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Vaccine Researcher Whistleblower Spills The Beans- This Is Horrific

This interview was posted by Jon Rappoport in early January 2002. You will discover by reading it that the very issues we now face of forced vaccination of a laboratory-created vaccine to “protect”

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Gun Control And The Design Of The Second Amendment To Replace Bad Government

The author has compiled the following information from case files, congressional notes, and the great American documents that make up the founding of our nation. Our 2nd Amendment rights are under direct attack.

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Corrupt IPCC Finally Set The Record Straight- Volcanoes Are For Cooling

They really do think you are that stupid. The IPCC just announced- it will take a volcanic eruption to fill the atmosphere with ash to cool the planet thereby escaping Al Gore's global warming threat.

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Jews That Are Not Jews- But Zionists.

October 11th, 2018 9:00am

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan"- Jesus Christ The ones calling themselves Jews are not. They adorned themselves in Jewish sheep costume, changed the language to suit their needs for deceit and have no connection with that which you perceive to be Jewish.

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Our Need For Cryptocurrency- Spread This Far And Wide

Cryptocurrency is an alternative currency that creates a direct threat to the cabal’s central bankers and their control of our lives. Any virtual currency that competes with what the bloodlines use to keep us in perpetual slavery, is different from the debt based system we have now.

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Conspirators Use Government To Push False Claims Of Global Warming- Here Is How They Do It

So who is the IPCC? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the source used by global governments to track weather on the planet.

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Say No - Abolish Christopher Columbus Day Today!

Christopher Columbus (Cristobol Colon) never called himself Christopher Columbus, never spoke or wrote Italian and never stepped foot in North America. He did however use the sea maps of the voyages of the Libyans, the Carthaginians, the mariners from Tarshish, the Romans and the Vikings from centuries earlier who had already been to America, North America to be exact, to get to South America.

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Trade War Leads To Collapse, The Trump-Stalin Connection

The author would like to present a factual occurrence as it unfolded between WWI and WWII. This "plan"

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The Connection That Puts Bush In The CIA At The Time Of The JFK Assassination

The author inadvertently discovered something in this 24 page, then classified, FBI report given to Senator Edward Kennedy at his request, July 7th 1989.  

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What is education- Are we really educated- Who are our educators?

In this discussion the author will, using historical evidence, build a case to provide the reader with enough information to take a second look at their education and family life in hopes of answering the question; what went wrong- why is America failing?

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Christine T Whitman Administrator Of The EPA Failed Americans On 9-11

Former Governor of New Jersey 1994/2001, Christine T. Whitman, acting Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency 2001/2003.

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Pat Tillman Whistleblower Assassination

September 14th, 2018 8:00am

Pat Tillman, a pro American football star, Army Ranger and subsequent casualty of the aftermath of 9-11, was shot and killed by "friendly fire" while on duty April 22nd 2004.

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Artificial Intelligence And The New Religion

September 13th, 2018 9:00am

Here is some serious religious sickness. The Way of the Future church.

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Catholic Church Changes Bible At Will To Suit Their Corruption

Scholars and historians either can't agree or don't have any proof as to why Roman emperor Constantine absorbed Christianity into the Roman Empire as a lawful religion. As was most of Rome, Constantine was a pagan sun-worshiper who suddenly professed conversion to Christianity in 312 AD, although he wouldn't be baptized until just before his death in 337.

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Astroturfing, Sell Your Soul For $50K A Year + Benefits

Want to make $50K + bennies? Check out the Hoover Institute DC campus, Stanford University.

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Climategate- The United Nations And The Global Warming Connection

The United Nations was enacted in 1945 with the Rothschild banking family as the lead proponent from Europe and the Rockefeller clan in New York. The world had been at war for far too long, fomented by the Rothschilds, naturally, and the global family wanted peace.

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User Agreements Are Stalking You And You Can't Do A Damned Thing About It

My computer just installed the Windows 10 upgrade. It comes with a new version of Explorer.

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Zionist Israel is Killing The United States, Literally

Zionist Israel wants to establish itself as the single ruling power in all of the middle east. Number one, they are not strong enough to do it by themselves, and number two, they need someone to take the blame.

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Baron Rant- Operation Quiet Skies Brought To You By DHS - The Spy In The Sky

Every American needs to read this article. Operation Quiet Skies 9-11 was an intergovernmental ploy intended to accomplish many objectives in the name of terrorism that would otherwise have been in violation of our Constitutional rights.

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Israeli High Tech Military TALPIOT Program Invades The World Via American Tech Giants

The Talpiot program is an elite Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) training program, for recruits who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in the sciences and leadership potential. Graduates of the Talpiot program pursue double higher education while serving in the army, and then utilize their expertise to further IDF research and development in global technological leadership positions. The program was inaugurated in 1979.

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