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Antifa, In Their Words - Clarity of Terms

January 3rd, 2021 11:00am

Antifa, In Their Words - Clarity of Terms

Editor comments: This discussion was pulled off twitter on January 3rd, 2021. It was decided to leave this “clarity of terms” as is with no commentary from T3 in order to preserve the message with no outside influence on the reader. It is advised going forward with an open yet critical mind. ~ :Baron

Rose City Antifa is dedicated to exposing, opposing, and confronting fascist activity.

As we all have seen, “antifa” has come to be a catch-all term for all manner of leftist organizing. While it is true that antifa is an ideology, we are writing this thread to add some clarity to the term and open up discussion on the purpose of antifascism.

RCA narrowly defines “antifa” as political work researching & directly opposing fascist organizing. To us, "antifa" describes the *activity* of doing antifascism.

“Antifa” has been used by others to describe, among other things: liberal antiracism, anticapitalism, a lifestyle, black bloc, and even the experience of being a new activist. While any of these people can be antifascists, it is different from doing antifascist work.

This doesn't mean that there aren't a wide array of tactics for resisting fascism and keeping our communities safe. But when journalists and politicians paint with a broad brush, it creates a danger to all of us by villainizing and flattening all forms of resistance.

When people describe all kinds of leftism as antifa, it dilutes the term & minimizes the importance of all of the other philosophies & activities that are NOT antifa.

For example: over the summer, political figures & media described BLM as antifa to minimize the work of Black activists & organizers. The orgs may have been antifascist too, but what they were creating was a libratory movement that should be focused on in its own right.

We understand the drive to use the words already being plastered on activists, but we think it is important to define your terms accurately. It allows people to understand actions & their intentions.

Fighting fascism is critical & requires specific application. But it is not the only work that is being done, nor is it as broad as Ted Wheeler seems to think. Different tactics of resistance should be given their own credit.

Reader #1, a retired appellate attorney asks the question: I appreciate the post and know that it’s an umbrella term that includes a variety of causes. I’m wondering, though, what is the goal of the ongoing daily protests?

RCA replies: We are in no way involved with the ongoing protests. RCA had a clear policy re: BLM that we would be in a supportive role & respect Black leadership. Our goal is to stop fascist organizing in our region. The point of this post is that it *isn't* an umbrella term.

I don't think any actual antifa org is involved in any way. The protests at present are comprised of a young group of anarchists who were radicalized by police violence over the summer. The irony of the Portland "BLM/Antifa" protests is neither is involved at this point.

Reader #2 responds: Antifa murders, stabs, and beats US Citizens. They destroy everything they touch. We have watched it all summer.

RCA replies: The Far Right has killed *at least* 329 people since 1994. This includes pregnant women, children, families... in places of worship, markets, etc. Antifa has killed 1 person who was an armed, hate group member in the process of attacking a racial justice protest.

Reader #2 responds back: ACAB much?!!! 304 men and women will not be seeing their children, mothers, siblings this year due to Antifa putting a target on every police officers back and we won’t even discuss the other murders, attacks and buildings burning with people inside.

RCA: does not respond.

So there you have it, in a nutshell and in their own words.

Antifa is the Leninism to BLM’s Marxism.

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T3 – Published with blanket permission from the author January 3rd, 2021

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