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Current Grand Solar Minimum Creates Ice Age

November 3rd, 2017 8:00am

Current Grand Solar Minimum Creates Ice Age

Low sunspot activity in the last decade have proven that the earth is getting cooler, not hotter. An ice-age is forthcoming.

Only 1% of the earth's atmosphere consists of green house gasses. Of that 1%, 95% of it is water vapor. Water vapor is a green house gas, yes. Of the 5% green house gasses left, after the water vapor is removed, 80% is naturally occurring. So manmade greenhouse gas production is something like .01% of the total global greenhouse accumulation in our atmosphere.

Manmade carbon dioxide adds .4 to .7 degrees C to the already 30C temp from naturally occurring greenhouse gasses. If there were no greenhouse gasses the earths temperature would be -18C.

When Co2 levels get into the high 300's, it is historically proven that it is an indication of an impending ice age. We are currently sitting at 403 ppm.

The last ice age was from 1745 to 1850.

For the last ten years, the oceans of the world have been getting colder.

Recent research suggests that some 9,100 of the past 10,500 years were warmer than the present by up to 3 Celsius degrees. And the world leaders want to reduce the global temperature by 1.5C.

The Earth is Cooling

The fact is on the long count the earth has been cooling for the last 3000 years. Yes there have been spikes of heat but the trend is toward cooling. As a matter of fact the temperatures we see today, even though the scientists call it warming, have actually been much cooler by 3 degrees since the Roman heat wave 2000 years ago.

The activity of the sun holds our solar system together. It is a fact that when the sun shuts down the earth rumbles with earthquakes, volcanic activity goes up exponentially, crops fail and civilizations decline rapidly. It's not just the earth that changes but so does humanity. We change.

The sun shuts down very fast. Not in hundreds of years but much faster. Remember the mammoths who suddenly froze to death with undigested food in their stomachs in the region which is now called the Arctic. This rapid transformation is proven by ice core samples from the Greenland ice sheet. Truthful scientists say the time frame from full sun to shutdown is within one earth day. This instant event will cause cooling that starts immediately to full freeze within a year. Food crops will die, people will starve and many will die off.

Atmospheric scientists, climate scientists and solar physicists are not telling us of these climate issues. The administrator of NOAA, former NASA astronaut Kathryn Sullivan knows about this and is purposefully keeping quiet?

As advanced as we think we are, the sudden shutdown of the sun, as history and science has shown will happen. We are not prepared. Well, that's to say us goyim, non-Luciferian's, non-globalists, non-political puppets are not prepared.


Our infrastructure is not prepared for this. Our food growing techniques are not prepared for this.

The last 50 years, known as the modern period will be remembered as the pre-ice age period of insanity.

Is this a natural form of purification?

Is this weaved into the Book of Revelations?

If God knows all, then he knows the sun will cycle up and down causing great change on our planet brining periods of feast and famine.

Is this all predetermined by God?

Mayan Calendar Long Count To 2012

Is our current period the end of the 5126 year long count? Is this what the Mayan's foresaw as the end of a great era- 2012? People expected an instant change on December 21st 2012. Turns out it was the start of gradual change which coincides with the sun shutdown.

Turns out 2012 is the height of what is called the Grand Solar Maximum. This is when the sun peaks in activity, and so does civilization.

The beginning of the Gran Solar Minimum and the decline of humanity and much of the creatures upon the earth descends upon the planet rapidly. In just a matter of a few years there are massive global changes in flora and fauna. The solar shutdown weakens the earth's magnetosphere and allows more cosmic rays from space to bombard the globe. This is what causes the catastrophes. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, bizarre weather patterns. The earth will cool.

Scientists have known this for over a century. They have chosen not to tell us. The puppet scientists do the research and report to senior officials who withhold data. As you can see we can actually find some data. BUT THEY WON'T REPORT ON IT. They concoct a bullshit story about humans killing the planet thru carbon emissions. IT'S ALL BULLSHIT.

This is all a natural fluctuation of the planet reacting to our life giving sun. The sun dictates what happens here on earth. This is all normal behavior. Just say so!


Here's my problem in a nutshell.

The scientists are not reporting this information.

The government is lying to us.

On the long count the globe is cooling.

It's been much hotter in recent history.

The billions being spent to combat global warming is being wasted.

We should be spending money on trying to figure out how to grow food crops indoors.

People should be warned of what to expect for the coming years.


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