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Artificial Intelligence And The New Religion

September 13th, 2018 9:00am

Artificial Intelligence And The New Religion

Here is some serious religious sickness. The Way of the Future church. This guy who stole highly confidential files and trade secrets, including blueprints, design files and testing documentation to build self-driving vehicles for Uber is starting his own church. It's already registered with the IRS.

The ideology behind this is that of AI superiority over humanity and how AI will need protections and rights as humans do. According to him artificial intelligence is the new g-d and needs to be revered as such.

This guy was born in 1980. What this means is, his whole education, K thru college, was built upon Marxist brainwashing computer software programs. He is g-dless by design. He's an atheist in the midst of developing a spiritual ideology based on a software program in the form of a fake humanoid.

This is an incredible success story, for the One World Order.  

The following quote is proof that his school teaching has instilled in him a sense of global casualty caused by anthropogenic means.

"We want to encourage machines to do things we cannot and take care of the planet in a way we seem not to be able to do so ourselves".

In this next quote we get a sense of his delusional sense of sovereignty for artificial life as if he watched his fair share of Barney reruns while his parents were consumed with other chores.

"We also believe that, just like animals have rights, our creation(s) ("machines" or whatever we call them) should have rights too when they show signs intelligence (still to be defined of course)."

One can also see the grammar and sentence construction of his statements have no continuity. This is indicative of a confusing school curriculum such as Common Core provides.

Here's my problem, besides the obvious. There are just enough small minded "adult children" out there who may find this Way of the Future church appealing. It just may be the beginning of a movement that could very possibly brainwash more of our society into this belief system that AI must become g-d-like because humans are destructive and inferior.

Adult children: these are the adults you see entertaining themselves in random places with their smartphones. The ones you hear laughing at their phones while in line at the grocery store, bank, bus stop, airport, dinning room, etc.

These are the adult humans that take pictures of themselves and up-load it to their fake social media outlet to promote acceptance.

These adults have stunted emotional growth. They are wasted. They still live with their parents because they don't have the mental capacity to thrive.

These people will need something to sooth their souls as they grow older physically.

They never learned anything real in school.

These are the adults of voting age who will have no care of the uplifting of humanity. They care not about what this country was founded on. They will only care about what makes them laugh or is free/cheap entertainment.

These are the cookie cutter adults who will do well in the One World Order.

This Way of the Future church may not be the one that makes it mainstream, but it has all the hallmarks. Corruption, denies G-d, no faith in humanity, worship of idoltry, scientific approach, religion rooted in technology, etc.

One more quote.

"We believe it may be important for machines to see who is friendly to their cause and who is not. We plan on doing so by keeping track of who has done what (and for how long) to help the peaceful and respectful transition".

This guy either has delusions of grandeur, thinking he has the ability to track everyone, or he has been sanctioned by someone such as George Soros and given the capabilities of the NSA to spy on Americans and keep a naughty or nice list.

This very well could be possible. Those despotic One Worlder's seek out dissidents like this G-dless crook to do their bidding. This is how pop-stars go from rags to riches. It's the selling of the soul for a contract of fame and fortune while promoting a dysfunctional mind for easy manipulation.

This is the way of the Illuminati.

I'll leave you with one thought.

People are inherently good. We are born good, loving, sharing souls. Just watch a baby interact with another baby. It'll put a big smile on your face. You will see the goodness instilled in humanity right there, from birth. It just comes so natural.

Those spreading anthropogenic malice upon humanity and the planet are the very ones causing it.

Carbon emissions come from the industry they created.

Drug addiction comes from the industry they created.

Genocide comes from the geopolitical problems they created.

Starvation comes from the restriction on food they created.

Disease comes from the unhealthy habitats, water and food they created.

The diminishing upward mobility of nations is caused by the restrictions of commerce they created.

Illiteracy of nations is caused by sub par school curriculum they created.

The political process is corrupt by their doing.

The list goes on and on.

The universe is neutral, but it moves toward free will and the resistance of tyranny.

Believe nothing, believe everything.

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