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Did POTUS Give In To Syrian Urban Renewal Agenda, Under Duress?

February 8th, 2018 7:00am

Did POTUS Give In To Syrian Urban Renewal Agenda, Under Duress?

Under the Bush/Obama administrations, the USA carried out ten's of thousands of deadly attacks on a multitude of civilians in places like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc. The USA destroyed 100's of thousands of lives not to mention scorching the earth with depleted uranium, which incidentally is forbidden by NATO, rendering the land unlivable and unsuitable for farming or raising cattle for decades. Homes, places of worship, buildings of commerce were all destroyed and subsequently rebuilt.

The fact of the matter is, Rothschild Zionist Israel wants to redevelop the whole of the middle East. The process of which this is done is one of two different ways. A neighboring country either conforms to the political agenda of the Rothschild Zionists or they will suffer the process known as urban renewal which includes the destruction of their culture and leadership.

 Urban renewal in and of itself, described in the Webster's Dictionary, is a construction program to replace or restore substandard buildings in an urban area. Seems honest and forthright. Let me explain.

During WWII, after Berlin had been captured and Hitler supposedly found dead of self affliction, the allies were forced by higher command to continue to bomb Germany in order to destroy much of it's construction. They did this for weeks after the war ended.

The Rothschild Zionists wanted Germany burned to the ground and the cheapest way to do that was to bomb it to hell and back again. This would cut down on the man-hours needed for such an undertaking. Afterward, crews were sent in to rebuild according to the Urban Renewal program.

As we speak, the middle east is in the process of such a program. Upon close inspection, one can understand that since Israel stole their independence in 1948, the middle east has been under the process of "urban renewal".

Today, Syria is under the microscope of the Rothschild Zionists. As Congress and POTUS of the USA is ultimately controlled by Israel, Syria is in the sights of a complete overthrow.

Bush and Obama followed the Rothschild Zionist plan to a T. As stated earlier, the USA has been bombing and killing in this region for decades, truth unknown to us American people. The reader at this point should recall the war cry's "shock and awe" during the Iraq invasion, "fight terrorism" following the 9/11 attack on NYC.

Fast-forward to April 2017. As President Trump was sworn in the war on terrorism had continued. POTUS promised to stop ISIS factions and put an end to it.

Soon after the inauguration, POTUS was controlled by Rothschild Zionists to bomb Syria on April 6th 2017. Here is an interesting article giving the timeline of events.

POTUS vowed to end terrorism yet he continued to unnecessarily bomb neighborhoods and kill civilians in this proposed region set forth by the Rothschild Zionists, all in the name of "chemical weapons misuse".

Syria is a land rich in biblical history, culture and natural resources consisting of a multicultural community that live at peace with one another. They are truly one of the last sovereign nations subsisting of their own means.

This author has laid out the program of the self imposed ruling politic. This author has also described the intensity at which this cabal progresses and how it's control of the might of the USA is diabolically misused against the middle east nations (the world actually) while pinning the blame on the USA and it's public.

Fast-forward to today. POTUS has declared the end of ISIS. Terrorism has been laid waste and Syria can now rebuild it's demolished cities. Only one problem, Bashar is still in power in Syria. Urban renewal is not complete according to the plan set forth and the cabal needs Syria.

POTUS refuses to take down Syrian leadership. Late last year POTUS met with Vladimir Putin, ally of Syria, and publicly agreed to leave Syria alone. However, Rothschild Zionists won't stand for it.  

POTUS stayed clear of Syria and the bombing stopped.

The Rothschild family of bankers own every Central Bank on the planet including the IMF. They also control other baking firms with different names and work together with Wall Street tycoons in the endeavor to continue their monopoly on US resources which includes you and I. It's called corporate socialism. So when you hear the phrase "Corporate America", it's just that. Our country is a massive global corporation that has the whole of the federal government in the complete control of Wall Street. And, as much as an aspiring politician wants to change things, he or she quickly finds it an act of futility and is either forced to comply or leave. Sometimes with deadly consequences as chronicled with the assassinations of President's Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy.

As POTUS decides to step away from the Syrian crisis the RZ's grow weary and start to fight back against President Trump.

Here's what happened.

On Friday February 2nd the DOW closes over 600 points down. The biggest dip in years breaking the long steady bull run. The weekend sets in and business is closed. This is a time for some major decision making. The cabal wants Syria and decides to send another message which will illustrate the power of control they really have. On Monday February 5th the DOW loses another 1100+ points in a massive selloff not to mention the S&P 500 also loses ground.

On Wednesday February 7th POTUS gives in and the US led allied forces bomb Syria. Commander in chief needs to authorize the attack and he did under duress I am sure of it. Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State tells the press that US troops will stay in Syria.

These people have the ability to collapse our whole economy. Their wealth and power is vast. They planned the crash of the 30's and every financial collapse since. And it's not over.

This is the final step in the Syrian urban renewal agenda. Bashar Al-Assad must be eliminated accordingly.

It is of this authors contention that the two stockmarket dips were a warning sign that POTUS comply with previously determined agenda to gain complete control of Syria. 

Incase you didn't know who Rex Tillerson is. RT was CEO for Exxon/Mobile from 2006 to the day Trump made President. Exxon/Mobile is owned by the Rockefellers who started Standard Oil in the late 19th century with money given to them by their family members, the Rothschild's. Rex Tillerson is an inside guy for Wall Street corporate socialist's who intend to steal Syrian oil fields thru legislation created by corrupt leaders of the top federal branches of US government, for their own financial gain. Coincidentally they are all tied to the Rothschild banking family.

Seriously, reader, we can't just sit back and let this wiping out of humanity to promote the RZ Israeli agenda to keep going.

Our country is not as it seems. It is run by ruthless dark forces who's final objective is to destroy democracy and impose world slavery, communism.

The middle class is being reduced everyday by design. Our children are being programmed everyday to accept this new world order, by design.

Just wait until it is our turn for urban renewal.

Now I'm pissed!


Baron- T3


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