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EPA Increases Permissible Radiation Limits Post Fukushima

July 20th, 2018 7:00pm

EPA Increases Permissible Radiation Limits Post Fukushima

The Environmental Protection Agency is managed by an appointee as part of the Presidential Cabinet. Most appointee's are super-wealthy corporate leaders and former lobbyists that have titles like CEO, CFO, COO, Banker, etc. This is where the bulk of all federal governmental corruption is seated as these are the supreme project developers.

The appointee's title is the Administrator of the EPA. The responsibilities include managing existing environmental statutes as well as upgrading current policy and creating new policy. So his/her job is to make sure everyone is acting in the best interest of the environment in order to promote healthy living standards for the public and wildlife in general.

This is obviously a very important responsibility as billions of lives depend on it's proper operation. But, as we will see, the UNITED STATES INC, the democratic corptocracy that we live in, is completely apathetic in it's role.

Reader, let's go back to March 16th, 2011 Fukushima Prefecture Japan and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant meltdown.

The focus here is not the occurrence itself or what led to it, but the subsequent governmental handling of this unprecedented manmade catastrophe.

Since the meltdown, Fukushima has contaminated 33% of the worlds oceans. This flow of radioactive water has reached the west coast of the UNITED STATES.

This is absolutely of grave concern on all levels and needs to be dealt with on a massive scale to prevent health hazards. There is no doubt this will affect drinking water and food resources. This is where the EPA comes in, or so you would think.

In July 2016 the EPA, under the direction of  (D-MA) Gina McCarthy, proposed a controversial plan to allow vastly greater radioactive contamination in drinking water than permitted by the Safe Drinking Water Act for an unspecified period that may last for years. To get this through Gina hid the plan’s effects, blocked commenter's from including their identities on documents in an extraordinary move that reduces specific public input from a range of experts. Gina also stifled the ability to put said documents on the record by limiting the size of documents.

EPA actually made it next to impossible for any expert organization to get their repudiation not only recorded but viewed as scientific expertise.

The newly enhanced EPA upgrade to the Safe Drinking Water Act would permit radiation exposures equivalent to 250 chest X-rays in a year. In essence a person could receive a lifetime dosage of radiation from a small glass of water.

Over 60,000 comment letters from members of the public, state and local emergency response and health organizations, environmental advocates, industry associations and other stakeholders were submitted. Most of the comment letters expressed concerns with the proposed guidance. 

In this document, it shows conclusively the shady practice of the EPA. In one instance it observes "One can understand why EPA might wish to keep the public from seeing the other radionuclide concentrations it proposes to allow in their drinking water. The values previously proposed, which did become public, were, for some radionuclide's, tens of thousands of times higher than EPA’s MCLs; some were hundreds of thousands of times higher; one was more than a million times higher.19 Given that the three radionuclide's for which EPA does now provide proposed concentrations have even higher levels than those proposed in 2009, one can surmise that were EPA to disclose the figures for the rest it could be apparent that they exceed MCLs by even larger amounts".

EPA has been raising the acceptable levels of radiation in our food and water supply for years. They are systematically justifying pumping the bar behind the scene while admitting that even at lower levels radiation causes health problems. All of this to disarm the public of a very real hazard that began with the nuclear era of the 50's.

Reader, when have you ever heard any government leader talk about any level of radiation in our food and water supply as a consequence of nuclear proliferation? And how as time passes, the EPA, as a failsafe, raises the safety limits of human ingestion to keep up with the increased exposure.

The corptocracy in which we live is all about the money and power politics brings to the leadership. It has nothing to do with "we the people". Instead of addressing the real problem, the EPA increases our permissible dose of radiation to fit their model as if we were firmware upgrading to a software adjustment.

The federal government is poisoning us in every way possible, legally. 

I feel like bugging out!

Believe nothing, believe everything.


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