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Hidden Knowledge, Multiple References Point To Impending Global Disaster

December 1st, 2017 9:00am

Hidden Knowledge, Multiple References Point To Impending Global Disaster

Through years of research this writer has concluded with empirical evidence that we as a society have been lied to about the very nature of our being, the planet, the solar system, and the universe as a whole. In other words life as we know it is a 100% agenda driven folly. Our intellect and general understanding of things have been manipulated by subversive forces.

With that being said it will be obvious that what this writer is about to disclose has been discovered on his own account. This data consolidated by the writer will most assuredly not be taken lightly by the masses and will most likely be shunned by many. Let it be shown that this is at what level of ignorance society has fallen. A society of functioning illiterates.

The following are cycles of life that cannot be avoided. These cycles of life are not fully understood with regard to how, when, where, and why. In this thesis we will discuss the life giving cycles of the sun and it's effect on mankind, the planet, and the solar system. Finally, showing how the sun reacts to the surrounding universe and it's inhabitants.

The writer will discuss how society can prepare for these cycles through the knowledge of the ancients using historical evidence as a source of looking into the future and knowing what markers to look for. Utilizing historical records to prepare for the future and to prepare for calamity will give mankind a higher percentage of survivability during these cyclical challenging times.

The sun, giver of life, was the focal point of many ancient culture religious structures. We find this evident in the inscriptions left behind on tablets, precious metal, wood, stone, papyrus, clay pots and figurines. They planned everyday of their lives according to the disposition of the sacred solar disk. They also planned for the future for they understood the cycles of the sun could be prepared for. Through hundreds of years of study they understood with certainty that the sun went through changes and subsequently presented them with challenges on a cyclical basis. They understood the markers that presented themselves beforehand allowing them to prepare as they kept records of these events.

On a mundane level the sun has an 11yr cycle of high and low activity. It is recorded that while the sun is at it's minimum point there are more natural catastrophes on the planet that ultimately affect the human race. This rather mundane 11yr cycle exists within longer cycles that can last for thousands of years. We have no idea how far out this long count goes. What we do know is that according to written texts of the last 3000 years the sun has gone into a longer state of minimum (minimum solar sun spots) that lasts for decades. These are called Grand Solar Minimum periods. The mundane 11yr cycle is within this Grand Solar Minimum cycle. According to texts GSM's occur roughly every 100+- years with every fourth GSM being far worse than the others, thus creating another 400yr cycle.

To help the reader wrap ones head around this idea, graphs linked below will help to illustrate the science.

#1/ Here is a link, notice the top of the graph how it shows the rounding scale of the mundane 11yr cycle.

#2/ This graph gives us almost 12k years of sunspot activity. Notice how thousands of years ago the sun was much more active and that we are without doubt sliding downward as we enter the 21st century.

#3/ Here is another graph showing the mundane 11yr cycle and how this 24th cycle we currently reside, there are fewer sunspots than previous cycles and the same downward trend indicated in the previous graph.

#4/ Here is a great snapshot of our current status to the right showing in detail the 11yr MC within the longer GSM cycles dating back 400 years. Notice the Maunder GSM far left and the length of time it tracked. This period is known as the little ice age.

#5/ Here is a graph of the Holocene period we are currently experiencing. This period in which we are residing is very rare when seen through the eyes of modern man. The graphs and information on this page will arouse serious contemplation for the reader. Notice graphs 3-4-5 down the page. The writer will touch more on this later.

GSM's are cycles of the sun at minimum for longer periods of time that produce extreme weather conditions on earth that ultimately lead to global cooling up to the point of glaciation. In other words, this is how, when, where and why an ice age occurs. The signs to look for are the diminishing sunspot activity and understanding the cycles.

Examples of extreme weather are prolonged freezing temperatures, earthquakes, volcanism, heavy rains producing sever flooding, hurricanes, tornado's, etc. These natural disasters lead to crop loss and food shortages. Add to this wild animal die off's, extinction, disease and reduction in population. It is recorded that when these GSM's occur civilizations fall. Many Chinese dynasties have fallen during a GSM cycle due to the lack of food. The people's growing discontent of current rulership forces change. This fact is actually written in the Chinese record dating back over 4000 years.

When the sun is in minimum there are fewer sunspots. Fewer sunspots affect the planet in ways that cause earth to reduce it's already diminished protective magnetosphere layer which ultimately allows more cosmic ray flux into the planet. This cosmic high energy-radiation is formed outside the solar system. This cosmic radiation flux heats up the earth's core liquefying the mantle which causes volcanism and earthquakes. The loosening of the mantle allows the earth's tectonic plates to move more easily. This increased volcanism spews ash into the atmosphere creating a blanket that reflects the suns radiation back into space therefore producing a cooling effect on a global scale. An ice age of sorts sets in.

The ancients knew all of this. It is believed they were actually trying to warn future civilizations of this very event that historically occurred over and over again. As stated before their warnings are in their writings on walls, tablets, paintings, pottery, etc. The Mayan calendar is the perfect example of a GSM timetable.

We are in the 21st century and the common person has no idea of these cyclical events. These natural cycles were common knowledge amongst our ancient ancestors. In gradeschool, highschool, even at college level this information is not taught and this writer believes is purposefully hidden from the general population. Even modern day scientists don't talk about this.

Manmade global warming. We hear all over the macro news outlets how man is causing the earth to heat up and if we don't stop we will all fry. This could not be further from the truth. Science does not back this up. What science does back up is the fact that the earth temperature runs in cycles. It is recorded that we are currently in a very easy, steady  temperature period called the holocene of the last 11,400 years. Before this period dating back 90K+ years the earth has seen wild temperature fluctuations. This holocene period is the only reason why we are here today as we are.

All current data, looking at sunspots, knowing the cyclical output of the sun, recognizing all the severe weather, it is determined we are descending into what is called the Modern Grand Solar Minimum. There will be no global warming, there will be cooling. This writer emphatically states that in 2012 we started our decent with the aforementioned weather effects gaining traction and moving rapidly to where we are today.

This year 2017 we have seen unprecedented sever weather on all fronts. Hurricane after hurricane producing billions of dollars worth of damage and human loss. Sever flooding globally. An uptick in earthquakes measuring 4.0 or greater with massive amounts of lives lost, again globally. Volcanism uptick on a global scale producing massive ash clouds blanketing the atmosphere. This will lead to massive animal die-offs and crop reduction. As we slide further and further into the Modern GSM things will get increasingly worse and there are nearly 8 billion people on this planet that all need to eat.

We have established the fact that the sun changes constantly and that the sun has cycles of increased and diminished output. We have also established that these "down" cycles have an ill effect upon our globe and consequently it's inhabitants. We have determined that without doubt, with all of our understanding, the sun is shutting down. The signs are there.

If the earth changes are due to the sun cycles and cosmic ray flux, I think it only prudent to ask, is something affecting the sun also?

Science is being rewritten as we speak. It is becoming more accepted in cosmology that our universe is electric. As we have seen recently with the advent of the cordless phone charger, being plugged in doesn't necessarily mean literally. As a matter of fact Nicolai Tesla invented free energy from the aether before JP Morgan pulled the plug on his funding and trashed his data. Pun not intended.

We have found brown dwarf stars that are seemingly lifeless can actually regenerate and return to activity for periods of time. How is this done? We have found that the tail of a comet consists of not only debris but also plasma. How is this possible? With the new understanding of the electric universe, this is all very possible. As a matter of fact it's the only explanation.

It is thought that the Birkeland Currents supply the electricity. The Birkeland current  refers to the electric currents in a planet's ionosphere that follows magnetic field lines  and sometimes used to described any field-aligned electric current in a space plasma. They are caused by the movement of a plasma perpendicular to a magnetic field.

What does this electricity travel through to get from point to point? What is the connection? Something has to be holding it all together. There has to be something, some unknown, unseen, incomprehensible something for this to work. The only thing that comes to the mind of this writer is aether, the fifth element. Aether is a medium that in the wave theory of light permeates all space and transmits transverse waves. If the misunderstood element of aether is holding this all together like glue then all we need is a source.

Maybe this is all proof that we need each other to make this whole thing possible. Maybe one body feeds from another and so on and so forth. A body with a stellar core is the life giving source of those revolving around it. But, the star itself is not unaffected by outside influences either. This brings to my next point.

There is another cyclical event that has been recorded many times in history and if you take the historical value of the Holy Bible into consideration we have thousands of years of reference. Although the cycles vary from one event to the next, it seems to happen between 250 and 600 year cycles dating back to 3678BC. The bible starts at 4001BC.

As GSM were not recorded until 950BC the data is relying on biblical accounts of calamity on earth until then. Notice how the events mostly happen around a Sabbath, Jubilee or some other religiously recognized occasion, so to speak. As the GSM data shows up you will notice a correlation between GSM and a celestial body.

The following biblical timeline was written out in length by Gill Broussard. You can find his work in depth here.

In 3678BC Cain Gihon Flood. It is believed the earth tilted 28deg south and there was a great flood and draught that wiped out 1/3 of the population of the planet. Just before the start of a Sabbath year. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system and coming very close to earth. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

In 3017 in the book of Enoch, Enoch is taken by God. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

In 2349BC Noah's Great Flood. It is believed the earth tilted 28deg south. The beginning of a Sabbath year. Rain for 40 days and inundation for 150 days. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system and coming very close to earth. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

In 1985BC The Tower of Babel destroyed. The top was burned, the bottom sunk, and the middle exposed for all to see the destruction. At the beginning of a Jubilee year. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

Also in 1985BC Lot's Sodom and Gomorhha. After the first explosion lot's wife turned and witnessed the second explosion and was vaporized. Beginning of a jubilee year. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

In 1794BC Joseph of Egypt. It is believed the earth tilted 28deg south. 7 years of plenty, 7 years of drought, and then the moon and the stars bowed to him midway thru a Sabbath year. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system and coming very close to earth. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

In 1518BC Exodus of Egypt. It is believed the earth tilted 28deg south. The 9th plague of Moses. Darkness for three days over all the land, near the week of Passover. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system and coming very close to earth. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

In 1463BC Joshua's Long Day. Earth rotation 12hr delay confirmed by other cultures. Fire hail killed more of the enemy than slain by the sword. Just before the start of a Sabbath Year. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

In 1342BC Job's Troubles. Mid period of a 10yr drought, 5 years before a Sabbath year. Job hears of his ruin. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

In 1335BC correlating to the previously mentioned 10yr draught. Ruth and Naomi rejoined Israel after 10yrs of drought. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

In 1045BC King David and King Saul. It is believed the earth tilted 28deg south. 3.5 yrs drought during King Saul and 3.5 yrs drought during King David. Total of 7 years. This is attributed to a celestial body interring our solar system. There are no GSM records that date back this far.

950BC Start of Homeric Grand Solar Minimum ending 800BC. This is the first GSM recorded. No records of a celestial body are found during this 150yr period.

In 687BC multiple human events occur during this celestial flyby. On February 17th Jonah's warning to Nineveh. "In 40 days your destruction comes will come". Celestial body nears earth. 2nd/ In one night 185k of King Sennacherib's soldiers were killed by falling debris. This is the second meteor storm as a celestial body passes in front of earth and earth travels through the debris field. 3rd/Hezekial Sundial, the earth tilted 28deg south, Sabbath. There is no record of a GSM during this period.

In 336BC Haggai Second Temple. Haggai's warning to Jerusalem. Because you have delayed in building my temple I will shake the whole earth. Just before the start of a Sabbath and jubilee year. There is no record of a GSM during this period.

In 28BC Jesus Crucified. Sun and moon are eclipsed for three hours at his sacrifice. A celestial body comes between sun and earth eclipsing moon in opposition. The planet crossing was on the day of resurrection on feast of first fruit. There is no record of a GSM during this period.

In 312AD Constantine's Cross in Sky. The battle of the Milvian bridge in Rome October 28th, 312. Constantine thinks he's seen Apollo in the sky as a celestial body comes into sight. There is no record of a GSM during this period however this celestial event is recorded in the Mayan records.

In 707AD Mayan and Aztec Drought. An extended period of drought thru the Mayan and Aztec civilization causing collapse. The Mayans recorded the event at 312AD during Constantine and the then current crisis of 707 giving 394.26 years. There is no record of a GSM during this period.

First recorded GSM with celestial body

1040AD Start of Oort Grand Solar Minimum ending 1080

In 1054 The best documented source of the orbit of a celestial body. A total of 26 months of reporting from Korean, Japanese, and Chinese astronomers. Also seen in Iraq, London, Turkey, Italy, Armenia and Ireland. Previously thought of as a supernova, the movement of the planet suggests otherwise. Entry point was August/150 days later/ Exit point was mid March at Passover. First sighting was Jan 31st 1054, documented until April 17th, 1056. All this during the Oort GSM.

1080 Oort GSM ends.

1280 Start of Wolf Solar Minimum ending 1315. No celestial bodies recorded during this period.

1450 Start of Sporer GSM lasting til 1550. This is the second GSM in conjunction with a celestial body event recorded by eyewitnesses.

1456 European Painting depict 2 solar visitors wreaking havoc. Medieval period painting reveals two comet like objects in the sky with a meteor shower and damage to the towns buildings. Coastal towns during this time reported tsunamis. Eyewitnesses recorded that the air was thick and toxic, hard to breath. Many people died. There was much natural disaster including earthquakes.

1550 Sporer GSM ends.

1645 Start of Maunder GSM until 1715. This is the third GSM in conjunction with a celestial body event recorded by eyewitnesses.

1697 Germany drawing of 2 solar visitors wreaking havoc. A drawing of two bright objects in the daytime sky in Hamburg Germany.

1715 End of Maunder GSM

1790 Start of Dalton Minimum ending 1822. There are no celestial events recorded during this period.

1880 Start of Glassberg GSM ending 1914. There are no celestial events recorded during this period.

Notice the variation of effects during the celestial events of the past. It all depends on where the earth is in relation to the path of this body transiting in it's own orbit around the sun. If it does exist it would have to be on an elliptical orbit which would explain the long cycle and the possibility of the earth to enter it's path and exit it's path at a later date, roughly 150 days.

Referencing the recorded data above it is revealed that within the last seven recorded GSM's there have been three with eyewitness accounts of celestial interaction with our planet. Will this next GSM house the 4th celestial return as our planet is positioned to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. These are 50/50 odds.

Today the Modern GSM has been underway for the last few years since 2012. According to Gill Broussard if a celestial body does reveal itself it will be by 2023 or not at all until some future distant date. He uses the bible as reference for his markers as shown above. Again you will notice that the previous celestial events all coincided with a Jubilee, Sabbath or some other religious occasion.

Coincidentally 2023 is thought to be the dead bottom of this Modern GSM. The length of time we spend at this bottom is questionable with some experts predicting glaciation for an extended period. This worst case scenario will consequently lead to massive migration to warmer latitudes and millions of starving people.

There are some unusual circumstances happening in our solar system that are baffling astrophysicists. Moons on other planets orbits are warped. The planets are being effected by something. The Inuit Elders have notice and reported that the sun and the stars are in the wrong place. Many hypothesis this could be the effect of an outside highly magnetic force. An unknown, undocumented celestial body or bodies transiting through our solar system.

Whether or not this celestial body is the same recurring body every time is irrelevant. It is recorded in many ancient culture writings that a passing body brings pestilence and famine. It brings hardship and death to those of witness.

Either way, celestial body or no, the GSM is here and will disrupt this planet like modern man has never seen and for decades. People will starve and die. Food will be the new currency for those unprepared.

If this is indeed an end of times event as is speculated using multiple points of reference, the book of revelations might be a source of understanding. For it claims this event will be the absolute worst time ever for humanity. As events unfold peace will finally come with Jesus' return.

In the mean time a person must understand modern survival technique's. One must delve into study regarding self preservation. Learn how to fend for ones self and family lest you be waiting in a long line for your daily handout of food from the government that will undoubtedly not be nutritious. Everything we take for granted in our modern world will become a luxury. Running water, nutritious food, automobiles, electricity, work, peace of mind and the list goes on.

With all this hard data and some speculation, this writer concludes something in our society is amiss and that history was purposefully hidden from us. We are on our own. Do not wait for your government to sound the alarm. It will either never come our it will be too late, by design.  

Here are links to some people who this writer feels are a good source of information to help you understand and prepare for the coming GSM whether or not a celestial body accompanies it.

Oppenheimer Ranch Project / Diamond is building a self sustaining habitat in Colorado. He reports on the GSM with hard data and history to provide easy understanding. This is done on a daily basis.  

Adapt 2030 / David Dubyne is putting all this into layman's terms and has many video files for reference on the GSM and how it affects crop output. David also has a keen outlook on crypto currencies and how they may play a leading monetary role during this GSM cycle. He documents about once a week.

Ice Age Farmer / Christian maps a path forward, building resilient, self-sufficient communities, and sharing knowledge in the Grand Solar Minimum, specializing in farming. He reports on a weekly basis.


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