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Baron On A June 2018 Full Moon Rant

June 29th, 2018 7:00am

Baron On A June 2018 Full Moon Rant

In 1915 Marxist trained and Jewish mafia financed Vladimir Lenin, just a couple of years before his Bolshevik Revolution destroyed Tsarist Russia and imposed communism, proposed in a meeting with his God-less recruits a "United States of the World".

What we have learned is that this Russian takeover, 100 years ago, was a permanent step seeding world government in the form of communism.

Although there are many factions to the Illuminati, the force behind the One World agenda, communism is by far the most despotic, cruel and inhumane toward a naturally spiritual mankind.

Just because events 100, 150, 250 years ago seem so far fetched, one might question it's current validity. How can an event or an organization so far back affect me today?

Just like the American Constitution was planned and written over 200 years ago. It still affects each and every person in this country every day of our lives.

Like the Constitution is our omnipresent law of governance, the Illuminati ideology is also for them. They're plan for world domination is just as powerful and far reaching. If they could destroy a country a big as 20th century Russia, they could do anything, or so they think.

These Marxist communists, Satanist, globalists, whatever you want to label them, all the above, are embedded in our government, our schools, our churches, our neighborhoods, and they are slowly changing our American values from the inside out. Changing our values so we will finally accept world government. Communism is that world government. They call it Democracy, the final objective.

When you finally understand that all the wars and scuffles The USA has been involved in since colonial times, have been fomented by these Illuminati group or groups, only then can you understand the terms and conditions we live under today.

Not unlike the agreement you opt into when accepting the terms and conditions of an app, ISP, software suite, we have entered unwittingly into an agreement with these despots when we sign a census, get a drivers license, record a birth certificate, sign a speeding ticket, and register to vote. We have agreed to their terms.

Constitutional America does not require these agreements to be registered for. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC does however. This is a very soft, subtle form of communism we are living in here in THE UNITED STATES. It's called a democracy. They're stealing our rights from us at every turn. Congress and POTUS is letting them.

Unbeknownst to you, the Illuminati have been in control of our government from the get go. They wrote our history books and brainwashed us in school making us think we actually live in a Constitutional America. Also, these Marxists used the fact that we are in a state of perpetual war, Martial Law, and have been since the fake civil war, which allows POTUS and Congress to supersede the Constitution, to take advantage of us.

Our whole life is a lie.

The Pope and the UN are calling for global disarmament. The Pope and UN are calling for global government. These are the leaders of the Illuminati. These so called leaders are just that, Marxist, commie leaders of the masses.

In a world of such uncertainty, all we really have is ourselves. Our family values and our spiritual connection to this world is all we possess. It's the line in the sand, the final straw. It's the bon voyage, the arrivederci, the via con dios. Once this is gone, all hope for a peaceful future is lost.

Our whole community needs to be rebuilt on the Constitutional foundation created for us. We do not belong in the UN or NATO or in any world government. We are a very unique country with defined values that we strive, fight and die to live by. No other nation comes close and we should not be associated with them on a geopolitical level. Let them emulate us from afar.

We need not allow outside influence come into our country with the intent to change our values and laws to suit their needs. These people need to conform to the American Constitution or leave, period. Nonconforming fundamentalists from whatever ideology they adhere to, need to be removed from this country immediately. PERIOD, PERIOD, PERIOD!

It's hard to sift through the mire at first, but then you get it at some point. One finally starts to understand the folly. At this point of awakening a decision must be made on a spiritual level. "Do I go back to sleep or do I stand and do something"?

Remember, the only way evil persists, is when good people do nothing.

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Baron- T3





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