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A Conversation Between UFO Researcher Phillip Mantle and Film Maker Spyros Melaris Sends :Baron Down a Steaming Rabbit Hole Implicating CBS Media

April 30th, 2019 7:00am

A Conversation Between UFO Researcher Phillip Mantle and Film Maker Spyros Melaris Sends :Baron Down a Steaming Rabbit Hole Implicating CBS Media

Reader, as I browsed through my Facebook newsfeed early one morning I took notice of a post by retired British UFO researcher Philip Mantle. He mentioned he had a betamax copy of the old Roswell Alien Autopsy. As I scrolled through the comments a filmmaker by the name of Spyros Melaris chimed in. Turns out Spyros is the director of The Alien Autopsy, a 1995 hoax video purporting to be footage of an autopsy conducted on one of the aliens who crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Philip and Spyros went back and forth for a bit about the video. A third person joined in, a cameraman by trade. The information I gathered from this conversation is very interesting to say the least.

Here is a link to an article written by Philip Mantle explaining the turn of events that led to the exposing of the hoax.

I thought to my self, self? I'll bet some people might want to read this. I'll bet most people don't even know about this. I'll just copy and paste this Facebook conversation together in a short expose and post so people can get an inside glimpse of a professional discussion regarding a hoax that no doubt sucked many new believers into the UFO phenomenon.

I did this and as usual inspiration hit me. I soon found myself going down another steaming rabbit-hole. Some very interesting ideas popped into my head. I followed my lead and put into perspective what I think could be the crumb trail that led to the outbreak of the UFO Phenomenon back in 1938 and how this Alien Autopsy is just one spoke in the wheel designed by CBS and the Illuminati Family Network. 

Here's how the whole thing started.

On the evening of April 19th, British UFO researcher Philip Mantle posted on facebook this message: "I have the largest collection of info and items on the alien autopsy film hoax that I forget what I have. Here is the film in Betacam."

Moments later Film Maker Spyros Melaris chimes in: "Sadly the copyright is no longer that of Orbital media!! This was challenged when I gave the BBC the right to use the footage recently. Santilli threatened to sue... he didn’t!! He couldn’t!! The copyright is 100% mine. Legally and morally."

Philip Mantle: "I totally agree Spyros. I forgot I had this and just found it on a shelf. I even have one of the original film cans and a bit of film that Santilli gave me. I've just been trying to free up some room for a box of UFO items I've just bought and happened across these."

Spyros Melaris: "it’s interesting on one level that if there was real film of the AA would you ‘give’ it to a random Yorkshire lad for free??? lol"

PM: "I've been called all kinds of things in my time but never 'random'."

SM:  "no, no, no.... “a random Yorkshire lad” (smiley face)
You must use the whole title (x3 smiley faces)"

PM: "I'll take that. I wonder if I could change me name to Philip 'random Yorkshire lad' Mantle. Or just 'Random Yorkshire lad'. Can you imagine the look on peoples faces if someone just keeps calling you 'random'. Now that would be funny."

SM: "when was the last time someone called you lad?" (smiley face)

PM: "You'd be surprised"

PM: "However, did you not pick companies out of a directory at random and fax them, one of which was Santilli's and this was how you met him in France ?"

SM: "Philip Mantle yes! Absolutely, I contacted by fax, Warner Bros, EMI, BMG And Santilli’s company because he was quite local. His company was called ‘Merlin’ so it stood out to me."

PM: "So a random Yorkshire lad got involved after a random fax led to the film being made by a random Greek film maker. These bloody 'randoms' I think Brexit might keep the buggers out."

SM: "the directory was the official MIDEM directory of companies attending the Cannes Music convention MIDEM."

PM: "But seriously, think about this Spyros, that one fax led to the greatest hoax of all time. I still find it all quite astonishing and don't regret anything."

At this point Spyros relents and a follower of PM named Scott interjects his opinion into the conversation: "Didn't believe in that fake autopsy for one minute, so easy to tell it was fake."

PM to Scott: "Why was it so easy ?"

Scott to PM: "feel free to PM me and I'll give you my opinion. I hope we are talking about the same video, I was a cameraman at one time."

PM to Scott: "We are indeed talking about the same film. Please feel free to share your opinion here Scott."

Cameraman Scott to PM: "Yeah this is the one. Ok. Here's my opinion, besides ALL THE OBVIOUS REASONS already talked about, Imagine this, Alien body or bodies found, you would have the best recording equipment in the world, the best cameraman the military could get their hands on, no out of focus shots every few seconds, they would have SEVERAL cameras recording at once from different angles, not just one out of focus camera and etc,etc, I could go on and on, the message here is it would be a FIRST CLASS job of recording, not something that looked like it was filmed in someone garage."

PM to Cameraman Scott: "I remember the TV show SIGHTINGS stating that every military autopsy was filmed in color then they showed a clip from one and it was in black & white. The film is indeed a fake, we know that, but there is nothing obvious depicted in it that proves that of course. I spoke with several military cameramen some of whom who were in no doubt that the film was a fake while others said it was a pretty good job. The same goes with the medical profession. I did of course put all of this in my book. Of course the man behind the faking of it is Spyros Melaris."

Cameraman Scott to PM: "I agree, as far as FILMING in color, what if you opened up the alien and it is all in color too, you would want to film in color. I remember waiting for this show to air and after a few seconds said it's fake and went into the kitchen to make a sandwich, lol, they had a few people saying: Well, I'm not sure if it's fake yeah right, I think the cinematographer said it was fake, not a bad fake but, a fake."

PM to Cameraman Scott: "The fact is there was a shortage of color film in 1947 and a message in the Kodak Salesman advised of this plus after WWII the military no longer had priority on color film. Saying it's a fake is easy but proving it is a whole different matter."

Cameraman Scott to PM: "Well Philip all I can say is that I felt the entire film was fake from the start, I didn't believe that the alien was real, TO ME, the alien looked fake, like rubber, I could go on and on, to me it was low level fake." ~ "Sure they tried to fake the information as far as film and dates and etc,etc, but for me the proof is the actual film, the actually images, the actually alien, the actors, the filming techniques, etc. I just didn't buy it."

Baron- I'm going to say right here; I knew in my heart that this was not real. I'm with Scott on this for the same reason, and I am just a layperson in this field. I had not read PM's book nor had I heard of the hoax theory. I decided for myself as Scott did that it was a hoax. I never looked back. As I write this, it is the first time I ever heard it was a hoax. I never really cared.

PM to Cameraman Scott: "Hi Scott. I'm not disagreeing with you at all. The more input from someone such as yourself is always welcome. For me it became personal, I was even accused by one fool to be an accomplice in all of this. Hence, I didn't rest until I got to the bottom of it all. I'm sure you can understand. If you would like a free PDF of my book I'd gladly supply one, just PM me your email please."

Cameraman Scott to PM: "cool, I will, thanks. Understand I'm not arguing, just letting you know the way I feel, lots of people believe these fake films and some of these fake stories, lol, theses people are probably the same people that believe Oswald shot Kennedy, lol."

Spyros Melaris now replies to Cameraman Scott: "After the event and in hindsight everyone has an expert opinion. The truth is however that very intelligent people who hired experts from many fields PAID hundreds of thousands of dollars to license this ‘fake’ film. It’s true that there was colour film, but if you don’t consider the back story you are just guessing at stuff. The footage would have been shot on Bell and Howell ‘Filmo’ Cameras. These cameras did not have through the lens focusing, but a fixed lens. If you move it it WOULD go out of focus. This was a characteristic of the camera. 
When working on a top secret mission such as this only those with top clearance would be allowed to film. That’s why there wouldn’t be lots of cameras. The cameras took 50ft reels of film so about 3mins each reel. One man could not keep up loading cameras all day. The back story was that this was not the only Autopsy and the reels that were leaked were the worse quality ones which were kept back to be processed by hand. That is to say that there was a lot more film shot that was better quality and also colour. That good film was sent straight to Washington. So what we see here are the few naff reels. 
So your reasons why it is fake are just opinion. Not enough to convince the large TV corporations not to buy it!! It is a fake and the reasons are a lot more straight forward.

Cameraman Scott to Spyros: "ok, everyone has a opinion, as I say after watching it for about 3 minutes I decided it was a fake. People did pay large amount of money to license it and probably made back a lot more than they paid for it. I believe that if this was a real alien autopsy there would be more than one camera and if memory services me the film went out of focus pretty dam often, I would think at the very least they would have different cameras ready for the cameraman to switch out and it seems that the cameraman was always going around the doctor to the worst angle instead of the best angle . Again this is MY OPINION and a lot of things happened in this film that I felt was fake, the camera work, the alien itself, the operating room, etc,etc, just a lot of things for me added up to ( for me ) a fake film and like I said it took about 3-5 minutes for me to call it a fake and to go and get a sandwich, lol."

Baron ~ I love the passion here.

Spyros back to Cameraman Scott: "the natural and default position is to scream fake. The fact however is when each expert applied their own expertise, they couldn’t determine it was a fake. Those who had a hunch didn’t apply their field of expertise, they applied their own bias. I hear what you say about your opinion that there would be more cameras etc. 
Our research showed that there were less people there who had too clearance to participate in such an event. The wonderful ambiguity and uncertainty rendered most viewers with their own common sense and not actual facts or qualifications to draw on. 
Ultimately you are right, but when the film was being scrutinised in 1995 there were three sides. It’s real, it’s not real and I simply don’t know. You can appreciate that your opinion was one of the three possible choices. When the various experts started to explain why it couldn’t be fake merely helped fuel the opinion that it ‘could’ be real. 
Although a TV company could make more than they paid for the film, you understand that it takes a very bold TV Excec who could justify paying that money and it turned out to be fake. It’s way easier to say no. I think we should ask Colin Woolford what he thinks.

This is where the conversation ends.

As I look back and remember the first time I saw this footage, skeptical or not, it compelled me to think.

The images were gory and graphic and undoubtedly designed to grab the attention of the viewer much like violent films do today. It's a wonder how blood and guts reel us in like nothing else, for better or worse - it's a money maker.

This hoax, as it were - I can only imagine how many thousands of newcomers it seeded into the UFO phenomenon.

My mind began to wander.

Remembering the 1938 live radio broadcast of an alien invasion upon earth that sent thousands of people into a hysterical mind bender. To hear words such as the following, detailing what was later discovered as a hoax - during a normal Sunday night broadcast: " the broadcast was presented as typical evening of radio programming being interrupted by a series of news bulletins. The first few bulletins cut into a program of dance music and describe a series of odd explosions observed on Mars. This is followed by a seemingly unrelated report of an unusual object falling on a farm in Grover's Mill, New Jersey. Another brief musical interlude is interrupted by a live report from Grover's Mill, where police officials and a crowd of curious onlookers have surrounded the strange cylindrical object which has fallen from the sky. The situation quickly escalates when Martians emerge from the cylinder and attack using a heat-ray, abruptly cutting off the shouting of the panicked reporter at the scene. This is followed by a rapid series of increasingly alarming news updates detailing a devastating alien invasion taking place around the world and the futile efforts of the U.S. military to stop it. The first portion of the show climaxes with another live report describing giant Martian war machines releasing clouds of poisonous smoke across New York City, after which the program took its first break."

How many people just went on with their ordinary everyday lives after this drama unfolded - the work of CBS studios in NY? This no doubt woke an element of the public mind up. This event created a stir within our communities that would not soon be forgotten.

Were they setting us up for the UFO phenomenon? Was this a false flag - in 1938. Was this the beginning of the new matrix we would be incorporated into? How many people were permanently scarred from this? How many went on to discover a passion within themselves that would compel them to study this subject matter for the rest of their lives?

I did some research and found the following.

The Twilight  Zone series ran from 1959 to 1964. It's first UFO/ET episode was in season one and is revered as on the top 10 best of series. The year was 1960, episode 22. It aired March 4th, also on CBS.

Yes 20 years had passed but 32 UFO sightings had been documented in the press during this time where NONE had been documented before 1941, in the USA.

Hard Time on Planet Earth is an American science fiction series that aired on CBS in 1989.

Yes, almost another 20 years had passed but 32 UFO sightings were documented in the press from 1960 to 1989, in the USA.

Intruders is a four-hour CBS miniseries dealing with the subject of alien abduction that was first broadcast in 1992

15 UFO sightings were documented in the press between 1992 and 2019, in the USA.

I found it interesting how CBS was the preeminent public broadcaster of this UFO/Alien propaganda.

CBS: Columbia Broadcasting Systems - let's take a look at them.

What became CBS radio was created by Arthur Judson, a violinist from Ohio in January of 1927. Within eight months he sold to a Jew named William S. Paley who from that point on took control of the direction of the company. This buyout made Arthur the second largest stockholder.

The CBS network has its origins in United Independent Broadcasters Inc., a collection of 16 radio stations that was purchased by the Paley family in 1927 and renamed the Columbia Broadcasting System. CBS television was launched in 1941.

Paley was the chief executive who built the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) from a small radio network into one of the foremost radio and television network operations in the United States.

Who is William Paley?

William Paley, son of a Russian Jew who founded CBS. He ran CBS and was acting chairman from 1946-83. Married to Dorothy Hart (Heasrt) from 1932 to 47 - who had previously been married into the Hearst Illuminati family bloodline. After their divorce in 1947 he married Barbara "Babe" Cushing who had previously been married into the very secretive Mortimer Illuminati bloodline family of Standard Oil (Rockefeller) riches. Her sisters were married into Illuminati bloodline families of Astor and Roosevelt.

W. Paley was the trustee of the Rockefeller family's Museum of Modern Art in the 1930s, and in 1962 he was tapped by then chairman David Rockefeller to be its president. In 1968 he joined a syndicate with Rockefeller and others to buy six Picassos for the Museum from the notable Gertrude Stein collection. He subsequently became chairman, stepping down from the Museum in 1985. He was a member of the CFR.  During World War II he served in the psychological warfare branch in the Office of War Information under General Dwight Eisenhower and held the rank of colonel - I'm sure that came in handy. Paley purchased the New York Yankees in 1964.

William Paley was positively connected to the Illuminati family network - Rockefeller, Hearst and Mortimer.

Reader, I am now going to lay down a snippet from author Fritz Springmeier. It is totally relevant but may seem disjointed. Read it two or three times - this describes the links between the Illuminati network and their business associates.

"Erich Anton Paul von Däniken: Van Daniken’s UFO books (spent time in prison for fraud and embezzlement). Lew Wasserman, head of MCA, which owns G.P. Putnam’s Sons, is a member of the Rockefeller University Council. G.P. Putnam’s Sons published Van Daniken’s anti-Christian UFO religious theories. - Fritz Springmeier

Carl Sagan had this to say of von Daniken: "That writing as careless as von Däniken's, whose principal thesis is that our ancestors were dummies, should be so popular is a sober commentary on the credulousness and despair of our times. I also hope for the continuing popularity of books like Chariots of the Gods? in high school and college logic courses, as object lessons in sloppy thinking. I know of no recent books so riddled with logical and factual errors as the works of von Däniken." - Carl Sagan

Fritz Springmeier continues: "Cadence Industries own Marvel Comics. The men on the board of Cadence sit under David Rockefeller in places like the CFR. Is it any wonder Marvel Comics promotes the occult and heroes like ‘The Son of Satan”? Rockefeller and Hearst worked together in their news monopolies. It was Hearst who promoted both books on Satanism and Billy Graham. Hearst made Billy Graham who he is today by financially backing him and publicizing him. Rockefeller was supportive of Billy Graham’s New York Crusade, and the Manhattan-Chase Bank helped Billy Graham out." - FS 1995

Billy Graham was broadcasted on CBS.

CBS aired Marvel's The Incredible Hulk (1978–1982). It was Marvel's only successful live action television series, running five seasons.

Up until last year Jew Les Moonves ran CBS from 2003 until his resignation in September 2018 following numerous allegations of sexual harassment and abuse. Moonves is a great-nephew of Paula Ben-Gurion, born Paula Munweis, wife of the notorious Talmudist Zionist David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel. David Ben-Gurion was an agent of the Illuminati network controlled by the Rothschild family. He was instrumental in the creation of the occupied terrorist state of Israel - he is the founding father of Israel. DBG was one of the Jewish leaders who collaborated with the Nazis and actually held a position of power, directing the decision making process regarding what Jews were killed and who were not during the holocaust of WW2. He was a Zionist/Nihilist leader who hid evidence that could have saved G-d knows how many lives. It was reported that 10k+ Jews were being slaughtered every day and as DBG held speeches multiple times per week he never once mentioned this to anyone. Read that story here.

There is no doubt that Les Moonves is linked to the Illuminati family network.

What is it with CBS, the Columbia Broadcasting System?

Think about it - District of Columbia - Columbia Broadcasting System - Columbia Records - Columbia Pictures.

Turns out Columbia is the goddess of the Illuminati. The goddess Columbia is the light bearer of illumination. The female goddess deity we refer to as Columbia is in all actuality just a reference to the Pagan/occult goddess worship concepts laid forth by Aleister Crowley who met with Aiwass, a guardian angel of a similar form. - Isaac Weishaupt

CBS is sometimes referred to as the Eye Network, in reference to the company's iconic symbol, in use since 1951. ~ the all seeing eye.

Columbia Broadcasting System is controlled by the Illuminati family network who are thought to also control CIA. Do the Illuminati families work together to control the deepstate - intelligence - military black ops world wide? I'd bet my last dime on it.

The CIA was created by President Harry S. Truman on Sept 18th, 1947 to his regret. Here is part of an interview Truman gave to Merle Miller after the presidency.

Merle Miller: Mr. President, I know that you were responsible as President for setting up the CIA. How do you feel about it now?
Truman: I think it was a mistake. And if I'd know what was going to happen, I never would have done it.

CIA is the intel/propaganda arm of the US Military Industrial Complex. They are linked and thought to be controlled by British MI6 which is controlled by the Illuminati family network. CIA controls propaganda in USA and subsequently the world via Hollywood and music industry. Powerful international Illuminati families work together through British MI6 and CIA to control public opinion for their global agenda which includes a negative eugenics program that I had confirmed by a member of the Illuminati.

This person I'll call Com-1, a self professed member of the Illuminati I interviwed  confirmed to me that Illuminati leadership use pop songs to send messages to each other. He also confirmed my allegation of predictive programming. Again, they control the entertainment industry and use celebrities to do their bidding albeit sometimes unwittingly. According to their Occult beliefs, in order to stay successful they need to inform the public of their plans, even if it's subliminal or purposefully hidden in all forms of media.

Former CIA director William Colby said " The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."

For more on CIA ties to Hollywood read here.

The Law.

Executive order 12333 prohibits the CIA from spying and gathering intel on US citizens. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the Smith-Mundt Act (SMA) of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987 were put into place to safeguard US citizens and foreigners against propaganda used by the CIA. SMA defines the prohibition of domestic access to influence information through a variety of channels by restricting the State Department which controls human rights.

These laws were created for a reason. Think about it. The US Dept of State is responsible for protecting Americans from a tyrannical central government.

These laws made propaganda used to influence foreigners and US citizens illegal. Without these laws, disinformation could run rampant throughout our information outlets i.e. cinema, music, news media, news paper, magazines, talkshow, radio broadcast, internet, you get the point. Fictional Hollywood drama is not considered propaganda - it's just TV - right? Wrong!

Amendment 114 (H.R. 5736) was added to the NDAA which passed into implementation as of July 2013. It negates the SMA and the FRAA and allows the CIA the use of any mode of message to control how we perceive our world, without restriction.

The US Dept of State failed. Who was in charge in 2013? Rothschild Illuminati puppet Killary Clinton and Skull and Bonesman John Kerry back to back.

Although I can not prove it at this time, William Paley must have been directly involved with the Illuminati families before he was married to Dorothy Hart Hearst. As their lineage is purposely hidden, even to them for the most part - he was married into the families and had business arraignments - this has been documented. It wasn't long after the Alien Invasion hoax of 1938, broadcasted on CBS radio, did the UFO Phenomenon take off.

It is thought that by 1930 all forms of media globally were owned by the Illuminati family network, mainly Rothschild. Since then they have created a multitude of media entities in an effort to not only capture more of an audience with a diverse range of subject matter but to also hide their ownership in a ball of confusion.

I read somewhere that six families control all media in the USA. I would not be surprised.

As the UFO/Alien phenomenon had very little discussion in the previous couple hundred years - since the printing press had been invented in 1440- sightings previous to the 20th century were either not recorded or didn't happen.

Since the 1938 CBS radio broadcast of the alien invasion hoax more than 140 UFO events have been recorded on Wikipedia worldwide. There must have been more that were not recorded I am sure. Before this time only a handful of sightings made it to the press. I use Wikipedia in this example because it is a controlled media element I am using to help prove my case.

Prior to that Wikipedia lists 5 sightings for the 19th century - 0 for 18th century - 0 for 17th century- 3 for 16th century - and only 6 more dating from 196AD to 1400BC.

Reader, understand that the Illuminati had control of greater Europe's media by 1850 and the USA by 1930.

Almost half of the sightings in the 20th century were in the USA.

It is my belief that all these actors mentioned above are involved in a conspiracy to promote the UFO Phenomenon for a very specific reason. The focus of this conspiracy is on the USA. The international Illuminati bloodline family network are in control of this narrative.

Does it no make you wonder about the people on this list? How many of them are paid off by the IFN to direct our attention toward their agenda? I'm not saying all of them - I'm sure some of them are though.

Why would these controllers want to push the UFO agenda?

They hate us. They call us "useless eaters". The want us dead and gone. They use negative eugenics programs to make us suffer and poor - ultimately reducing our life span. What good would come of it?

Looking at the end of the line.

Is this their way of using the strength of this phenomenon - to slowly build it up with 100 years of nondisclosure - to capture the minds of children into accepting the singularity - the eventual adaptation of AI into living tissue - becoming one with a mechanical non-sentient fiction in order to breed off the stupidity of humanity and to create a slave race?

Or is this just the way it is, naturally?

I hardly doubt it.

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay vigilant.

:Baron- T3


























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