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101 On The CIA

July 21st, 2018 6:00pm

101 On The CIA

Against the orders of President Truman, Allen Dulles (CIA Director, JFK co-conspirator) brought over all the Nazi scientists from WWII. They were placed at NASA and CIA.

In the words of a senior CIA officer, 90% of the CIA are good people trapped in a bad system. That leaves a very evil 10%.

CIA is not a monolithic organization. There at least seven branches listed below.

1. Wall Street CIA: Wall Street founded the CIA to be it's secret control element. This information can be found in the book by David Talbot, The Devils Chessboard.

2. White House CIA: They do dirty deeds for whomever happens to be president. They seem to have merged into the Blackmail CIA.

3. Blackmail CIA: at the worst level has joined with the FBI, NSA and Mossad.

4. Drone CIA: conducts assassinations with 98% success rate.

5. Saudi/Israeli CIA: performs rendition and torture.

6. CIA: spies that do their best for the country not realizing it's all a joke.

7. Bureaucratic CIA: handles all bureaucracy.

The FBI, NASA, FEMA and DHS also have their 10% occupation of pure evil.

A recruiting arm of the CIA, IQT, identifies startups tech firms with the potential for high impact on national security. IQT works with  Microsoft, Oracle, Google, IBM, Facebook, Nokia and hundreds of other tech companies designed to gather data with the capabilities to spy on users and report back to CIA.


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