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FDA Acknowledges Cannabis Medical Properties

April 1st, 2017 6:00am

FDA Acknowledges Cannabis Medical Properties

July 2016, the FDA gave the approval to Insys Therapeutics on a new synthetic drug called Syndros. Syndros is a copycat pharmaceutical of the cannabis plant and it's purpose is to elevate nausea, vomiting and weight loss in cancer and AIDS patients. All of which natural cannabis does. They are also working on a synthetic formulation of THC for anti-seizure medication in childhood epilepsy. Natural cannabis also has the same affect. 

Last year AZ Prop 205 would have allowed the legalization of marijuana. It was killed. Insys Therapeutics was the only Big-Pharma company to appose the bill and put up $500,000.00 in anti-ad campaign money to help knock it down. 

Six Insys Therapeutics executives were arrested December 2016 by FBI for paying kickbacks and committing fraud to sell their deadly opioid painkiller drug Fentanyl in and aggressive ad campaign. Fentanyl is a highly addictive opiod that threatens respiratory depression in users. To top that off Insys is currently trying to patent a synthetic drug to treat opiod overdose. 

This is what's going on here America. These are the facts all laid out for you. Big-Pharma pays Big-Money in campaign contributions to help stop the legalization of a naturally grown medication. Remember, you can't patent mother nature. So what do they do? They synthesize the exact same formulation found in THC in a laboratory and patent it. BIG MONEY! As if this isn't bad enough. They also create highly addictive and deadly drugs and then create another drug to fight the addiction.  

This is the agenda of Big-Pharma. Plain and simple.


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