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Baron Rant- Operation Quiet Skies Brought To You By DHS - The Spy In The Sky

July 30th, 2018 8:00am

Baron Rant- Operation Quiet Skies Brought To You By DHS - The Spy In The Sky

Every American needs to read this article.

Operation Quiet Skies

9-11 was an intergovernmental ploy intended to accomplish many objectives in the name of terrorism that would otherwise have been in violation of our Constitutional rights. One of those objectives was the creation of the Dept of Homeland Security. DHS is thought to be one of thee most corrupt US INC agencies ever created.

In the above mentioned article the reader will learn a thing or two about Operation Quiet Skies directed by DHS through TSA and the FAM service.

Operation Quiet Skies is a secret spy program intended to track ordinary people thru airports and in mid-flight. What this article actually tells us is that American's lose their rights simply because they are in an airport and airplane.

The reader will learn that although every American has endowed rights to privacy and due process, these three agencies violate them on a daily basis.

Even FAM employee's complain of OQS- it is a time-consuming and costly assignment, which saps their ability to do more vital law enforcement work- FAM teams document whether passengers fidget, use a computer, have a “jump” in their Adam’s apple or a “cold penetrating stare,” among other behaviors, according to the records.

“What we are doing [in Quiet Skies] is troubling and raising some serious questions as to the validity and legality of what we are doing and how we are doing it,”- complained one Federal Air Marshal.

OQS agents track private American citizens, police officers, flight attendants etc.

Deploying air marshals to gather intelligence on civilians not on a terrorist list goes beyond the mandate of the US Federal Air Marshal Service- said another FAM employee.

There are between 2000 and 3000 OQS agents with up to 50 tracking passengers everyday.

One more thing. 9-11 was 100% planned and executed by the G. W. Bush administration et al. Everything born of this attack on America has been designed to steal our endowed freedom and liberties. The war on terror that ensued, and is still waging, cost millions of lives and has to date cost American taxpayers over 2T$. This is a war that should have been directed at Washington DC.

Every President since has known this fact yet they perpetuate this horrible lie to the face America.

Our country is not what it seems. We've been lied to since the very beginning.

The District of Columbia was created with it's own set of rules while American's are systematically being stripped of Constitutional right's everyday single day of our lives.

Washington DC is it's own nation within our country. Every President, member of congress, political incumbent, all heads of international corporations know this truth. They are all capitalizing on it. They are stealing our wealth, our heritage, our family and children and our country away from us legally and illegally. They have been destroying our reputation since WWI while creating discord with other nations worldwide eversince.

Our DOJ is corrupt to the core.

Our legislators are corrupt to the core.

Our executive branch is corrupt to the core.

Our electoral process is corrupt to it's core.

None of these are working for "we the people". America was formed as a Republican Nation of the people by the people. We inherently have the right to elect and remove those we elect. It's not working. It hasn't been working. It does not work. They have us by the neck.

What the fuck is it going to take to wake enough people up so we can fight this evil and take America back?

Make America great again? How can we make that which does not exist great?

Take America back!


Believe nothing, believe everything.

Baron- T3









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