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A Carbon Tax Is Coming To A Utility Bill Near You

November 24th, 2018 6:00am

A Carbon Tax Is Coming To A Utility Bill Near You

Unlike Al Gore's global warming, this is no hoax.

Imagine a $3000 annual carbon tax imposed upon you next year, 2019. That's another $250 per month out of your paycheck. Read this recently posted article that explains how this is happening in Ireland right now.

Climate change is being used as political tool to tax us into the next world. A fake world that is unsustainable. A term that Al Gore uses is net zero/carbon neutral. This means, no carbon emissions when all is said and done. What this ultimately means is Stop Breathing. This fake world of zero carbon emissions is not possible and they know it.

Climate change has nothing to do with carbon emissions. NOTHING! It is 100% solar driven. The conspirators of the One World Tyranny are lying about this in an effort to continue to upgrade the financial slavery imposed upon us in the form of more mandated taxation.

The science they (IPCC, NOAA) use to "prove" their case is incorrect at best. Lets call it what it is. It's and outrageous lie. It's 100% fiction. This is our government, our federal government, doing this to us.

The IPCC is a United Nations effort to enforce taxation for carbon emission. This organization was created by the Rothschild Zionist family.

NOAA is an extension of the US Dept of Commerce. Which of Trumps cabinet members runs this organization? Why it's none other than Rothschild banker and Trump attorney who bailed him out of his Atlanta casino crisis in the 90's, Wilbur Ross. That's right, a longtime Rothschild Zionist billionaire is at the helm of this outrage.

When you wake up to the fact that Rothschild owns multiple energy suppliers not to mention oil companies, who coincidentally produce the carbon they complain about, how will you feel then?

Is this not a conflict of interest?

Why should we pay for this?

These are the people who shut down Tesla and the free, clean energy he developed in order to capitalize on dirty fossil fuels which have become the cause of their global warming agenda. It's insane! This is the biggest scam of our lifetime.

When you wakeup to the fact that this phony science is baseless, how will you react?

When you wakeup to the fact that global warming is a hoax, how will you react?

When you need to make changes to your household purchases so you can support the carbon nightmare, what will you tell your children?

Our quality of life is being systematically destroyed everyday by these people. We go into debt deeper and deeper just to survive as a result of this nonsense. Bankruptcy is an everyday occurrence these days.

This slippery slope will eventually drags us into complete bandage. This "New World Order" is all about enslaving us financially to the point of desperation. It's a slow process but look where we were just 100 years ago, and look at us now. We are barely a carcass of what we once were. Our USD is only worth 3 pennies. That's three fake copper pennies to be exact.  

BK, BK, the more we BK the more we are enslaved. Socialism is the only answer a politician might say. Socialism leads to communism. Just ask Karl Marx. He knows. He wrote the book.

You want real weather? Use this site and forget about everything else.

You want to get the skinny on the solar effect on our planet and how it is driving this crazy weather we are seeing into and iceage and not global warming? Follow this guy on youtube.

You want to find out about the climate hoax with multiple "real" scientific articles and uploads on a daily basis? Bookmark this site and stay informed so you can protect your family and warn your friends.

As the weather worsens, these conspirators are tightening their grip on us. They are using the weather against us. This is the false-flag of the millennia.

More taxation is headed our way.

Net Zero/ Carbon Neutral is unsustainable. It is a fake narrative. It's BS!

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay mad!

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