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Bloodline Is A Priority One Mandate, Just Ask George Washington

July 8th, 2018 2:00pm

Bloodline Is A Priority One Mandate, Just Ask George Washington

It has been talked about in many circles that the elite "need" to keep their power within the bloodline. This is mandated as priority one. All key positions of influence will be filled with those within the royal bloodline.

When the time comes for those in power within the bloodline to make a power placement, they will always resort to their mandate.  Now, there are positions that are outside of this sphere as you can imagine. There will always be an attempt to buy out one who has risen to the top of his game outside this elite club. If successful this will allow corporate restructuring to suit the needs of the new power holder and a blooliner will be placed in the key position.

There are many books written about this conspiracy. It is a well known that European royalty intermarried and they were bringing it to America. No theory, black and white fact, and I'll prove it to you. Welcome to the elite bloodline.

George Washington was placed as our first president in a rigged election for the USA. This would start a long succession of corruption in our political operations, corruption that would pave the way for the elite and their ultimate end game, the One World Order.

GW happens to be related to King Edward I of 13th century England, the father of the era of legislation. This would have extremely important implications in dealing with the unique laws of our new republic.

America's most influential elites in entertainment, aviation, art, fashion, world politics, authors, ranking military, publishers, assassin's, capitalists and philanthropists can be traced back to George Washington.

People like the Bush family, the Obama family, the Roosevelt family, assassin's like Aaron Burr, John Hinckley Jr and Lee Harvey Oswald (patsies more like), Brittney Spears, Taylor Swift, Dick Clark, Ellen Degenerate, Marylin Monroe, the current Queen of England and her whole family including Princess Diana, General Robert E. Lee (confederate) and General George B. McClellen (union) , Winston Churchill (proving that he and FDR were cousins), President's John Adams, John Q. Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Herbert Hoover, Grover Cleveland, Warren Harding, William Taft, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Benjamin Harrison, Zachary Taylor,  Rutherford Hayes, Calvin Coolidge, multiple signers of the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock,  Alexander Hamilton (Levine), Brigham Young (Mormon church), John Kerry, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Dick Cheney,  JP Morgan family, John D. Rockefeller family, FBI director Allen Dulles (JFK), Charles Darwin, Major John Pitcairn (British Commander at Battle of Lexington, the first military outbreak against the 13 colonies. We won.) General's Patton and MacArthur, Susan B. Anthony, Warren Buffet, Walt Disney, Anderson Cooper. This is just the half of it. Click here to see the whole list.

All of these people are at the top of their field. Some are even opposing factors. This takes it to an unprecedented level. They are all of the same bloodline.

Nepotism is the policy of the elites. Nearly half of our American Presidents are related. Look at Trumps White House. His daughter Ivanka "assistant to President" and her husband Jared Kushner as "senior advisor".

Think about this for a moment. All top ranking figureheads have access to information that "we the people" do not have. They simply know things that we do not know. They possess hidden information and are subject to the laws that govern them. They do not share this information with the public. They are all family and are sworn to secrecy. This is the nepotistic life of the elite. This is quite simply the Illuminati code.

Secret societies have existed for millennia. The Illuminati have been around for millennia. Secret information has been handed down to those in the bloodline since the beginning and persists to this day. "We the people" are not in this club.

There are different factions that coexist within the Illuminati, the elite. However, they all share the same plan, to subjugate "we the people". This is the ideal of their global government, the One World Order.

Going back to King Edward I, he made codes and ordinances to rule the land. Some of his law's are still in effect today. He used these to rule the land to his benefit. He imposed upon his subjects heavy taxes to support his wars.

The United States of America had only one document, the Constitution. It was later  amended and augmented with our Bill of Rights. Both of these documents are governed by the laws of Christianity, not Imperialist mandates.

Today we are shackled by heavy taxes, millions of ordinances, codes, and laws of conduct. We need licenses and are forced to form contracts with the government in order to prove our ownership and worthiness. This is exactly what Edward I did in 13th century England.

Our Constitution does not allow for this to exist. All of these mandates are inherently unconstitutional. So why do they get away with it? Because we don't know any better. "We the people" are ignorant of this. We are too busy playing with our phones to even begin to notice let alone reject the despotism.

They pump us full of entertainment in all forms that go against our moral identity.  Look at the list of moviestars that are all related to Washington. They all know this. But, they'll never tell you. Because they are above it, and we are below it. Keeps us in line.

Ever notice how these really smart people never speak out about this? Ever heard one of them speak of the fact that our country is not governed by our Constitution? Of course not, they're not allowed to. Those that do get liquidated one way or another.

I'd like to see the legal contracts these bloodliner's are under. The verbiage must be very interesting how it describes the breach of contract if they speak of things regarding the true story of America, religion, education, politics, government, all of it. Even Oliver Stone is legally bound to keep his trap shut (film JFK). Does the legal jargon describe the leaking of information is punishable by death? It's probably one of those unwritten rules. Or, would this be treason? Our Constitution does punish treason by death. Hmm, maybe they live under Constitutional law but we the people are subject to their maritime law of admiralty. They do tell us the US is a democracy, right? Ah, there we go, democracy is a "soft" form of communism. Glad we figured that one out.

These bloodliner's will continue to run our country, run it into the ground.

Interesting thing here I'll share with you. They figured all this out during the later part of the Roman Empire. The stadium kept people entertained and therefore more easily lead. Nero knew this. He burned Rome to the ground and stated that all of Rome was owned by the state including it's inhabitants unless a person could come and prove he was still alive and well enough to make his own decisions. If not, the subjects were the ward of the state.

No one knew he made such a declaration. No one came.  

Being that Rome never fell, it was just dispersed and moved to the British Isles, King Edward I knew this strategy and imposed it upon his people. This form of despotic rulership is nothing short of communism. It has continued through to this day. It comes in many faces but it all leads to global enslavement governed by international powers to form a One World Order.

Clever aye?

Reader, I know it's a lot to take in. Give it your best shot.

Believe nothing, believe everything.


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