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Cryptocurrency Update December 22nd 2017 OUCH!

December 22nd, 2017 9:00am

Cryptocurrency Update December 22nd 2017 OUCH!

Ouch! It's been a rough few days for the big 5 cryptos.

Bitcoin #1 is being shredded by speculative short options thrown at it by the CME and CBOE with NASDAQ taking punches in January. The granddaddy coin takes a huge loss to 12K down from 20k on the 18th.

Ether #2 is down from 875$ on the 20th to 566$ just this morning.

Ripple (xrp) #3 is the only one holding it own as it finally hit the 1$ mark on the 21st. It  rose to $1.31 early this morning, took a slide to .77 cents then back up to it's current position at $1.02

Bitcoin Cash #4 is also taking a beating. Down from 4355$ on the 20th then sliding all the way to 1974$ early this morning.

Litecoin #5 got slammed this morning to 202$ from a high of 370$ on the 18th.

Talk about volatility. These numbers are sure to shy some people away from this space for sure. Can't say I blame you. But here we are in the face of a revolution that will pave the way to a greater good.

If you've been thinking about investing in cryptocurreny, now is the time to buy. Remember, you can buy fractions. You don't have to buy a whole Bitcoin.


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