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911 Flight 93 Exploded In Flight

July 28th, 2018 6:00pm

911 Flight 93 Exploded In Flight

United Airlines Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. September 11, 2001

44 passengers, no survivors.


As the story goes, this is the plane carrying passengers that resisted the box cutter wielding terrorists. The plane went down in a remote field after passengers fought back and stopped the terrorists from carrying out orders.

Eyewitnesses on the ground, including the mayor of Shanksville, reported never seeing any wreckage of a Boeing 757, saying things like "there was no smoke or fire, no pieces of airframe". Other reports quoted the coroner on the scene said there were no bodies or body parts. “I got to the actual crash site and could not believe what I saw. Usually you see much debris, wreckage, and much noise and commotion. This crash was different. There was no wreckage, no bodies, and no noise. It appeared as though there were no passengers or crew on this plane.”- “It was as if the plane had stopped and let the passengers off before it crashed.”

First responders quoted as saying; “We were so early that they hadn’t had a chance to set up a barrier for the press. I was able to get right up to the edge of the crater. All I saw was a crater filled with small, charred plane parts. There were no suitcases, no recognizable plane parts, no body parts.”

Weeks later; “The 33 passengers, seven crew and four hijackers together weighed roughly 7,000 pounds. Hundreds of searchers who climbed the hemlocks and combed the woods for weeks were able to find about 1,500 mostly scorched samples of human tissue totaling less than 600 pounds, or about 8 percent of the total.”

After months of pouring over all available evidence and eyewitness reports, the only conclusion one can draw is either a missile or bomb caused the demise of Flight 93. It blew up in midflight. The assailants mentioned multiple times that a bomb was onboard the plane.

In contrast-

To simplify things I'll use one example of many available to help you understand the devastation and loss of life eyewitnesses endure when encountering an airline crash into the firmament.

American Airlines Flight 191 in Chicago, Illinois. May 25th, 1979.

271 passengers, no survivors.


Eyewitnesses on the ground said the heat from the fire was so intense that firefighters could not approach the crash for close to an hour. Quotes like "after you were on the scene and you spotted the first body or remains, there was no question that it was a passenger jet. The field was just totally ablaze because of all of the jet fuel. Nothing could prepare you for that."  "You hoped that there were people that you could save, but it quickly became evident that there were not. It was just devastation. You knew there were hundreds of people (dead)."  "What hit me that day was seeing all the stakes in the ground signifying where the remains were,". "I was walking into a sea of death,". "We had to put together a morgue from scratch,". "When you saw the rows and rows of body bags lined up in the blue hangar, you got a sense of the fragility of life, and the monumental task that faced us,".

From the book Solving 9/11 by Christopher Bollyn, author and professional pilot Glen Stanish says "After an airline accident, large pieces of the aircraft are normally found. There are the remains of the virtually indestructible engine cores, landing gear, and tail sections, to name just a few of the larger parts that would be found in the debris field". "Other wreckage that one would normally expect to find from a well constructed Boeing 757 airframe would be several of the plug type entry and service doors, cargo doors, over wing exits, sections of fuselage and passenger seats, hydraulic tanks and pumps, and flight controls such as spoiler panels, flaps, slats, rudders, and elevators. Wreckage from inside the cabin that would have survived would include the emergency exit slides, the emergency inflatable rafts, life preserver jackets, and other emergency equipment, galley carts, lavatories, coffee pots, ovens, in-flight magazines, and catalogues. Luggage, freight, and mail would also be recovered from the immediate vicinity. These are the things eyewitnesses and first responders normally observe after a Boeing 757 collides with terrain. Temporary morgues are usually set up in nearby facilities where recovered bodies and body parts are taken and identified for the families of the deceased".

The bottom line is this, George W. Bush and his administration colluded with local authorities to cover this up. They sold America a story of bravery that would not be refuted. The original storyline does not match forensics or eyewitness testimony. Expert witness after expert witness has commented on this original scenario as being completely impossible.

This is by far one of the worst crimes against American's the UNITED STATES government has ever tooled.

The saga continues.


Believe nothing, believe everything.

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