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Biggest False Flag Ever- Global Warming- United Nations- Rothschild- Government- Banks- Israel- Gaza- 2030 AD

October 17th, 2018 10:00am

Biggest False Flag Ever- Global Warming- United Nations- Rothschild- Government- Banks- Israel- Gaza- 2030 AD

Ignore the news of the day. Ignore the political drama. Turn off your television. Put down your smartphone. Unplug and read this article. The population is about to be forced into zero net carbon emissions based on flat out lies. Say goodbye to your automobiles as you will be taxed to death if you use it. The price of gas is about to triple.

How does food get from farm to table? And that's just the small of it.

Climate change is real. It happens everyday, every year, every decade, every century, every millennia. It is the very nature of our planet.

Climate change and "global warming" are two different things.

While climate change is evident, global warming is a fictitious program set in motion by the UN and it's fake monkey see monkey do mouthpiece data researchers. This GW agenda is set to push us into a world government controlled by the elite, globalism.

When you hear the term New World Order, One World Order, think about the United Nations and the Rothschild.

The UN is a global government pushing global policy. The UN was created by the Rothschild's, the family who used the military power of Great Britain, started WWI and WW2, in order to steal the land of Palestine and rename it to Israel creating an apartheid state. As a result Gaza today is an open air prison keeping people locked in, surveilled and under despotic rule. They are controlled 100%- food, water, toilet paper, electricity, gas, fuel, medicine, media, education, clothing, housing, everything.

This is the future of America.

When it's too expensive to use your vehicle to get to work, you will be forced to move closer to work. This will create a massive centralization of close quarter living. It will be easier to control us if we all move to the city center. This is what they want. That is why it's so important to blame the climate on us. We will end up like Gaza in the One World Order.

"The reality is that global carbon emissions are rising, not falling. Emissions today are about 60 percent higher than in 1990" according to the World Bank.

Ok so now a bank is the authority on carbon emissions. Why wouldn't it? The World Bank is another Rothschild organization pushing forward the One World Order by lending a hand in the control of the global money supply.  Here is a list of banks owned and controlled by Rothschild.

Global warming is thee BIGGEST FALSE FLAG EVER.

What is a false flag? A preplanned fictitious event designed to change the mind, start a program, create interest, or subdue humanity into submission of the goals of the perpetrators that would otherwise not be allowed.   

Goal of the elite: One World Order- complete rule over humanity

Policy: centralization of population, commerce, housing, employment. Global Authority: government, police, military. One religion, culture. Education: school to work.

Control mechanism: Staged environmental collapse, taxation, one world currency.

I have read this whole report, Agenda 21 by the UN. This is how they will use the environment to control us into this predesigned global status. This report is all about centralization of every aspect of humanity.

Trump pulls us out of Paris Climate Accord and here is why.

UN IPCC suggest 122 Trillion $$ carbon tax to combat global warming. So what happens when it cools? Here is the fake IPCC trying to fix the issue using volcanoes. Is this where all the money is going to go? The volcanoes are already doing a very nice job of it for free.

All this while Nazi organized NASA is trying to control Yellowstone. Another proponent of the OWO.

The bottom line is, they want us out of the picture. This insane authority is in control of our future. Money and greed has won. It's just a matter of time.

2030 is the end of the line. This is when they put the lid on the ant farm. From today forward it will progressively get worse by leaps and bounds for humanity. Prices and taxes will skyrocket forcing all of us into living arraignments outside of our control. The price of food will also skyrocket as it becomes scarce.  

Read about the real problem, the Grand Solar Minimum, here.

When the internet goes down you will know. This is the canary in the coalmine.


Believe nothing, believe evrything.

Stay mad!









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