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Corrupt EPA, CDC, FDA and Fluoridated Water

March 15th, 2017 5:55am

Corrupt EPA, CDC, FDA and Fluoridated Water

Government is appointed by the citizens of this country. Or so I thought. In reality our government has been hijacked by multinational companies who's intent is to spread their Anti-American agenda. What is the agenda? To depopulate the world. To dumb down the intellect of the US citizens. They achieve this by breaking the laws governed by the US Constitution that protect the citizens by using nefarious way's to control legislature. They write into law the legal poisoning of humanity. How do they do this? Our executive branch of government is on the take. They are corrupt to the core. Money and controlling the population is all that matters to these people. OUR VERY OWN GOVERNMENT IS OUT TO POISON US. The Legislature is corrupt (this is where law is made). The Judiciary is corrupt (this is where law is interpreted). The Executive Branch is corrupt (this is where law is exercised). The whole system is rigged to support the Illuminati and their agenda to destroy America and humanity.

Sodium Fluoride (fluorosilicic acid)  is a highly toxic and corrosive by-product of the fertilizer industry. It is extremely harmful to biological life forms. It is known to cause arthritis, neurological disorders, thyroid disease, muscle disorders, genetic damage, hyperactivity (ADD? ADHD?), damaged sperm...and the list goes on. It is so corrosive it eats through concrete, metal, glass, just about everything. THEY ADD THIS TO OUR WATER SUPPLY WILLINGLY AND UNLAWFULLY. What ever happened to Informed Consent? We are owed this. This is our right. Did you know that in some cases if a city does not fluoridate their water supply they will be fined by the government.

The system is set up to legally poison us without our consent and in more ways than one. Who set it up? The ruling class that owns all the worlds wealth. The Illuminati. They are everywhere. In every branch of government, in every multinational corporation.

Theses are crimes against humanity. Nothing short of child abuse and assault and battery.  


For more info please read here and here . Read this from Wikipedia.


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