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Astroturfing, Sell Your Soul For $50K A Year + Benefits

August 30th, 2018 7:00am

Astroturfing, Sell Your Soul For $50K A Year + Benefits

Want to make $50K + bennies? Check out the Hoover Institute DC campus, Stanford University. Their tagline is: "Directly engaging DC policy makers and experts with our unique scholarship".

These and other outfits in Washington have been manufacturing the image of "grassroots" movements by taking corporate money and basically paying people to appear as activists. Check out this 2 min video.

Definition of astroturfing?

Astroturfing is the term used for the faking of a grassroots movement, when in reality the agenda and strategy is controlled by a hidden company or organization. In that sense, it is one of the typical "third party techniques" - a very specific use of "front groups", consisting of paid actors pretending to be voicing their own opinions on their own initiative, mimicking genuine activist groups. The names of the corporate funders and organizers are always kept secret giving the impression of an organic movement.

That being said, here is a list of examples.

National Smokers Alliance (website now shutdown)

In 1993 one of the world's leading PR companies Burson-Marsteller teamed up with Phillip Morris, the worlds largest tobacco company, to create this "grassroots" NSA to combat anti-tobacco legislation. The tobacco money allowed this "grassroots" alliance to use full-page advertisements, direct telemarketing and other high-tech campaign strategies to build its membership to a claimed 300,000 by 1995. More info here.

In 2003, GOPTeamLeader.com (website now shutdown) offered the site's users "points" that could be redeemed for products if they signed a form letter promoting George Bush and got a local paper to publish it as a letter to the editor. More than 100 newspapers published an identical letter to the editor from the site with different signatures on it.

In 2006, two Edelman (PR marketing firm) employees created a blog called "Wal-Marting Across America" about two people traveling to Wal-Marts across the country. The blog gave the appearance of being operated by spontaneous consumers, but was actually operated on behalf of Working Families for Walmart, a group funded by Wal-Mart and founded by Wal-Mart and Edelman.

George Soros, the far left-wing billionaire currency manipulator, and his Open Society Foundation, is well known for pumping millions of dollars into advancing liberal causes, mostly from behind the scenes. From manipulating elections in eastern Europe, to pouring funds into Asian opposition groups, to even pouring cash into many of the prominent media organizations around the world, Soros' Open Society has been involved.

Here is a list of "grassroots" organizations with suspected and known Open Society funding worldwide.

* Student Gun Control Protests; article

* Black Lives Matter

* Day Without A Woman Protest

* Antifa

* 88 Generation

* Prachatai

* Thai Netizen

* Cross Cultural Foundation

* Club of Thailand (FCCT)

From education to law enforcement, from legal matters to the media and elections, these false organizations have a grip on global affairs at a local level from completely fictitious beginnings and are totally blind in ambition.

George Soros' Open Society is a centralized global network like its counterparts (US NED, USAID, UK DFID, and others) exerting influence into the affairs of foreign nations regarding education, elections, the media and political opposition with the intent to manipulate policy and legislation with the use of desperate people, mostly kids, for the progression of the One World Order. There is no other way to look at it. It's in black and white.

None of these fake organizations are "grassroots". They are all astroturfed synthetic yet in another sense very real because they do have influence, very damaging influence I might add.

If this 2nd amendment protesting takes hold, America will be snuffed out by a bunch of brainless children taking peanuts from a clown. This is incredible. Look at this shit.

Do you see what I'm saying? With these types of very persistent, highly motivated, malicious global networks working relentlessly at the local level, and with patient gradualism, it's only a matter of time before the bottom falls out.

Are we really this fucking stupid? Yes, I think we are.

Thank you Stanford University's Hoover Institute DC campus for setting a great example for our children. Fuck you!

Believe nothing, believe everything.


Baron- T3





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