigilant!

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