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10 Proofs Albert Einstein Was a Complete Fraud

December 12th, 2019 6:00am

10 Proofs Albert Einstein Was a Complete Fraud

Albert Einstein was a complete moron. He was only a hero to the Zionists. They used him, put his name on fictitious papers they wrote which were in complete support of their Kabbalah, quantum physics and Big Bang - black hole theory BS in order to create the faced that humanity was a blip in time and space with no connection to God. The theory is, without the support of a creator, people would then be forced to rely on government. This would finally result in the One World Order. A world order that they and their cronies would control.

Here is a list of Einstein fraud:

1) 1700~ Newton predicts the deflection of light around the sun. Einstein plagiarized this in his 1911 prediction, without citing Newton. 

2) 1878~ James Maxwell in Scotland publishes Special Theory of Relativity in Encyclopedia Britannica which Einstein publishes as his own in 1905 without citing Maxwell. 

3) 1887~ Michelson-Morley experiment suggests there is no aether, an observation made by Einstein in his 1905 papers, with no cites to Michelson or Morley.

Baron ~ All of these blokes are wrong about this. Aether is the God element they have been hiding from us. All the old books predating the1930's include aether as the fifth element. Aether has been stricken from all contemperary school books.

4) 1898~ Paul Gerber in Germany published the exact equations in Annalen der Physik which Einstein published 17 yrs later in 1915 as his "perihelion motion of Mercury" w/ no cites to Gerber, claiming that he was "in the dark" He confesses under pressure to his crime in 1920

5) 1900~ Max Planck and Wilhelm Wien of Germany develop the quantum theory which Einstein plagiarized as his "Light Quantum" paper in 1905, citing neither Planck nor Wien.

6) 1903~ Olinto de Pretto publishes E=mc^2 in Atte, a scientific magazine known to be read by Einstein, which he later claimed as his own work and which he failed to cite de Pretto.

7) 1905~ Albert published 4 "groundbreaking" essays in the field of theoretical physics and quantum mechanics in Annalen der Physik, gaining him a Ph.D. from the University of Zurich and worldwide support from the Zionists. Rumor has it his wife did all the math.

8) 1915~ Einstein presents his paper and publishes the General Theory of Relativity based on the mathematics of Marcel Grossmann and Berhard Riemann. Again, he does not cite these men.

9) 1919~ Zionists using the London Times begins the j3w disinformation campaign heralding Einstein as a "genius". 

10) 1999~Time Magazine put Einstein on the front cover as "person of the century". Guess who owns Time? The Rothschilds.
He was an enemy foreign agent, a Nazi. He was so stupid he wasn't even consulted during the development of the atom bomb (Manhattan Project) which employed 130k people.

Reader, Albert Einstein is a cartoon character. His persona is a complete fabrication. He was a known Nazi sexual deviant. These are the tactics of the Illuminati. This is text book art of deception. They create fictitious characters and elevate them under false pretenses to arrive at their true agenda.

Believe nothing, believe everything

Stay vigilant!

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