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Dept of Education funds Islamic Teachings in US Schools

April 14th, 2017 12:00am

Dept of Education funds Islamic Teachings in US Schools

The Department of Education is currently funding (although they deny it) the promotion of Islam in schools across the US in programs called Access Islam promoted by PBS Learning Media, The Smithsonian, the Indiana Department of Education and the United Nations.  

In a country where public correctness has blurred the lines of American values, where prayer in school has been banned and the Pledge of Allegiance heavily debated, you have to ask why?

A program that started with the Bush administration in 2005, simply taught students about the traditions, culture, and holidays of Islam. It greatly expanded under the Obama administration. It has continued to develop and now has a more broad outreach.

This short video clip in part shows the schools curriculum focus explaining in great detail how an American born Christian converted to Islam. He shows you how to pray to Allah, how dress and put on your clothes and how fulfilling Islam is.

Access Islam asks students such questions as: “What does a Muslim prayer sound like?” “What do the movements look like?” and “What are some of the things Muslims say during prayer?” Children are also expected to memorize verses from the Quran and give the meaning of those verses.

What is the real motivation behind this when no other religion is taught to the extent Islam currently is in our public schools? Is this Islamic indoctrination propaganda?

Here's Tucker Carlson from Fox News talking with Martin Mawyer from Christian Action Network. Please watch this short video clip and judge for yourself the motivation behind this.

This is all taxpayer funded by the US Dept of Education.

Who picked out this subject matter? Who in the DOE was instructed to implement this and by whom did the direction come from? Who produced the video?

It more than likely were non-American special interest groups. The establishment wants a Muslim America. This is very evident. This brainwashing of our children at the elementary school level is a human rights violation. Get deeper involved in your kids education. Do not allow your children to be apart of this campaign. What is the campaign you ask? It's the New World Order/New Urban Agenda.



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