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Breach of Contract- US Government Created to be Enslaved by We The People

January 2nd, 2019 5:00pm

Breach of Contract- US Government Created to be Enslaved by We The People

According to our founding fathers, you know, the guys who put their lives on the line in a effort to resolve this nation to complete sovereignty, we the people are the top of the power structure. Today you would never know it.

The Constitution gives the federal government specific duties to perform on behalf of we the people. The judicial, legislative and executive branches enforce these duties to the confines of this contract between the people of this country and the government.

This is a very powerful institution, the American Constitution, but it does not give total power to the government. The power is dispersed into federal, state and local authority whereby dis-allowing the effect of total power in any one area. It lays out the responsibilities of that government to the people of America.

The founding fathers knew from experience that creating a government would be disastrous if there were no legal remedy to overgrowth. As a matter of fact the anti-Federalist delegates objected to the proposed draft of the Constitution, arguing that it provided a framework for a centralized government but failed to safeguard individual liberties and states’ rights.

The Bill of Rights is the weapon of choice our forefathers utilized to control this central (federal) government created by the Constitution. The agreed upon BoR amendments to the proposed constitution was the only reason why the US Constitution was ever ratified. This gave the people the power to elect and govern the government.

We are the Bill of Rights.

The Declaration of Independence is the blueprint of our nation. It tells the story from whence we have come and where we are going. It tells us exactly in which manner we need to function in order to keep our independence from those who do not have the same sympathies toward freedom as we do.

We are the Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution is designed to be the services contract between the people of America (DoI and BoR) and the government. The BoR and the DoI are our legal tools to keep this contract from being breached. We are endowed with, and obligated to use our, "tools", in a very specific manner as outlined in these documents if we are to keep our Republican form of government, of the people - by the people, from being overtaken by a tyrannical government.

Here is the pyramid of power. It tells the story of who should have the power in the republic of the united States of America, but clearly shows how we have been slowly taken over by those of other interests outside of ours.

10 being the highest position of authority and 0 the least.

10. Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights - we the people using the democratic process = one person/one vote

9. Trial by jury of our peers

(10 and 9 are it. This is thee foundation of our American Republic)

8. Constitution/Congress/President (contractual agreement, elected by the power of the people)

7. United States Supreme Court (contracted to the people)

6. United States Court of Appeals (contracted to the people)

5. United States District Court (contracted to the people)

(8 thru 5 is the support services contract agreed upon between the people and the government)

4. United States Tax Court = implemented in 1924 by Federal Reserve (illegal)

3. Internal Revenue Code = law passed by Congress created by Federal Reserve in 1939 (illegal)

2. Internal Revenue Regulations = not law (illegal)

1. Internal Revenue Rulings = the I.R.S.'s position (illegal)

(4 thru 1 were not contracted by the people. Congress and POTUS illegally signed into law the Federal Reserve Act in 1913)

0. Government employees, you and I individually.

Is the government servicing the people of America or are the people of America servicing the government?

What is a government mandate? (dictate)

Did we contract into being dictated to?

We are servicing the government (dictator).

The US government is overstepping the boundaries of the contract we have with them.

We are letting them force unconstitutional mandates upon us, mandates outside of the contract. This is like my lawn service company forcing me to hire a chimney sweep for using his service. I don't have a chimney.

With the tools clearly laid out in the BoR and DoI, we are not following our duty to remain sovereign.

We are allowing ourselves to be shackled by the government when the founding documents clearly created a government shackled by the people.

The government should be our slave. We make the mandates as they contract with us. We are the beneficiary of this contract by law.

The United States of America is designed to operate like a trust account.

A trust is an arrangement in which one person (US Constitution) holds the property of another (Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence) for the benefit of a third party (we the people), called the beneficiary.

The trustee (government) manages property/estate/services that is held in trust.

The beneficiary (we the people) is usually the owner of the property or a person designated as the beneficiary by the owner of the property.

We are designed to be the beneficiaries of this nation. The government is our trustee. They are contracted by us using the democratic process to operate on our behalf.

They are not living up to our agreement. As a matter of fact they are breaking just about every law we have in place to protect us from them. The three branches of government put in place to fight this corruption has failed us completely.

The executive branch produces many unconstitutional executive orders.

The legislative branch illegally sidesteps our contracted Constitutional mandates to create laws that imperil we the people to their tyranny.

The judicial branch has completely failed to follow through with our mandate that it function on a level of constitutional integrity.

We have been taken over by an out of control foreign government designed to enslave us.

We allowed this to happen.

What is it going to take to change this?

The government of the united States of America was created to be enslaved by we the people, not the other way around.

Always remember this.

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay vigilant!

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