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American Values- Critical Mass- Don't Kneel, Stand!

May 31st, 2018 7:00am

American Values- Critical Mass- Don't Kneel, Stand!

American's, everyday we are challenged by the de facto authority. We are tested everyday of our resolve as American's of The United States of America.

Living fearful or fearless in a police state is one test. Standing by and listening to our freedom of speech being manipulated and rolled back due to someone else's political correctness is another test. Sitting on our couches watching how our right to bear arms against thugs and despotism is being negotiated by those outside our country is another test. The ultimate test is to find out who each one of us really is. When you wake up to the truth do you go back to sleep or do you take a stand?

Forcing American's to take a backseat to the abuses from corrupt leadership is not to be tolerated any longer. Since the Civil War this country has been systematically depleted of it's humanity. Our birthright owed to us via our Constitution and Bill of Rights has been, and still is, eroding away ever so slowly, until now. It has come to a head. Critical mass has arrived and it's not ours. Things are changing in the blink of an eye. There's your sign.

This is the final exam. American critical mass won't come unless we acknowledge the problem and take a stand against it. 

Don't kneel, stand!


Martial Law

We live in a police state. Three days into the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln wrote the first executive order by any President, Executive Order 1 on April 15, 1861. When Congress reconvened it was under the military authority of the Commander-in-Chief and not by Rules of Order for Parliamentary bodies or by Constitutional Law; thereby placing the American people under Martial Law. This Executive Order has been resigned into law every single year by every president since Lincoln.


1st Amendment

Freedom of speech under fire. FCC Net Neutrality comes to mind, Youtube channels being taken down, Twitter accounts being blocked, micro news outlets being censored, manipulated main stream media pushing it's one direction narrative is on the rise. In 2010 Obama admin argued that it could ban books, mailers, advertisements or anything else that contained a political message during an election campaign. It went all the way up to the Supreme Court and their decision to deny censorship in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This simple ruling ensured that Americans retained the fundamental right to use free speech to praise or criticize a candidate running for office.


2nd Amendment

They are coming for our right to protect ourselves and it's being decided inside and outside of our country. As children protest for gun control this author recalls the Cabalistic theory, that the best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals. Congress loves seeing incited children making a stand which is counter to national law. Pope Francis on April 28th 2018 tweeted "Do we really want peace? Then let’s ban all weapons so we don’t have to live in fear of war."


Critical mass is here. Who will you be?



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